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Welcome to my MFC!

I'm just a guy who enjoys collecting Japanese stuff ^^

I collect mostly figures and goods from anime I've watched. I started collecting in July 2015, with my first figure being ITEM #178696 and my first merchandise item being ITEM #48101.

I'm currently working on building a collection of Aqua items, my favorite character! (my waifu 😉) I also enjoy collecting figures of Rem, as well as anything Love Live. Idol hell is very real!

I also collect physical manga series and physical copies of video games, albeit very slowly. Some of the manga in my collection are English prints, while others are the original Japanese copies. Likewise, most of my games are English localizations, although a few are the Japanese versions! Many of the games in my collection are games I've kept since I was a kid :)

Thanks for visiting my page! Check out my MAL here.

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blueberrypoptart (1 month ago) #29315812Just wanted to say thanks for all the database contributions you make - I notice your username quite often when searching for goods!! ^^

Hi, thanks! I'm glad that you appreciate my efforts. :D
1 month ago
Welcome to the board blueberrypoptart! :)

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Enjoy your stay! ^^
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