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Just wanted to say that I left you a PM about your Angel Beats figure. :)
1 year ago
because I'm FabyCopter™
Haha, anyways, thank you so much for accepting my friend request!
You have a pretty cool collection fam.
1 year ago
Interested in purchasing Maiko Madoka. I'll send you a pm, but I also wanted to leave comment here too.
1 year ago
Hey, I just wanted to drop by and say you're quite the talented artist, and pretty nice collection as well..~
2 years ago
Can't stop to go through your picture gallery. I love your drawings!
2 years ago
Haha I know that feeling of obsessive shameful searching all too well XD I saw your Eugeo/Kirito fanart on Twitter! They look so cute and pure *.* Whoa, a full doujin! Did you ever do one before? Don't laugh at me, but I actually thought about doing one too (for my ultimate OTP - Sorey/Mikleo) XDDD I have so many stories and scenes in mind but everytime I pick up my drawing stuff I'm like 'Who am I even kiddin? How am I suppose to pull this off' lol ^^;;
Oh you were all over Japan! That's freaking amazing!! Even Okinawa! I've never made it further from Tokyo than Yokohama yet lol <.> Good thing you still enjoyed Comitia ^__^ I'd probably go broke in like 10 min if I had access to so many DJ and fan art xD And hey even when sales didn't go that well this time, you learn from those experiences right? I still think it's crazy cool that you participated in a japanese event "as a Westerner" - Lots of respect! ^^
I'm doing pretty good rn thx ^-^ I recently moved into our first own appartment with my boyfriend <3 It was damn stressful and heavy on the wallet (Why is furniture so friggin expensive T_T) But it feels good and I have finally *somewhat* enough space for all the merch and figs ^_- If I ever make it close anough to North America I'll let you know for sure! Probably not anytime soon though sadly rip finances :'D
2 years ago
Hey hey ^^ Long time no talk! :D How are you doing? And how did Comitia go? Did you enjoy Japan? <33
Just wanted to say hi and let you know about ITEM #764515 in case you hadn't seen him already xD I believe you said he was your newest love last time we talked ^_- Lots of greetings and hope to hear from you when you got some free time on your hands :D Cheers <3
2 years ago
Wow you got one busy lifestyle rn :0 I hope your con cruise turned out to be successful at least! :D What's "glamping" tho!? ^^; Some kind of high-life camping or something? XD

Omg you're going to Japan!? Congrats!! Ah I'm envious, I wanna go too xD I had to google Comitia tbh since I was only familiar with Comiket so far ^^; But holla, that's amazing! One of my fave artists, Billie Snippet from S. Korea attended too apparantly ^^ I'm really happy for you, it's much deserved! I think your style's gonna fit great <3 How did you get in there btw? I imagine it must be hard as a foreigner no?

But omg you gonna have the greatest time I'm sure! :D Gonna be snatching all that Banana Fish merch probably XDD I feel you on the Japanese X_X I'm learning all the time to avoid it getting rusty >.>

I'm a little so-so at the moment <.> Some health issues but I try to stay positive and let myself get distracted by beautiful Anime boys XD
2 years ago
Hey hey ^.^ How are you doin? Sorry for the late reply!! I completely missed your comment somehow O_o

I'm so excited for Orange Rouge's Nendoroids too! Did you see these gorgeous customs of the boys that a girl here on MFC is doing? picture/2026592... and picture/2044286... Adorbs!

Oh and of course, there is indeed a Banana Fish Café event now -_- Gosh I just wanna go back to JP already T__T

What have you been up to lately? Doin good? ^-^ Greetings!!
2 years ago
HELL FREAKIN YEAH O_O And one of em even is a DOUBLE FIGURE!! Like what!? I'm crying..I mean what did we do to deserve this!? T_T I can't believe Banana Fish is getting so much love *.* And I'm SO glad they won't leave out Eiji!! How many times do we get figs of one character but the partner is forever left out... Now the wait begins for the prototypes tho :'D
2 years ago


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