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Hi, my name's Buu and I collect and sell merch! My biggest collection is for Erwin Smith from Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin. I collect a few other characters and also video game merch, though my collection there isn't as detailed.

I sell merchandise! I do current boxsplits on tumblr @ buudove.tumblr.... and sell extra items @ buugoods.storen...

See my full collection over @ collectabuus.tu...


Hey there, I was going to message you but it said your inbox was full, so feel free to delete this. Just wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe an' sound yesterday, and I really appreciate everything and the extra cards were such a great surprise! I love them! I can't thank you enough~
4 years ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
buudove5 years ago#3043357We have a lot at the fair, ourselves! My favourites are Faverolles and Sebrights, definitely!
Actually, it's a bit of a toss between Levi and Erwin because they're a terrible merch duo at highest fan-prices, but it's mostly Levi that makes the set price so wild. Almost no one sells Levis individually due to his high demand (and when someone did I saw him almost go for 10,000y alone!) but the price drops significantly when the set are split. Sometimes you get really passionate fans, once an Erwin sold for 7,000y before they'd come out and were JUST announced! So it really depends. . . I got a quiet listing and grabbed a spare Erwin and Hange for less than 2,000y, but that is a super lucky thing that almost never happens. Hopefully those straps stick around for you! >: They've never really sold below 10,000y unfortunately... it's ridiculous but that's the downside of limited items.
And you're absolutely right, I've gotten into the habit of keeping them in sets where possible, though I've skipped out on the idea with the plushies and the figures, I'm trying to save space. >: But rubber straps and charms? I have to get sets of them, it doesn't feel right not having the friends together. ♥
Thank you! It'll be a fun adventure, I'm very excited in regards to future Kujis as they're improving on the quality and also just what fresh merch they'll make for S2! I hope there isn't too much, I have other favourites that become important in S2 as well so I hope not to go overboard. :p I can't wait for all of Mike's parts, thoughh. I think my expectations are too high. :( Need to calm down before 2016.
And I did! I was going to be patient but the quality of this Erwin and Levi really improved over the last, particularly Erwin (I guess they're more used to making Levi? Haha) so I grabbed them on the night of release. I've read and seen all three versions of ACWNR, I like the visual novel version best for its more meaningful twist of an ending, some changes in the manga and anime I wasn't as keen on, but it was cool to see both versions afterward! I enjoyed them all in their own way and it was great to see more to both Erwin and Levi. I remember when an ACWNR OVA was just a mean Japan april fool's, I wasn't sure it'd get the real thing so that was super surprising!
I'm a huge nerd for Shadis as well though so it was really cool to have a little more to him.
And ahh sorry I've rambled! I don't get much chance for discussions so I just end up textwalling every time! :p How about you? Did you enjoy ACWNR?

Wow I just looked up both, they are so pretty :O I especially love the sebright. Will have to tell my mother to look at them too!
Ughh you have a good point, eruri is a dangerously expensive combo D: It seems like Levi fans are seriously devoted (unfortunately for me heh). That's pretty insane, as much as I adore rubber straps and Levi, I don't think I could ever pay 10,000 JPY for a strap *cries*. Oh my, congrats on that steal you found!! Two for that price is great! Thank you for the info as well! Now I don't feel as bad if I do end up purchasing them at that price :'D
I feel ya! I have no space for the new snk plushies but I really couldn't resist especially with Hanji's smile and Erwin's bolo tie. It's certainly a good thing that straps are tiny and don't take up much room! And inexpensive enough to keep friends together haha.

Yup I'm excited to see your collection grow with more Erwins! Perhaps another figure for Erwin will appear in a future Kuji? I had to hold off on his Sentinel figure because I really want two Hanjis, but I thought it turned out very well. Lol it's probably a good time to save up for 2016's snk merch :p I think it's safe to assume you read the manga buuut View spoilerHide spoilerI'm SO excited but Mike's death will maybe be in the first 10 episodes?? That part was probably the most horrifying to read in the whole series. Must mentally prepare for the anime and financially prepare for merch orz

That's good to hear, I didn't really care for the last kuji figures of them so now I'm more excited to pick them up. Ohh I don't know about the visual novel, but was that basically the original version? What is the ending like? Did they really do such a cruel April Fool's Day joke?? Lmao. I just read the manga version and watched the anime version. I loved the illustrator's style and was hoping to get the Hanji and Isabel scene D: Also I loved Levi's "What a man" (I think?) line at the end of the manga. The anime was good in the sense that it was emotionally scarring. Levi screaming and crying was totally unexpected but it was horribly great. Ah if only the manga extra with Levi and Shadis was also included!
Aww no worries, I love listening and rambling about snk! Sorry for all the text as well :'D
5 years ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
buudove5 years ago#3010833Definitely cute, I was so pleased when they were a thing! Chickens are wonderful creatures, we have them as pets, not to mention they can be extremely beautiful! ♥
I find he's fairly uncommon but I've also gone all out to get everything of him that I can, so in terms of everything outside of figures, he's got quite a lot now! I imagine S2, especially with the second half, it'll go into complete meltdown but I'm looking forward to that. :p But for now I've been happy with him being included in all the neat kuji lottery prizes, they've been great!

Aww I'm jealous! :D they sound so sweet! They are always very lovely to check out at the local county fair, so many different kinds of them ;w;

I stumbled upon a set of the Levi/Hanji/Erwin Lawson straps for 14,000 JPY a while ago, and I think I'm gonna go for it if it's still available in a week or two orz I think Erwin is driving the price up!! I only really need Levi but I also find the veteran survey corps members inseparable and irresistible?? anyways.

Even though he doesn't have a ton of merch right now I think the picktam strap and Lawson strap make up for it all xp I wish you the best of luck obtaining all the future Erwins! Speaking of season 2, I hope Mike gets a bit more love ;~; Ohh I see you already got the new Kuji Erwin c prize that was bundled with Levi (very nice)! Did you watch/read/enjoy acwnr?
5 years ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
buudove5 years ago#2994441Ahh thank you very much! I appreciate the comment. :)
I do my best, the Lawsons were definitely a must have as a chicken owner! ♥ But I do my best to grab everything official. You've got a nice collection, yourself! I've seen your photos around a few times.

Aw you're right, that makes the chicken straps even cuter for ya! <3 It seems like everyone in my town owns chickens and my mother is dying for some lol. Erwin merch is certainly hard to come by. It will be nice to see even more goodies of him coming out hopefully with season 2 especially??. Thank you as well!!
5 years ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
I applaud your Erwin collection ;w; Those Lawson straps too tho. Very cute, and good job!! I love the devotion!
5 years ago
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Welcome to you on MFC :3
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