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7/25/2020: Greetings and goodbye MFC for now. I do deem my collection complete enough that I can take a long break from this exhausting hobby. I will pay for the last of my preorders and that will be it no more. It was good living in the PVC world for the past half-decade; I have discovered many great sculpts, many great characters and many great people. But, it is sometimes good to empty yourself and reflect. PVC was joy of my life; and shopping therapy kept me going for last 5 years. Albeit like a body hollowed of soul on a life-support; but, it is time to move on to rekindle brotherhood, strength and fortitude against the angry night. I will be online; but, will restrain myself from getting new stuff until at least I can move on with my life (who knows it might be one year or half a decade). So goodbye for now MFC and happy collecting!

A little about myself...

Started consuming anime back in 2000 with pokemon, digimon and dragon ball z
Started binge anime back in 2007 - one piece all the way to Alabasta
Started collected figures in 2016 at Anime North.
My first figure was Broccoli Kotori and Plum Yoshino.
Whew that is good 20 years of anime...

Nowdays, trying to binge One Piece and Dragon Ball; plan is to get them all on my computer and binge 5 episodes/day at work in addition to free-time binge which is 5 episodes/day... Or trying to pick up good deals on preowned or must get POs

About hobby situation, it gone out of control. Aug 17' Update: I do have it under control - no more impulse purchase, except now space for box issue is coming up. Aug 18' Update: acquired most of my grail; Bailed out myself with last of my savings. Going to stop for a few months and go take care of myself first. Aug 19' Update, it is gone out of control - Wonfes done it again...



Bloempje Hunting my grails
Yes I got trough! They send me new additional fee invoices into my account. But I can’t see them :( so I have to reply again sigh.

Hope you get your orders shipped soon!
2 months ago
Thank you! I'm hoping to see it around one day at any local conventions ^_^;
4 months ago
Sorry for the slow reply my zip is 72903 so would it be possible? If so pm and u can invoice me
5 months ago
Your inbox is full, please clear out some of the messages so we can further discuss the 1/7 tokisaki kurumi figure!
6 months ago
Your inbox is full
1 year ago
Thanks for letting me know. I cleared it out a bit. Pm me so we can discuss meet up?
1 year ago
Sadly your inbox is full, so I cant reply regarding the Mami Figure :(
Please clear some messages so I can stay in touch!
1 year ago
Thank you so much for selling brand new Emilia figure at original price!! :)
3 years ago
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