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That's crazy that you saw spoilers and still don't know Jean's fate lol we just have to keep praying for horse boy. I hope it's not one of those "everyone dies" endings... Like, it was an awesome journey either way, but please no... Was Gojo actually planning to do something important with that money? Tbh I assumed he wanted it for a party or something but now I don't know. XD That man is a mystery.

Wow you're so organized! My shelves are mostly games but they're just overflowing everywhere at this point lol. My Switch games are hidden away though because I don't like the bright red spines... I don't get why they couldn't just have a little border at the top like Xbox and PS games? But I don't get a lot of things Nintendo does lol. Oh man you have all of Death Note Black Edition?? My sister has a couple of those and they look so classy! But BL is pretty so I don't blame you for those priorities lol. Your book collection sounds awesome in general, lot of good variety!

I hope Atsushi gets a re-release so you can complete your BSD Nendo collection!! And so I can have one of my favs haha, need those little kitty paws! TwT An Inumaki Nendo would be adorable omg. I'm hoping they're just waiting until the main characters release to announce more because JJK is a goldmine. There's just no excuse not to... I'm still debating the Koto JJK figures because even though I really love how Megumi and Nobara look, I don't have a Yuuji to go with them, and Yuuji best boy! I wish I could have a clear plan of what I want my JJK collection to look like but here I am being super indecisive lol... I'm really curious to see how ITEM #1157824 turns out too, but then even if he looks good he might be exclusive or overpriced or something... IDK MAN.

Oh man, I'm glad it's not just me that doesn't get KNY. That sucks for your friend because I know what it feels like to recommend something and have the person not care for it, but she has a whole legion of fans to back her up so she should take comfort in that lol. We're in the sad little minority that just gets to watch everyone else get hyped over it. XD I'm happy JJK came along otherwise I would've felt completely out of touch lol. And OMG YOU STARTED ONE PIECE!! AHHHH!!! I'm so happy you like it! :D Usually it takes a few arcs for people to get really into it but the fact that you liked it right away shows that you have good instincts!! Usopp so precious. <3 And yeah it's really long right now, but I'd recommend just taking it at your own pace and enjoying the journey because it kind of sucks being caught up lol. Definitely keep me updated cuz I wanna hear all your thoughts! ^^

So I finished Nier (I bought some trophies shhh) and I was surprised by how wholesome the true ending was? That final credits where everyone joined in to help was so cute! TwT And the Pods getting all fuzzy for the androids, aww. I'm also thinking I should buy the soundtrack or something because it was sooo good. Definitely keeping an eye on those Nendo announcements, but I'm hoping Emil comes with an alternate body... I thought his original design was so cute back in the day and I'm sure I'll feel the same when I play Replicant, though I'm not ready to do that just yet, need to prepare myself for the pain lol... T_T Omg that game you linked looks so cute! I NEED IT!
10 days ago
Omg that Zeke flashback actually made me feel bad for him. He just wanted to chill and play baseball. It was messed up of his parents to drag him into their war. I'd probably just want to play baseball too if I was stuck in that world lol. As for Eren attacking Armin and Mikasa, yeah I hope he's just riling them up, that was too mean. D: It's so weird that Eren is the main character and the most mysterious character at the same time, like what are you thinking man?? Also what a bummer that the finale ended on a cliffhanger... Couldn't at least try to make it conclusive like JJK... :(

1-6 is better than I can manage lol. My games also hog so much of my display space so my manga ends up scattered around. ._. Do you split your shelf space evenly between games and books or does one take priority? I get manga from RightStuf usually, especially if I'm buying a bunch at a time because they can have some really good sales. Otherwise I just use Amazon.

Haha I just filled it out too, thanks for the reminder. XD I don't get why GSC just made airport versions of the characters that got Nendos already? I don't even want airport Atsushi, I want a rerelease of the original one with his little tiger paws. TwT And I requested Nanami too, I was thinking of requesting more JJK characters but I know I'd just buy whoever they make and that thought scares me lol. I am strongly considering Koto's Megumi but I still don't know what to do about Yuuji. D: I'm thinking of waiting until Nobara is painted to make a decision... But yeah those last two episodes were so good!! I like how we got Nobara going crazy right after Megumi going crazy, omg I love them. And that last Juju Stroll was definitely the best one! Poor Megumi though. XD Oh man, I'm gonna miss JJK. I hope the movie isn't too difficult to watch, the way the Kimetsu no Yaiba movie was handled internationally really worries me.

Yeah that's so awkward... I try not to be too harsh about my opinions in case the person I'm talking to really likes something I hate lol. I don't think you mentioned that game before, sounds interesting! I'll definitely check it out because I'm always down for a pretty indie game. :D Also I forgot to mention that Control was one of the PS+ games so I have that one ready to play now too lol, just taking me a while to get through Nier. The third route is so sad so far, I just need a break from all this emotional trauma. T_T I'm also considering getting the 9S Nendo even though 2B is hard to find now, he is just so cute and I love that he comes with the little robot! And lol that's nice of your friends to give you some time with your husband. XD
1 month ago
The Persona games are not really connected, just have a lot of the same things going on - Igor and the Velvet Room are always there, you always fight a god at the end, the Persona Compendium is very similar in every game and you always have the same confidants (there's always a chariot, a lover, a priestress etc.) minus or plus a few. But the characters or stories don't really have anything to do with each other. I agree though, the character design and the style of it all is really what got me hooked back when I started out with Persona 2! And I like these RPG-grindy-highschool setting games so, so much and Persona does it so well. You should really try the other ones if you can get your hands on them, especially Persona 4!

Oh my god, ITEM #740309 has been a phantom figure all along, we should've known. But yeah, I think his original release date was in December and now he's scheduled for April or even May afaik. Let's see if that's gonna work (probably not). Yeah, I haven't seen any of theirs either but the prototype looks so so promising and the pose and the little thingie he does with his glasses ... c'mon. PleasE. There are some bunny males from yaoi manga but they just look so?? Off?? 'Cause they're in suits but then with bunny ears and I'm just like ... that just doesn't fit at all. I just hate how over-saturated the market is with these sexyily posing or blushing female figures but males don't get shit.

Aw man, I'm not into Naruto but that Kakashi resin looks gorgeous!! I wish there were more kimono/yukata figures of guys since there are so many of girls BUT WHAT'S NEW. But that's also why I am so madly in love with ITEM #926658 who I just got a few weeks ago. HE'S SO HOT and the little leg and chest peak. Phew, is it hot in here or is it just him ... also speaking of Law: I was able to get ITEM #442014 for 160 € (including shipping + taxes)! My GOD, I was so excited when I unpacked him and I swear he looks even better in real life than on pictures. Finally, I have 90 % of the Law figures I want really badly. I'm so happy T_T!!

Yeah, 7.000 JPY shipping was quite nuts ngl - I wonder if bunny figures are more expensive but I think their boxes are actually smaller because ITEM #676008 & ITEM #850805 boxes are MASSIVE. Also damn, 9.000 JPY shipping @_@; I'm sometimes not sure how much shipping I would be willing to pay. I guess it depends on how much I want the figure. I heard that Mandarake is notorious for taking boxes that are WAY too big and if you ask them to try putting it into smaller boxes they most of the time are okay with it.

I have a photo of hers in my pictures and her eyes seem to literally sparkle in it T3T she's so adorable!! I want more Kizuna figures but most of them are just her doing a plain pose, unfortunately ... please make more Kizuna figures that are as fancy as some of Miku's.

HAHA, I think it's only fair that you chose Peter as yoru first travelling buddy and thus sticking with him, but I suppose taking multiple Nendos with you is very tempting. Oh damn I just remember that I'm actually vaccinated so I might be allowed to go places O_O!!

Unfortunately I don't have the talent or the patience to craft a new base for them, but it is very tempting since PUP seriously have worse bases than prize figures or MegaHouse's One Piece figures. Urgh, I don't know who gave them the idea for those bases but they deserve to be punched. I agree though, their quality etc. for the price is really really good and while I vastly prefer scale figures for obvious reasons I think PUPs are great since they tackle lesser known fandoms or characters. I have ITEM #740197 and I'm REALLY hoping they will do the other male characters too ... PLEASE.
1 month ago
Congrats of finding Osamu, and at a discount! Yeah aftermarket prices for some of the Haikyuu nendos got ridiculous around when covid started. I was going to buy the Yamaguchi nendoroid at the time for £62 BNIB and was waiting for him to get reduced again... That wasn't one of my best decisions ;-; AHH, I PAID IN FULL FOR KITA TOO! <3 I'm so excited for all my pre-orders to come in, even though it's going to be super expensive ahaha

I wouldn't say that's stupid at all, that's actually another reason I've not completed reading it yet ahahaha. It feels so much nicer to read from a physical book ^^ the sounds the pages make when you turn them makes me so happy and I don't know why lol
I wish I could forget spoilers, I always remember them and it really ruined some series for me :( Like I could be falling to sleep and my brain goes "psst, hey! remember what 'friend' said happens in 'series'? damn that's crazy! goodnight tho." or "Ooh, we're scrolling though IG again? lol remember when 'spoiler' popped up in the discover page?". I even got spoiled a big part of one piece when I was on the bus once. These people were talking super loudly between themselves and my earphones couldn't block them out :( I have now invested in noise cancelling earphones for use in public ahahaha

How do you feel about Shinji now he's up for PO? ITEM #872780 I personally really love his shoes, I fell like the only other colour they could have used instead of bottle blue is a blush pink but it wouldn't be as bold. I'm not going to PO him because his face is strange to me? He's really pretty and nothing is wrong but he just doesn't look like Shinji imo.

I think one of the main reasons I passed on the Kakashi nendo is because his look up is so cute! ^^ I also really need to focus on just my preorders since I have so many right now. Thankfully I've paid a decent amount of them off LIST #147721 so I don't have to think about it ahaha
Yes! the JJK look ups are ADORABLE! ♡ I'll probably PO Yuji if there's any left in April after I've paid off my PO's for that month! Who am I kidding, I'll probably PO him before then

I've finally cleaned up my figure Wish List! ^^ I will admit I put some of them into a private list because I still love them whoops. It definitely does feel better to not look at such a big list! The final hurdle is to clean the merch wish list to things I actually want to buy and not just stuff I think is pretty cool ・ᴗ・ I really need to slow down with how much merch I order but it's pretty difficult when I love collecting it :((

I'm the most desperate for GSC to re-release the Bokuto and Kenma nendoroids (╥_╥) I used to ask every month on their regular re-release request form (especially Bokuto) but now I've submitted a request on this form docs.google.com... for their nendoroid select. I've also asked for Akaashi but I don't have high hopes that one is going to happen. Have you submitted any new nendoroid requests? I've put in 39 new nendoroid suggestions and I hope at least 3 make it since I did ask for some that they would probably make anyway ahaha

Also, have you seen ITEM #1131760? I'M SO HAPPY! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ I can't belive he actually got an alternate uniform nendoroid, I thought they would stop after Hinata and Kageyama!
1 month ago
Aaaaand again, long time no talk x'D I hope you're fine ♡ I've been a little disheartend from the hobby since a rather large order of mine went missing in transit and I was super disappointed and didn't feel like hanging out on MFC for a while ^^; Suffering from a broken heart LOL :')

I'm glad you discovered Ghostrunner!! It's really cool and I enjoy it a lot ^-^ I have such a long list of upcoming PS5 games that I'm madly looking forward to and quite a number of them have a cyberpunk/Blade Runner aesthetic to them ♡ I have impatiently been waiting for Cyberpunk 2077 to release ever since it's been first teasered but all these bugs really turned me off from playing :/ So I'm holding off until the PS5 version releases and is hopefully running well after all >.<

2 days ago, I received the physical edition of Hades for the Switch in the mail ♡ It's my first rogue-like and I hope I'll enjoy it, since everyone seems to praise it and the art is so pretty *-*

It seems like the two of us always feel the opposite with JJK figures xD I actually think that MH's Gojo didn't even turn out this bad xD It seems like no one likes the unmasked head but I kinda do!? XD Not sure if I want to get him tho because of the SSF Gojo~ I hope Koto's Megumi drops soon since I want to see the pricing lol
1 month ago
You're welcome!! I added you because I saw you ordered the JJK buddy charms and I did too lmao, they are so cuutte!
Yes I love male figs aaa and your collection is so nice! You have wonderful taste!
1 month ago
The last episode of SnK really brought the drama so you're in for a treat but WTF YOUR ART IS SO GOOD. I haven't even been thinking about JJK ships but Gojo and Nanami is such a cute one and you really brought it to life omg. TwT Tbh their dynamic kind of reminds me of Kunikida and Dazai from BSD, the no-nonsense guy and the troll lol. It doesn't sound like it would work but dammit, it does. Brb gonna stare at your art some more. *_*

Yep those are my thoughts exactly! The only problem I had with the movie was that there wasn't any Mafuyu/Ritsuka, I need their fluffiness! XD But yeah regardless of if the anime continues, I'm so intent on collecting all the manga. I suck at collecting manga, like I usually end up with completely random volumes that I bought on a whim and never end up finishing my collection, but for Given, dammit I will keep up! XD

Yeah Nendos are definitely more approachable lol I'm so glad you're joining me in Nendo hell! XD I love that you have a whole system going depending on where your figures come from, that's next level planning. Dazai does look pretty!! But Kunikida is my favorite so I was bummed when I saw there were no figures of him. T_T Like, not even a Nendo... The pain...

That JJK figure set is so cute wtf they're all sitting on bleachers waiting to be bought. TwT And speaking of JJK figures, ITEM #1038876 looks so good and I love Nobara's pose... I don't have space for a full JJK display but like these figure companies are determined to force me into making one. The baseball episode was everything, I just wish it was longer because what we saw was so good. Literally the only problem I have with this show is that the episodes are too short lol. If we could get 30 minute episodes like Re:Zero, that would be great. XD

Omg PSP, that takes me back. Those graphics were amazing back in the day. XD But like yeah even recently with those Pokemon Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee games, my first reaction was like "wow why are the graphics so bad" and my friend who's a big Pokemon fan got super offended... Oops. ^^' Indie games tend to have really cartoony aesthetics but they're still pretty to look at, and you just kind of expect more from the big companies in the graphics department these days... Yeah we're just too spoiled lol.

Yeah I had to get the DX version of 2B because her alt face is so pretty, but then her blindfold look is iconic... Maybe I'll alternate? I would've gotten the DX for 9S too because I love him but his face looks kinda off to me, idk. Currently playing him and now I know how it feels to be constantly ignored by 2B lol, poor boy. Omg yeah I played the first Borderlands ages ago and it made me feel nauseous. >.< My friend literally dragged me through it, all I remember is constantly dying and waiting for it to be over lol. But I guess the series has improved since then? I just had such a bad first experience. X'D
1 month ago
Yeah, most people got into Persona in the last few years because of P5 which is why it has gotten so much merchandise and honestly? I live for it. I've loved it every since P2 but it was really hard to come by since there was an European release but so few stores actually had it. I mean considering we're getting a Nendoroid of the P4 protagonist after three Persona 5-labelled games are out, it wouldn't surprise me that Ryuji and Yusuke would actually only get a figure when P6 comes out. It's so sad ...

Honestly, at this point I'm not sure ITEM #740309 will ever come out. I wish he didn't look so good or I would've cancelled him already because the constant delays really grind my gear, especially since I like to plan ahead. When was he supposed to release? December I think? Sheesh. I honestly have no idea why ITEM #442014 are so crazy, but I wish they weren't or they would get re-releases because I agree. For once it's not just lame standing poses and the sitting poses actually fit every character so well. Imagine something like this for the Persona boys? Damn. But I agree, companies should release more male figures and just produce less of the stock or have a certain amount of pre-orders necessary for production to start. I bet they'd reach those necessary pre-orders easily. I really love ITEM #549516 and ITEM #549514 for example. I'm not into Evangelion enough to pre-order them (especially considering how full my June/July already is) but MAN, they look so good. Especially those Yukata/Kimono figures, god, I am a SUCKER for those.

Yeah, shipping of big things is always such a big OUCHIE but accessories like umbrellas or fancy bases are just so good. I think I paid around 7.000 JPY shipping for ITEM #850805 since she's not only 1/7 but also her umbrella and her base are hUGE. Still, worth it.

I pre-ordered Kizuna AI's Nendo first but then I saw ITEM #845005 like 2 months later and cancelled the Nendo and got it instead and man, I am SO happy. Her base is adorable, her details are gorgeous and the color and flow of her hair? SO GOOD. And her eyes are seriously one of the prettiest eyes of any figure I own. I'd totally recommend her if you ever find her for a good price but oof, her aftermarket price has increased quite a bit ...

OMG bringing a Nendo with you when you travel is actually such a cute idea ;w;!! I'd just be scared that it would break or get damaged but I always am when I transport figures or put them somewhere else orz ... I bet that Spidey picture with the guy in China is super good, it sounds like you had such a great time and honestly, I MISS TRAVELLING SO MUCH. I AGREE, PLEASE GO AWAY COVID ...

I think you should go for them. IDK the movie (or the characters) but I think PUPs are a super good in between for prize figures and scales, although I gotta admit a lot of prize figures have been looking suuuper good as of lately. I think I said it before but the only thing that really irks me are the bases for PUPs ... they're so ugly ...
2 months ago
Omg NO I'm sorry I hate pops I just think they're really ugly... The style is just soooo western? With those weird proportions and googly eyes and I don't care for it at all!!!

Oh NO wtf I'm going to cry with you as well why would someone do that? That's like a constant fear of mine tbh that someone would just like... steal a 3d scale replica of my anime husband WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT.
Oh nooo I keep holding out hope that stuff that's supposed to arrive like ages ago might... randomly show up someday and I'll be very shocked and surprised? EVEN IF IT'S VERY UNLIKELY HAHA that's a very important lesson for me to only use EMS and private couriers sadly! Idk if you buy fanzines and stuff online but I haven't even received any of the ones I bought, it really sucks to not live in some first world country sometimes haha.

OKAY speaking as a person who JUST binged watched AoT seasons 2-4 also to catch up I don't think it is from any particular scene in the anime... hmm perhaps it's like based on chapter art or an illustration? I was sooo tempted to buy levi kotobukiya but I need to save up some money IRL for something else so I'll reluctantly wave as the ship passes by. I HOPE THEY MAKE S4 FIGURES THOUGH.

Ohhh that makes sense if they're ordering directly from the Chinese supplier :o Good for us then I hope! xD I'm glad he wasn't as expensive as I thought he would be!
2 months ago
I guess they're all against Eren now because he kind of went rogue and now they blame their casualties from the invasion on him. He was so important what with having the founding titan and all that they had to jump in to save him regardless, but it makes me wonder if they had a safer plan? Eren doesn't have much time left so he probably felt that the safe plan would be too slow. But we lost the precious potato, was it worth it?? I love how they keep rubbing in our faces how great she was after she died too, like yeah go ahead, just keep twisting the knife. T_T But tbh despite his recklessness I still love this new Eren. It's clear he still cares about his friends, he just wants to take the fate of his people into his own hands rather than wait for them to get beaten down some more. That last episode showing how far gone Gabi is though, damn... Falco is such a good boy, idk how he has the patience to deal with her.

I was prepared for that scene in the movie because I read the manga beforehand at least lol, but yeah it was shocking and I felt so bad for Haruki. ;__; It put me off in the manga because Mafuya and Ritsuka had such a nice soft relationship and here Aki is taking advantage of Haru's unrequited love in the worst way possible. But idk if it's just because I had time to process it but I thought the movie handled it pretty well. It didn't make light of the situation and Haru didn't forgive Aki right away. They both needed space for a while and Aki needed time to change, not just because Haru told him to but because he wanted to. And I know some people were saying it would've been healthier for Haru to cut ties with Aki altogether but it's never that easy in real life... Idk man, especially compared to some other BL series I've tried, I love how Given feels like something that could happen in real life, with one pairing showing the fluffy side of relationships that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and the other showing the ugly side that makes you uncomfortable (while still being relatively wholesome lol). It deserves ALL THE LOVE.

I'm happy there's so much variety with the Nendos these days because I'm obviously a Nendo addict. XD But now I feel like I was just rubbing in that there's so much more variety with Nendos than scales, oh no! ;__; I think part of the reason my Nendo collection is so huge (aside from the cuteness and uniformity) is because there's just an insane amount of variety. Like with Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends With You, I would never expect them to get high quality scale figures because Square just wants to keep the focus on their stupid action figures. I think the only reason KH even got Nendos was because Disney technically owns the characters, and Disney hands out Nendo licenses like candy. But I'm so grateful for the Nendos because I didn't expect those either, just look at the angsty baby ITEM #1131851 TwT I'll make sure to check out the rest of OPM though! I actually just started Bungou Stray Dogs and I noticed you have some figures from that too?

OMG I NEED NENDOS OF ALL THE CHARACTERS. Like damn I thought I was okay just having the main team (and Nanami) but I didn't think I would even love Toudou so much. He and Itadori are just bro-ing out on like a spiritual level and it's beautiful. I saw JJK won Anime of the Year in the Crunchyroll Awards and some people were complaining about how it's overrated and I just wonder if those people even watched it. But now I guess I know how those fans of other popular series feel when I trash them lol.

Wii had some good first-party titles like Mario Galaxy and Kirby but my #1 use for it was party games lol. I think there was an option for a normal controller but I just used the weird default one. XD I can't believe I used to be one of those people that was like "graphics don't matter!" Because after seeing what PS3/360 were capable of I was just like "YES THEY DO" lol. Even Switch graphics feel pretty unimpressive to me, unless it's a cartoony game like Animal Crossing. Makes me wonder what Fire Emblem would look like with PS/Xbox-level graphics, probably amazing... Yeah we're graphic snobs for sure lol. Omg those pictures are fantastic, they capture his beauty perfectly!! <3 And yeah I probably should've waited to at least finish Nier before I ordered those massive scale figures cuz I don't know where I'm gonna put them lol but I thought they looked stunning before I even started playing it... I just had to justify ordering them somehow. XD
2 months ago
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