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about me~

hello!! i'm amy. i'm 18 years old and i live in rainy england. i started figure collecting back in early 2015. the first figure i ever bought was ITEM #78579 which i found while scrolling through amazon one day, and ever since then, i've been in love with figures! my collection spans many different series, but is mainly focused on love live, madoka magica, persona and vocaloid! i specialise particularly in collecting rare/discontinued love live merch. love live is a show very close to my heart and i love buying as much merch for it as possible.

outside of figure collecting i like comics, gaming, computers, music, drawing, baking, painting, photography, spending time with my cats, and chatting to friends. occasionally i like to cosplay too. besides figures i also love collecting anime artbooks, cute wigs, merch, glowsticks and plushies!

i love to document my collection and post it on instagram, where i am very active. feel free to check it out & send me a message, i love to make new friends! ~

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moody expressions, feminine, dark hair, pretty eyes, thin girls, pale, friendly, gothic