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Tales of series, Persona, Odin Sphere, Ni no Kuni II
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Traditional/Japanese clothes and elaborate clothes in general
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-To answer your question- I checked people who recently ordered Sucy and sent an invite!:)
7 months ago
I think you can as long as you provide them the URL and it's within Japan. broken-Toybox (7 months ago) #26475327Well I wonder if that works for shop exclusives, I might try that if I feel I need to do that, but it's a rare case anyway.
7 months ago
I see. Have you tried cdjapan before? this website is good because they have a service that let's you request an item that they don't carry to be added to their inventory for a small fee. This might work for you because like you said other website charged more than the other site.broken-Toybox (7 months ago) #26442365I wanted to use blackship, but the registration didn't work so I choose Zenmarket instead, their fees seem to be quite low and the item I wanted was on the more expensive site anyway (in comments I read that they're not recommendable for many smaller items since they charge a fee per item). I can't really say much about them anyway right now since the figure I ordered trough them is scheduled to release february '18.
7 months ago
I see. I never use proxy before which website you use for the proxy shipping?broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #26290218No, it's still the same. That's just how it is over here. I already did that since there was an unexpected purchase (first time using proxy and they wanted the payment up front).
8 months ago
Well It will be the other way around if they knew about your birthday or it's still the same? Even if she doesn't support your hobbies it doesn't matter because she gave you money and you can use that money to pay for your anime merchandise if that what's your planning to do lol.broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #26200819Well that's how it is over here (no one even knew about my birthday). If I wanted to celebrate in a restaurant or something it'd be normal for me to pay for everyone too (at least if I wasn't a student and part-timer.^^
Well she transfered some money onto my bank account (I didn't specify what I wanted so that's okay) and she'll come here on saturday.^^
Well I told you before that she doesm't support my hobbies directly, but this way she paid for an unplanned figure purchase without knowing. X3
8 months ago
Wow that is interesting. It's your birthday, but you bought the cake yourself instead of receiving it.So did your mom gave you or sent you any present aside from just a normal greeetings?broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #26146829No, I brought cake for them I didn't even have a bite myself, there's was too much stuff I had to take care of.
Well she send me a message since or work hours don't mesh well right now.
8 months ago
Well that's good atleast you got a cake from your colleaques. Did your mom greeted you?broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #26121045Thank you!
Well it was okay, I had the late shift, but I got cake for my colleagues and it was nice. I'll also get and offer from the company I'm working at to stay (I only had a contract with a temp agency before).^^
8 months ago
Happy Birthday I hope you have a wonderful day.
8 months ago
You said your going to University so I guess you want to advance your career in the future so it will have a place someday. Yes being a Nurse is a very exhausting job. It's not my primary choice when I first enter college, but I ended up taking it anyway because you will always find a job as a Nurse anywhere you go.
Sometimes it can't be helped to buy from sellers without feedback because it's not like they will automatically get a feedback from buyers. Yes the font and all the changes really sucks and I'm mortified to hear you say that we can't go back to the original format. Well what would you think if one of your male friend like's watching Sailor Moon, Shugo Chara or any Magical show? don't you think it weird? Sadly your right if it is female watching shonen they don't get any criticisms at all. I think you can only find collectors if you go to a convention. Well your Mom can't stop you from spending your money on anime because that what makes you happy. I don't think anime is considered childish. Just like movie anime get's rated too. Maybe you should show your mom some hentai and maybe that might changer her opinion lol. My parents do said something to me before.
They said it's a waste of money and there are better things you can spend your money like clothes,
expenses or save it. I told them this is my money I would you spend it the way I see fit as long as I'm not over spending. But that was like 10 years ago ever since I graduate from college they don't say nothing. Yes I play games too. I'm currently trying to finish Persona 5 it's so long. My favorite games are Final Fantasy, Digimon, Pokemon, Shin Megami Tensei series and Fire Emblem. What about you?broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #25360685Thanks, not that my studies will lead anywhere though. x3 That sounds like an exhausting job. Do you like it?
Well I suppose that depends on the seller, I for one never buy from a seller without feedback (though since probably most people think so I had trouble selling stuff too).
Community-feedback is bad too and has been from the beginning I don't know why they push this stuff on us anyway... I know what you mean about the font and I already have bad eyesight. -.-
That's what most people want, but I don't really see that happening unfortunately...
I know a lot of guys who like shoujo anime/manga I don't see anything wrong with it. Funny enough females don't get critized for watching shounen/seinen anime, which is really weird. And why would anyone waste their time doing that anyway, can't we all have fun with the stuff we like? Normal discussions should still be possible without bashing each other...
I did watch it, but that was so long ago I don't really remember anything of it. Well anime for an on-going series do only serve the purpose of seeling the source material unfortunately.
As long as you can talk to them about your hobbies that's fine isn't it? I don't know many collectors either, most of my friends are casual too.
My family (ok my mum tbh) is a bit complicated. She basically thinks my hobbies (anime/manga, collecting, games) are stupid, childish and a waste of money. She's absolutely not open to any kind of experience now since I 'tortured' her with Dragonball and Pokemon as a child (so that's all she really knows about anime). At least we both do the passive-aggressive way now, I do what I want and she may bat an eye, but doesn't say anything anymore. It still hurts though... So I'm a bit envious^^
I play some games, but not that many. Do you play any games? WHat kind of?
8 months ago
I see your in school that is good and I wish you good luck. RN stands for Registered Nurse. I've never bought anything here in mfc so I don't know what to expect. You know your right I don't like the new format it's very confusing and even the colored font is not appealing at all because it's kinda hard to see it.
I wish there is an option that let's you return back to it's original format. I agree with you it's plain stupid to judge people. I have a friend who watches shoujo a lot and he is getting critized because shoujo manga is more towards female audience. As long you enjoyed what your doing that's what matters.
Yes anime with 12 episodes doesn't really have any closure and this always leaves a room for confusion and fans often wanted a sequel to complete the story. Have you ever watch Fruis Basket? that anime is really good, but the 24 episodes didn't really finish the series it just left in cliffhanger. During the time the anime ended the manga is still on going. In some occassions fillers aren't bad like you said, but it just makes the series very complicated. I do have some friends who likes anime, but there just casual. I mean they watch anime, but they don't collect like I do lol. My family is completely fine with my hobbies as long as I'm happy and accomplishing what I want to do in my life. What about you? what does your parents think of your hobbies? and by the way do you play video games? broken-Toybox (8 months ago) #25320682Right now I'm still at university so I don't apply anywhere anyway. I don't know what RN means unfortunately. x3
Well I actually bought figures from other users before, but right now I don't really feel like using the site much. The new update is just so user unfriendly imo. -.-
I don't judge people on their preferences either, because it's plain stupid like hating someone just because he/she enjoyed something I didn't and vice versa. I'm happy about people liking stuff I couldn't (just don't want to hear how great it is all the time but that goes for my own favs too).
Well imo 12 eps is often way too short. Those anime mostly don't have a sense of closure (doesn't have to be a real 'end' a good stopping point would be fine too). Well seeing that most anime have ongoing origins it's kind of natural but still.
Filler aren't necessarily a bad thing I think as long as they 'advance' the character's somehow or their relationships. If it's just random stuff (like in many shonen anime) I think it's a waste of time though.
It's not like you have too I was just curious, I can't really say I'm active on those sites anymore either.^^
I really don't, most of my friends like anime but I don't have too many of them. It's always been like that in school that really bothered me, now I prefer it that way though.
How about you? Do you have many friends who like anime? And what does your family think about your hobbies?
8 months ago
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