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Shingeki no Kyojin - Armin Arlert - BRAVE-ACT - 1/8 (Sentinel)One Piece - Trafalgar Law - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates "Sailing Again" - 1/8 - Ver.2 (MegaHouse)Shingeki no Kyojin - Erwin Smith - BRAVE-ACT - 1/8 (Sentinel)Kuroshitsuji ~Book of Circus~ - Grell Sutcliff - ARTFX J - 1/8 (Kotobukiya)One Piece - Sabo - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates "Sailing Again" - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Gintama° - Takasugi Shinsuke - G.E.M. - 1/8 - Tsuya ver. (MegaHouse)One Piece - Corazon - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - 1/8 (MegaHouse)One Piece - Sanji - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Portrait of Pirates SOC - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Naruto Shippuuden - Uchiha Itachi - G.E.M. - 1/8 - Anbu ver. (MegaHouse)One Piece - Sabo - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Portrait of Pirates SOC - 1/8 (MegaHouse)One Piece - Trafalgar Law - Excellent Model - Portrait of Pirates SOC - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Card Captor Sakura - Yue - 1/8 (Hobby Max)One Piece - Roronoa Zoro - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Portrait of Pirates SOC - 1/8 (MegaHouse)D.Gray-man Hallow - Lavi - G.E.M. - 1/8 (MegaHouse)One Piece - Portgas D. Ace - Excellent Model - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - Portrait of Pirates SOC - 1/8 (MegaHouse)Naruto Shippuuden - Hatake Kakashi - G.E.M. - Ninkai Taisen ver. (MegaHouse)Gekijouban Bungou Stray Dogs Dead Apple - Akutagawa Ryuunosuke - 1/8 (FREEing)One Piece - Roronoa Zoro - Portrait Of Pirates "SA-MAXIMUM" - Portrait Of Pirates Limited Edition - 1/8 - ver. 3000 World!!! (MegaHouse)One Piece - Monkey D. Luffy - Portrait of Pirates "Warriors Alliance" - 1/8 - Luffytaro (MegaHouse)One Piece - Juracule Mihawk - Portrait Of Pirates Maximum (MegaHouse)


Oh no, that does sound frustrating! Well, now I'm scared lol... I haven't played Ori because it's not on PS. :( I could get it on Switch though if it's really good! Less pressure to 100% that way hahaha. Maybe Yamato has been revealed now? I'm very behind on OP now because all I've been watching is Free haha, I was not expecting that cliffhanger at the end of the last season... And I felt like I was missing some context for the new characters so I probably should've watched the movies first, but I can't find them to stream anywhere! ;__; Is High Speed all new stuff and the others are recaps with some new scenes?

By the third season I liked Rin more haha but yeah in the first season I expected him to be cooler, so when he was just acting like a sore loser I was like meh... But then he helped Haru out of his funk by taking him to Australia and that made up for it haha. Also he's such a crybaby which I just think is adorable now. Sharp teeth, soft heart. XD Can you let me know if you see Nagisa and ITEM #464652 anywhere for a halfway decent price? Like under $300 haha because I can't find them anywhere. ;__; Oh the pain of getting into things late...

Yeah s3 has a lot of Momo and Yuki! Unfortunately for them they get caught up in a lot of drama lol, I'm actually behind on this now too... I just saw next couple of episodes were a Re:vale flashback and I'm sorry Banri but I don't really care about you lol... For One Piece I'm hoping Elbaf is the next arc! I can't even remember when it was first mentioned haha maybe Little Garden? Which was like episode 70. I think Blackbeard is busy bullying Gecko Moria right now lol, I can't believe I feel bad for the giant shallot. And yes, respect for the guys who can keep up with the devil fruit users like Zoro, Sanji, Shanks, Mihawk, etc. Though Zoro may be part-marimo lol. I saw manga readers think we'll be getting some backstory on Zoro next? Which would make a lot of sense in Wano...

I'm going to get all of the JJK Nendos except for Sukuna I think because I don't really care for him... Only the good guys for me lol. How about you? :D
8 days ago
Thank you!! ☆♡
16 days ago
Oof, I am late to reply. Soz about that!

Fair enough, I think RE7 is the scariest Resident Evil by far. RE8 didnt really make the cut for that and all of the previous ones are less scary imo since all of them are in third person and I think in a game like that it takes away the scaredy factor a little. Have you watched anything by now?

EMS was just about 2.500 Yen more expensive than surface shipping so I just said "fuck it" and bit the bullet. Have you received the phantom boy TM by now? Well, if I remember correctly the base is right behind him and the chair was just lodged next to him in a slot. It's been so long since I unpacked him, LMAO. He is incredibly pretty though and such a nice addition to my Persona shelf. I lowkey wish that they would finally release a bunny figure that I'm actually interested in because 1/4 figures are so sick but there's rarely any that would be worth it buying for me. And yeah, the shipping must be about 100 $ or something because I had to pay 70 € for a 1/6 figure already (at least from AmiAmi).

ASFJLKASf MARINEFORD ARC IS SO TRAUMATIC T_T One Piece gets so serious after it I feel like ... like, there's of course still fun moments but everything beyond that point feels a lot more linear and all of the arcs hold such weight. OOF. Aw man, Bon-chan's sacrifice was so sweet and heartwarming. I really love the way Oda brings back villains and makes them redeem themselves. Or well, sometimes they are even worse than before which can be fun too, I guess LOL. YEAH LIKE .. .One Piece has a ton of sexy male characters but fuck, Law is by far the hottest. His voice is so fucking good (his VA also voices Levi from AoT) and his whole design (THE TATTOOS AND THE EARRINGS I JUST askfJASF) ... man, I wish I wasn't such a ho* for that man, but I am. I really am. I WANT ITEM #259914 SO BADLY TOO, he's like the one POP figure I need to complete my Law shrine but it's so fucking hard getting him and getting him for a good price too. I recently managed to get my hands on ITEM #109863 for a really good price though, so so happy!! He's so hard to find too and for a decent price to boot. Oh my god, a Sanji shrine of all things. That's so cool though!! Is he your favorite of everyone?

I really wish every figure store would just have these custom boxes like MegaHouse does, it would be so much better. I get that it's pretty shit but I think it would lower the shipping costs so much.

MAN, AmiAmi's pre-owned section has been a fucking mess in the past month or two. I don't know what happened but there's so many ghost items (even more than before) and I'm never sure if I should wait for an item to actually appear as being sold or if it's sold already? It's really sad because AmiAmi was my main source for pre-owned figures )): ... at least I have the whole One Piece POP Sailing Again crew now except for Franky because his after market price is like 500.000 Yen. Thanks but no thanks. 5 K for ITEM #20652??? LOL What is Mandarake smoking, seriously. I ordered ITEM #93856 from AmiAmi + 2 Haikyuu Acrylic stands and I think shipping was like 2 K Yen. 5 K is nuts though, holy. I only ever see the One Piece BB series on AmiAmi but NEVER EVER SoC. I see them a lot on German eBay though, I'm really tempted to get the Sanji one from a seller offering it for like 190 €.

The saddest thing about Persona 5 is that Kasumi from Royal already has like 3 or 4 figures and fucking Yusuke and Ryuji DON'T HAVE A SINGLE SCALE FIGURE. PLEASE. I love my Yusuke Nendo but a scale would be so good. Or even a Dancing Starlight Scale to go with Joker. CRYING REAL TEARS HERE. Every time I see a PUP advertised I'm so sad about their bases. I think the figures themselves are really good quality for their price buT THE BASES ARE SO BAD. I just don't get why they advertise them with the black/acrylic bases and then use those square monstrosities for the actual product. There have been a few Nendos that I'm pretty excited though, especially the League of Legends ones. But I agree, they're kinda not doing a lot of scales which is quite sad ): ...

Hope everything is going well on your end!!彡໒(⊙ᴗ⊙)७彡
19 days ago
Oh wow you got to Hades before me! You're so fast with everything! XD That structure does sound pretty weird though. I was expecting it to be more like Bastion but I guess it's more like Enter the Gungeon where you're expected to replay the game over and over and hope you get good drops? Gungeon is one of my fav indie games but I don't know if I'm ready to go through an experience as intense as that again lol... But I'm curious so I'll let you know when I get to it!

Omg yeah I'm almost caught up and I STILL haven't seen Yamato!! >_< I'm hoping he lives up to the hype because Oden was really hyped by manga readers before and then when his arc came around in the anime, I didn't get it lol... But Yamato looks really cool and I just wanna know what the deal is. >_< I also wanted Carrot to join because she's so cute and her Sulong form was too cool, but that's looking less likely now since she's more of a side character here? There's also a camp of theorists who think Vivi will actually join the Straw Hats eventually since she's kind of relevant again. I just don't know what to think at this point lol. But if we're comparing Luffy's crew to Roger's crew, then Yamato joining after Wano definitely seems most likely since that would be kind of a parallel to how Oden joined Roger. Also I forgot to mention...wtf happened to Sabo?? I think it was just teased that he was in trouble somehow and then nothing? I hope he's okay because losing him after Ace would just be too much. ;__;

Ace's popularity is truly something, he STILL places in the top 10 of those popularity polls despite having been dead for uh...500 episodes now? The power lol. And it was still so sad when Luffy had to tell Tama that Ace is dead. ;__; Akainu's POP sitting in the bin hahaha it doesn't help that he's not as interesting as Blackbeard either. Like it really makes me wonder how Blackbeard's able to have two devil fruits... I know people point to his flag as a hint that he has multiple personalities and I really like that theory, but I never really know what to think with Oda hahaha. Oh man Itachi and Ace getting me teary. ;__; I totally agree with you about the unconditional love, the entire Straw Hat crew is like ultimate friend goals haha. <3

I'll let you know when Idolish7 s3 finishes lol but Imma warn you, the drama is super heavy this time! Like as if it couldn't get any heavier lol, Free is my break from all that drama. XD But now we have Sousuke being mean to Haru oh no. First Rin and now Rin's friend, what did Haru do to these guys?? He's just an innocent little dolphin who wants to swim with his friends. ;__; I love that you pointed that out about Makoto because I noticed he could be a scaredy cat but I didn't notice that he's just used to hiding behind Haru because he used to be smaller lol that is just so freakin adorable!! What a cinammon roll! >w<

As for Rin, I still don't really like him as much as the others... I didn't like how they invited him on their team for the relay in the last episode of s1, imo he didn't deserve to be forgiven so easily after the way he treated Haru and well...I was bitter that he replaced my other fav boy Rei lmao. Those boys are just way kinder and more mature than me. XD Also since Rin is a lot more mellow now I guess killing him with kindness worked? Maybe I'll warm up to him but I still don't like that kid that's always following him around lol. As for my next figure it's going to be whoever I can find first hahaha but probably Haru! I can't find Nagisa anywhere tbh. ;__; I got Rei from here though www.hobbystock.... not as cheap as Makoto and I still had to use a proxy but pretty good compared to what he goes for at some other shops! I'm also looking at ITEM #464652 because...I'm obsessed now... And speaking of obsessions ALL THOSE JJK NENDOS AHHHH HYPE. I'm sorry this comment turned out so long, between One Piece and Free I just have too much to ramble about lol... ^^'
20 days ago
Thank you for accepting my FR! :3
24 days ago
Oh nooo yeah I wouldn't play Reach in that case... Not worth the dizziness and depression. :( I actually just got Hades on PS4 too (so glad I didn't give in and get it on Switch before they announced it for PS/Xbox lol Switch is like my last resort console) and I haven't played it either but everyone hypes it up so much so I'm expecting a masterpiece... The art is also really pretty! I only played one other game from this dev (Bastion) and really loved the art so I'm looking forward to the eye candy lol. But I'm preoccupied with other games right now so maybe we'll end up playing it around the same time. XD Let me know your thoughts if you get to it first!

I'm on episode 986 now and a few of the recent episodes looked shockingly good, it seriously felt like watching a movie. But now I wait again lol. Are you watching any seasonals like Idolish7 s3? I'm passing the time with that and some older anime like Free haha I seriously did not expect to like Free as much as I do but it's so cute and fun and chill like you said! I would regret not watching it sooner but I feel like I started it at just the right time because I'm feeling kind of stressed atm, and these precious boys (and Rin's cute sister) are just what I needed. :') You're also right about me needing Haru-chan now lol but I'm trying to hold off since I spent so much lately... ^^' Nagisa is also adorable and Rei is another one of my faves, the struggles when he was learning to swim were just so hilarious and relatable! And it's so true that you need that 1% inspiration to just get it eventually after failing hundreds of times. I know I said I would share more of my thoughts after I finished s1 but I'm going too slow and I just have so much to say already lol 10/10!!!

I love how you bought three POPs at the same time haha I got my Sabo and Law at the same time too so I guess we're only capable of buying them in groups. XD Also I want to know how you have a Luffy army already! XD You never fail to surprise me lol. Akainu will always be one of my most hated anime villains after Ace's death man. Does he have any redeeming qualities? NO. Even the other marines hate him. >:( Also you have a good point about the seemingly useless devil fruit powers being the most powerful lol like who would've thought rubber man and mochi man would have such an intense battle? XD I'm so glad you appreciate Big Mom as a villain too haha, I feel like Kaido has been overshadowing her with the fans lately and while he's cool and all, Big Mom is just so weird and interesting that big scary dragon dude will never surpass her for me lol.

Omg that Sabo/Luffy scene... The way Luffy launched himself at Sabo and wrapped his spaghetti limbs around him was so cute and wholesome! His happiness to have a brother back after losing one was just too much! TwT I actually didn't even realize Alter wasn't really making any male figures anymore though! When they stopped making Love Live figures I just stopped paying attention to them lol because they stopped making anything I care about. I did see they were making a Kirito at least but SAO is more like a series for guys so I wouldn't even count it lol. At least I have some old Altair figures to buy now. XD

EDIT: I said I would hold off but I ended up ordering ITEM #512115 lol goodbye restraint.
29 days ago
Omg Halo giving 5 gamerscore for beating the game is so hilarious for some reason... Like you feel so accomplished getting to the end only for the 5 to pop lol, I hope that wasn't the case for Reach at least because all I hear about that ending is that it's painful. :o Oh I see you ordered some PUPs! Let me know how they turn out because I keep seeing mixed opinions on them, but I feel like I'll end up ordering at least one someday just because the line has so much variety... Like ITEM #1213391 is so out of left field, and I'm so weak for indie games...

Holy crap how did you get to Wano already?? You're a machine! A MACHINE!! Also I see you already got ITEM #790356 and ITEM #703541 and I am just in awe at your power... XD Like seriously, when you put your mind to something, you do it! PROPS! But yeah waiting for weekly One Piece is pain, I usually let a few episodes build but then I go through them so quickly lol... I kind of wish I waited to start Wano too because my main motivation for getting caught up with it was to be in the loop, but since the manga is sooo far ahead of the anime, I'm still not even in the loop... Oh, the pain... XD I wouldn't be fast enough to score a Bonchan for 10k unfortunately lol but yeah I wanted so many more figures after Dressrosa, even Bartolomeo... Isn't he just so relatable?? Also I kind of still want a Doffy figure even after that tragic Cora/Law story, there's just some novelty to a guy wearing a huge flamingo coat and being simultaneously terrifying hahaha.

I had the same experience seeing Ace's death... I knew it would happen but I wasn't prepared for how depressing it would be man. I was so angry at Ace too for dying after all Luffy went through lol, but that didn't stop the tears. T_T I was also so proud of Usopp in Dressrosa! Our boy became a god. XD Though Whole Cake was for sure my favorite post-timeskip arc so far, maybe Wano will dethrone it but I loved the evil Disney vibe of the whole place, all the character development for Sanji, and then the Straw Hats basically joining forces with the mafia, I just loved everything about it. XD ALSO wasn't Big Mom's backstory horrifying?? That shocked me so much when I first saw it that I basically spoiled it for my friend. Like OP has had some dark moments but cannibalizing orphans is like...WHOA... The way the flashback was done was so brilliant too because it seemed so innocent, I didn't even process it at first. Big Mom is also one of my favorite villains (though I have a lot of favorite villains lol) just because she has such a duality between being weirdly hilarious and legitimately horrifying. I'll join you in calling him JinBAE too because I love that, I've just been calling him fish dad. XD

Omg those ASL figures look so good together! That Sabo is perfectly in scale and I love how you're watching OP in the background too hahaha so perfect! I told myself I wouldn't get a Luffy POP too because I felt like none of them captured him perfectly but that one looks really cute in your picture and I want him now... What are you doing to me?? I want rereleases of old POPs at this point more than a new POP Maximum haha but I think POPs of Sanji's brothers would be cool even though they were dicks, they would just look so cute and colorful together. XD How about you?

I get so bitter seeing those $1000+ statues because I just know I wouldn't have a place for them. XD But speaking of statues I love how you've included them on your page! Looks so clean and perfect! If I had more figures/statues that weren't on MFC then I'd totally copy you hahaha but for now I will admire your collection! *_* Oh yeah I'm kind of anti-Alter now because their prices are insane even by today's standards, but I know if it's a series I really love like JJK, all common sense will go out the window. ;__; Also I love how you prepared for the Soba Mask figure by YouTubing his scenes hahaha what more do you need to see how perfect he is? XD
1 month ago
14 hours sounds like a lot to me haha but if that's like an average then it'll for sure take me longer... I get lost so easily and then that just makes me more nauseous ugggh I feel sick just thinking about it. >_< Also all those multiplayer trophies, why? Not every shooter needs a multiplayer mode lol. A co-op mode would've been a lot more interesting imo. Omg yes Vil is so pretty, I'm still surprised he didn't get a figure announcement yet. And I didn't even notice that about that Gojo's body lol, I just saw his face and was like "nah." His hair on that alt head looks pretty bad too. Yet here I am, thinking "wouldn't those fire effects look so cool next to the other Gojos?" I also hate myself for thinking 26k is a pretty good price for the sexy chair Gojo lol, like what happened to my principles?? We are truly in Gojo hell. XD

Whoa you're on Marineford already! It keeps surprising me how fast you're going through One Piece haha, but yes Bon-chan is precious. <3 I loved him so much after that arc that I wanted this figure of him ITEM #269724 that was coming out around that time, but then I was like "wait, how am I gonna explain this ballerina dude in a prison uniform to my family" lol. If I had the figure funds back then that I do now maybe I would've bought him, but looking at my display now I have no idea how he would fit into it. XD My goal right now is just to get at least one figure of each Straw Hat maybe? But then there are random figures like ITEM #186854 and ITEM #54744 that are also tempting... >.< How about you? Do you have any specific OP figure goals or are you just building a Sanji shrine? XD All the figures that OP has gotten are a blessing and a curse...

Fortunately I didn't have any open orders with the store at the time it went under, but it sucked losing them as an option. :( I felt guilty too because I kiiind of took advantage of their disorganization? They had a system where you could pay toward POs at any time but it was pretty messy, and for one of my bigger POs their math was off so I think I ended up paying less than I was supposed to? I was broke at the time so I didn't question it but then seeing them close their doors made me think "oh shit, did I contribute to that??" RIP Anime Island. :'( That sucks you lost that good deal on Itachi! That's a big fear of mine too buying limited stuff locally. D: Especially with how crazy the aftermarket is these days...

Are the Batman Who Laughs comics unpopular?? :o I loved the idea of twisted Batmen based on Bruce's worst fears, and of course one of them had to look like the Joker haha. The fact that he has crazy pet Robins is also perfect tbh. Omg wait are you me, I played Persona 3 and 4 and never finished either of them hahaha. 3 was a bit of a slog but I actually liked 4, I just...got too lazy to finish it. Now I'm thinking I'll just do the same with P5. XD Yeah Genshin Impact doesn't really interest me, it looks like a mobile game on a console and I guess that appeals to a lot of people but not me. :/ Those character designs are pretty though so it does have that going for it. I didn't spend any actual money on the game which just made the loss of a year's worth of slowly saving gems feel more painful haha, but I guess it would've felt worse if I actually did spend money and just got nothing from it. I can def see how people get addicted to spending if they keep getting crappy pulls...

I don't know what it is about that gorgeous albino bitch that makes him have such a hold over us, but yeah if you told me I'd spend 26k on a figure of him before watching the show, I probably would've been like "wow he must be one of my favorite anime characters." NOPE... An Alter Yuuji would be crazy overpriced too but yes I need it. If Alter can do Kimetsu no Yaiba then WHY NOT JJK??WHY NOT JJK??https://thumbs.gfycat.com/PlasticAdeptAsianpiedstarling-size_restricted.gif Yeah I was looking at wedding Sanji before who is just so elegant with the bright white suit and marble base. *_* But then I saw superhero Sanji and I just knew instantly that I needed him haha. I'm SO glad MegaHouse didn't just go for his Wano outfit because I kinda hate it, his hair just looks kind of frumpy? But Soba Mask looks so sleek and perfect ugh 10/10.
1 month ago
Congrats on finishing Borderlands 3! I'm just playing Lego Avengers and Crash instead of Doom Eternal right now haha, we are so good at putting that game off. XD Tbh I preferred the first one because the levels felt smaller, and it had some fun bits of platforming like Titanfall. For Doom Eternal it feels like the devs said "okay how can we make Doomguy a Mario brother" and now we get all these crazy jumpy segments that are more of a struggle than the enemies lol. They can be fun though so I can't complain too much, and I like the game overall, I would just prefer something smaller haha.

Omg I keep forgetting I paid upfront for Azul! That makes me so nervous. T_T Please pull through for us Hobby-Genki... I'm kind of glad I passed on Riddle now because he's not my type of character and he looks so wide, idk where I'd put him... But Azul checked all the boxes haha. I was actually looking at ITEM #1199060 for a blindfold Gojo since I don't have one ordered yet, but then I was like wait, why am I building a Gojo shrine?? Yeah the Zoro moment is near the end! I loved everything about Thriller Bark tbh, the giant shallot is one of my favorite villains. XD I think Brook will be reunited with Laboon after the crew finds the One Piece, it would line up with the big theory for what the One Piece really is! Sanji would also get to see the All Blue, Nami would be able to chart the world, etc. Poor Laboon though, Brook's really keeping him waiting lol.

Yeah a lot of the time local shops offer cheaper deals if shipping is factored in, but for most of them you have to pre-pay which makes me nervous... One store I used a bunch here went out of business and people had a lot of trouble getting their money back, so ever since then I've been wary. But nowadays I order pretty much all my Nendos and the occasional scale from GSC's US store because I know I can trust them at least haha. (Even though they're super slow...) Wow you're going to get a box full of little spiders, sounds great! XD Batman Who Laughs has a cool look tbh and I loved the comic too so no judgment from me! Are you into Durarara too? I always thought that guy looked so pretty. Also haven't played Persona 5 yet but that MC is by far the cutest of the series! I'm sure all those figures will be worth the wait! ^^

Yeah they're all gacha games created to make you spend money to get the characters you want but I've never given in so I'm proud of that. XD I find the slow grind to be more rewarding than just throwing money at the game anyway, though there was one time in the Love Live game I spent everything I earned over a year on best girl's birthday box and got absolutely no ultra rare cards... I actually felt like crying lol so yeah I wouldn't recommend those games. ;__; That was probably the closest I came to spending money but I'm glad I didn't, they feed on your desperation... Wow 24k yen is a steal for that Gojo, the cheapest I could find him for here was 26k, but I consider that a win since that's about his price on Ami before shipping and everything. My favorite character is Yuuji of course but I love the whole cast and pretty much everything about JJK so I don't mind the onslaught of Gojo figures lol, I can't deny he's the prettiest character too... Just look at him, he's gorgeous... Let me know if you see the summer stands up on Ami and I haven't ordered them yet because I need them. XD The party ones are so cute too (Panda with the bowtie omg) but must conserve space...
2 months ago
OMG I know a lot of people that actually watch stuff like Resident Evil on YouTube 'cause they can't play it on their own. I don't know how well it works with Persona because there are so many ... choices and mundane things to do that are fun playing but might feel boring watching? But watching it is a possibility, I guess.

I received our phantom boy a few weeks ago. I took EMS and I think I paid about 4 K Yen shipping as well but honestly? Worth it. The box is MASSIVE, I'll give ya that but I'M always way too impatient to wait for Surface shipping etc. MAN, I would actually pay those ridiculous bunny figure prices if we got them of male characters (or of female characters I actually gave a frick about). I'm not a big fan of the bunny figures (not the few male ones there is either) but I guess it's mainly because I like maybe one or two characters they've made so far.

HAHA, I actually played a One Piece game some time ago and they showed the Merry Burning Scene and I cried again, I ALWAYS CRY LIKE A BITCH AT THAT SCENE. It's so sad, always. Honestly, Thriller Bark (the spooky house arc) is a bit lame and the whole Marineford arc really drags itself out but afterwards, things are really interesting and really pick up. HONESTLY, getting into a fandom and then finding all of the figures you want is so good but so bad for your wallet. Oh, that Zoro and that Ace figure! They're so good but especially that Zoro figure goes for a ridiculous amount of money. They do look gorgeous though ... unfortunately MegaHouse doesn't do a lot of re-releases.

OmG ... I have never ordered from Mandarake but honestly, hearing all the shipping horror stories from them makes me kinda scared. Have you received your package yet? If so, how ... too big was it?

Oh, AmiAmi's Pre-Owned section has always been FULL of One Piece figures because there are so many variants of it and also a lot a lot of them going around. Just the whole Portrait of Pirates line of MegaHouse is huge. Unfortunately, it's mostly the same figures and rarely any of the ones I'm looking for ... and if I see one that I want, it's gone within like one second. T_T

Damn, I wanna go to Japan again really badly too but I also fear that I'll need like 20 suitcases to get all of the merchandise I'm gonna buy back with me. Last time I was there I just sent myself like, 4 packages ...

I SAW THE BLACK AND WHITE PUP FROM PROMARE AND I WAS LIKE??? Okay, GSC I see what you're trying to do but I don't think it's gonna work. I never understood the sense behind those black and white figures of any kind anyway like, why would you take that, especially for the same cost, instead of a colored one? So odd. THERE ARE SO MANY PUP FIGURES COMING OUT AND I'M SO TEMPTED TO GET THEM ... but then I think of their bases and I'm just, so upset. They take up so much space too because they're not round but have so many edges ... like GSC, please stop and put those round bases on the figures THAT YOU ARE ADVERTISING THEM WITH. It makes me so sad. I can't believe Joker Persona 5 is actually gonna be the reason neither of us is gonna be able to pay for our rent ... u_u
2 months ago
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