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Omg the original Nier was the same way! Everyone was going on about how you have to play the game properly by seeing all the endings, because more of the story is revealed that way. Nice to see that the devs didn't give that up lol. I think Replicant ver.endless numbers is a remaster of the original Replicant which was the version that was released on PS3 (Gestalt was 360). I never played that one so I definitely have to try that too when it comes out. I wasn't big on the gameplay in Gestalt but the atmosphere and characters really hit me, and I'm sure Automata does all that even better! I'm just so behind. T_T Oh nooo I take super long naps if a game makes me feel sick too. But sometimes the nap throws off my sleep and it just ends up making me feel more sick lol. The torture that we endure for games..

Yeah I wonder why that is? Figures here seem to have more of an emphasis on "cool" instead of cute/sexy, so it was really surprising first entering this hobby and seeing guys having collections of girls in cute outfits. Even first getting into anime, I had no idea that the slice of life/romantic comedy anime I was watching were targeted toward guys because in the west that stuff is associated with a female audience. The cultural differences are pretty interesting, but yeah it would be nice to just have more of a balance between female and male figures, for the sake of equality and everything lol. Yes Yukio, I'm assuming he's a good character then? Maybe I'll read that next since I'm caught up on Boruto hmm.

Killing everyone is actually pretty easy if everyone is alive near the end, just contact the military and break the distributor cap. View spoilerHide spoilerWhen the military comes they just shoot everybody, I still don't really get why but it's convenient! XD But yeah even though I really liked Man of Medan, haunted ship isn't my first pick for horror theme, the witch trial stuff in Little Hope is more immediately intriguing to me so I'm excited. :D I'll let you know what I think of it (no spoilers)! That's why I keep putting off Resident Evil 7 tbh, I love the cheesy third-person Resident Evils and I don't know if I can handle playing a dark first-person game. >_< A friend of mine who doesn't even get motion sickness with games told me that it made him feel sick so I was like UH-OH. But I finally started Star Wars yaaay, I have a lot of thoughts on it so I'm gonna spoiler tag it. XD View spoilerHide spoilerSo my first impression was that it's basically Uncharted with lightsabers, this is definitely my kinda game lol. But WOW, I know you said it was a big game but the environments are overwhelmingly huge. I've been trying to do just a planet a day but these things take me hours lol. And the puzzles... it's nice of the game to assume I'm smart enough to figure half of these out. XD I loved the twist with the villain though omg, it was like classic Star Wars for the villain to be someone that turned to the dark side and yet I still didn't see it coming lmao. Now I just have one burning question... Do I get a wookiee?

Tbh I think I'm just gonna end up giving Sasori a plain pose because the blue spikes coming out of his fingers look kind of odd out of context lol. In hindsight his extra parts are kind of disappointing, but I was so excited to see him that I just didn't care when I ordered him lol... I see you ordered the Miles Nendo too yay! I never thought when I first read his comics that he would get a Nendo, and they did such a good job with him. TwT And yeah I saw orders closing for Chiaki at a couple of stores and panicked lol. She's too cute with Monomi... T_T
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I managed to get the Tanaka nendo! I was looking through google images to procrastinate and one of the pics there had the price tag logo on it. lo and behold it directed me to a store where they had it in stock locally! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
I have some pictures of the sculptures on an old usb drive but it's at home while I'm living in my uni flat ahaha. I'll try to remember to share them with you when I go back home next! (^ω^)

That sounds like a wild dream ahahaha My dreams are normally boring things like going for a walk and getting scared at a cat jumping out of a bush or doing the food shop and finding a packet of sour patch kids LMAO
I'm not a massive fan of the BL figures either, they're either super lewd or bunnies lol, I like some of the nendos but they seem kinda plain compared to other nendos(>﹏<)"An entire shelf" oh my god that's hilarious ahahaha

I really wanna PO the Deidara nendo but I can't afford to until my next maintenance loan installment get paid in January and maybe longer after that still (╥_╥) I can't do a lot of the work my uni course is asking for and they're not providing the equipment we need, so I have to build a PC (TωT). It's so expensive already so I just thought "damn, i'll at least make it look nice" and now I'm £1,600 poorer lmao here's the list of stuff I'm getting if you're curious lol uk.pcpartpicker...

I really hope they make a Sakura look up figure! Since i've PO'd Naruto and Kakashi, and I plan on getting the Sasuke when I can afford it (rip me lmao) Sakura coming out would be amazing so they can all be adorable together (=`ω´=) <- this is Naruto, is it good ahaha
I'm glad you don't mind, I know some people don't like it ahahaha
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I’m not familiar with 9S (still so much to play ahhh) but all of the Nier designs are super pretty, can’t go wrong with any of them! I’ve always wanted a papa Nier figure from Gestalt lol. On the bright side we get a lot more male figures these days than we used to! Just wish we got more with dynamic poses and crazy bases because there are so many female figures that make me go WOW. I’m the same way, I’d rather buy costumes in a console game than pay for gacha in a mobile game... They’re pointless but they’re pretty! XD It’s not exactly like DDR because you don’t have to move lol, the buttons just appear all over the screen and you have to press them at the right time while the music video tries to distract you. It’s actually my go-to when I have a migraine because it gets so challenging but you also don’t have to think at all, makes me forget all about my headache lol.

Ao no Exorcist is another one I was interested in but never got to! I remember back when the figures first released, the guy with the glasses and moles really appealed to me hahaha. But yeah makes me sad how the older series have fallen by the wayside with a few exceptions (FMA and Death Note are the first ones I can think of that got new figures recently despite being pretty old). People shouldn’t forget how great they are just because they’ve ended. :( Appreciate the classics you ungrateful kids!! :p

Beating the devs’ time should be illegal for achievements, they freakin made the game, how is that fair?? I hate when they act all smug about it too, like “oh yeah that one’s really hard!” Then why are you torturing us?? What did we do to you?? T_T I’m going to start Star Wars today since I 100%’d Man of Medan! And I pre-ordered Little Hope, that trailer at the end of the game was all I needed to see. XD Also really wanna support the devs though because they have like eight games planned and I want to see them all! MORE HORROR!!

Yeah omg I had to order Deidara immediately, he even comes with the bird!! Definitely can’t display Sasori with his puppet now because it would look so lame next to Deidara’s 3D bird. XD It was really smart of GSC to rerelease Itachi at the same time because now I kind of feel like I need to complete the Akatsuki too lmao. Must stay strong... Must hold out until Naruto is announced. >_<
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Easy, pose giant 2B with baby 2B! Perfect! XD Level 99 whoa! That's dedication! Yeah there's an English version, and you can spend real-life money but I've never done it for any mobile game. I don't have a problem with people who do because they're technically supporting the game but I'd so much rather earn whatever currency the game has organically. IMO it's funner that way because every pull is more special, and it would hurt so much more if you get a bad pull that you actually threw money at. D: Haha I think it'll be more like the Project Diva games but I'd love an idol game that looks like Guitar Hero! XD I miss the Guitar Hero/Rock Band era where rhythm games were huge lol.

Haha oh no, I didn't see it for a while so I thought it was gone. That trope is one of the more annoying ones to me unless it's subverted and the guy's actually a goofball or something. And yeah I'm still debating, he's so pretty but it's so much to pay for a character I don't even know. ._.' Combining Disney with bishounen and then making them exclusive is just not fair lol. But I guess for now I'm leaning toward just admiring him from a distance. T_T You can do it! You found 2B so anything is possible! XD

Yeah it just makes me feel bad for the devs who work so hard on the campaign that everyone ignores. Everybody just wants to go online and shoot each other lol. Oh I hate speedrunning! Kingdom Hearts had a trophy like that and it put me off from getting 100% for years, then I actually tried it and it was so easy that I had like 5 hours to spare. All speedrunning achievements should be like that lol. Also hate the ones where you can't take any damage, it's just too stressful. >_< But yeah I'll only 100% the game if I really love it. :D Also if it looks possible... Stardew Valley looks like a chill farming game but then there's this super hard mini-game that's locking me out of 100% nooo.
14 days ago
Haha buy all of them is good advice. XD But yeah there's so many, before I got into One Piece I was so bitter that it got so many figures for like every single character while the shounen I liked barely got any lol. ITEM #5445 is the weirdest example of a One Piece figure skyrocketing IMO, like I can't even wrap my head around why he's so rare, but at the same time I want him because I LOVE ducks and he has a little sippy cup awww. TwT Those pictures are awesome!! *_* I love the shine in her hair and the details in her dress, you did a good job capturing her beauty!!

There was a Maze Runner mobile game?? That's a series of books right? I'm imagining something like Temple Run haha. Fate/GO is turn-based, you just tell the chibi versions of your characters what to do and grind for materials to upgrade them (the worst part IMO aside from the gacha because I was so unlucky with it, meanwhile my friend got Gilgamesh on the first try wtf). It's mostly rhythm games tbh like Love Live and UtaPri, gotta collect the pretty boys and girls. XD I also love the music but then UtaPri takes ages to add new songs so I end up listening to the same ones like 50 times OTL. If I had to choose I would choose music over mobile games too though, like if a game is announced for a series I like but then it turns out to be a mobile game, my initial reaction is disappointment lol. Love Live is finally getting an actual console game after years of mobile games and that makes me so happy. :')

I think the new art is better but I was never nostalgic for the original series or anything. The first old tropes I can think of off the top of my head are the rat guy having a fan club because he's so pretty (not sure if shoujo still do that lol) and the small pig girl beating up the cat guy who she has a crush on. I'm rooting for the cat haha but I don't think the rat comes off as mean, cat just had more focus so far. I know that feeling of wanting a figure to turn out ugly hahaha, this is my initial reaction seeing the Twisted Wonderland guys View spoilerHide spoilerhttps://media1.tenor.com/images/dabb23a17c285e54fd8fb0b808144bbd/tenor.gif Ahh that Ciel and Sebastian look surprisingly good together!!

I think Call of Duty campaigns are pretty short generally but from my experience nobody bothers playing the campaign which is sad lol, I felt like the only one who played the original Blops campaign and it had a twist and everything! Haha I was playing with my sister and her characters manage to survive every time, meanwhile the game is calling me butterfingers and grim reaper. ;__; I also encountered a bug with one of the secrets, nooo. Still going to try to 100% it though, I have a problem. XD
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Somehow I find that hilarious ahaha I'm glad you managed to get one though! yeah it had 9 in stock for literal MONTHS I was so sure it would be waiting there in stock for me, but I guess I was wrong ahahaha I'm going to keep my eyes out for it and hopefully can find him for retail price someday(>﹏<)

Yeah, camping out overnight is a bit extreme. I've gone to a store at midnight (when they still opened that late) to pick up a game pre-order, but setting up camp and missing out on sleep? nooo, definately not ahaha
Jeez, It's a long story on how I got the MCR tickets (^ω^;) It's long so I'm gonna spoiler it ahaha
View spoilerHide spoilerI was almost terrified I wouldn't be able to go because it was in A-Level exam season (before they were cancelled), and I was also extremely broke. But when the exam timetables came out I found out I finished mine 3 days before the concert! I was stoked! So I went on ticketmaster to find... they were £150+ each for seated tickets with a bad view and the pit started from £200. Damn scalpers grr. I didn't give up hope though, and one day when I was looking again to inevitably be sad about what cannot be, it happened. Tickets for the VIP box with an amazing view of the stage popped up for sale... for £90.
My heart was pounding when I saw them so I was shaking when I rushed through the checkout process but it didn't go through. The seats I tried to just buy were now sold. At this point I'm panicking and try again, nope. again? lol no. So I closed the app and opened it again and the sold seats were available again? What is happening? It turned out I filled out a part of my billing address wrong when I was vibrating from excitement so the payment wouldn't go through lmao. I eventually got the tickets I first wanted to buy for an amazing price and I couldn't be happier ٩(^ᴗ^)۶
I ended up making sculptures to sell in my college ceramics studio to pay back people who helped me out. It was extremely time consuming but it was definitely worth it ^^
I was determined to get tickets because it's a bucket list task that I thought was never going to be possible. I got 2 tickets to surprise my Uncle's girlfriend with (Auntie I think? We're close so I don't think about the family relation ahaha) because she was a massive fan of MCR when she was younger ^^

If there is any merch that you know will be at the concert that you want, let me know and I'll see what I can do for you!

The most wholesome encounter I've had when wearing my itabag was when I went to a shop to look for birthday presents. The guy behing the cash register kept staring at it like he was trying to see what the heck it was but I could see the moment when it clicked. He was like "Hey! I love your bag, I'm a massive dragon ball fan myself!" and then he lifted up his shop apron and the dude had on a really cool dragon ball shirt! He also had a lanyard covered in weeb pins and badges. We ended up taking for a bit about collecting and stuff, it was a really fun time ahaha

I'm gonna have to wait until I fully move out until I get any BL figs if there is any I like. My mum is way too encouraging of the hobby and researches whatever I talk about. She would be in for a massive surprise if she looked up a BL figure's origins Σ(T□T)

I gradually want to build a Naruto shelf so I have something to look at as a reminder ^^ It's very convenient liking the main character the most since there's so many figure to choose from (`ω´) Yess! Deidara is probably my favourite Akatsuki member ^^ When the POs for Gaara came out I could only afford 1 figure every 1-2 months so I had to be SUPER picky, I might still add him to my collection at some point though (^ω^) Funny you mention that because I just bought the six paths Naruto nendo 2 hours ago Σ(TωT)
If you're willing to pay international shipping Animegami has the sasuke nendo in stock for £43.99! It's a UK goodsmile partner store so they are trusted ^^ They might also have naruto for £35 but it keeps showing in stock/out of stock everytime I refresh the page. I might try and buy him later if i can work it into my budget (`ω´) No Sakura though :((

OMG sorry for the wall of text I've written for you (^ω^;) Enjoy? ahahaha
15 days ago
I got ITEM #269713 and ITEM #189854 , there are some other figures of Law that aren't going for as much but I had to get one that showed off his tattoos lol... I'm so weak. T_T Whoa that guy's a mad lad indeed!! Congrats on the awesome find, link me your pictures when you upload them!! :D Make sure to also treasure Arthur because it looks like he's sold out everywhere, what a popular guy! :O I played some Fate/GO and had fun with it but I suck at keeping up with mobile games lol, I have no idea how people play so many at a time. I have like ten mobile games on my phone that I keep forgetting to play. My dream though is that we get a visual novel for Fate/Prototype with a female protagonist and Arthur, how has that not happened yet?? My favorite part of the original VN was the very beginning where you play as Rin with Archer. I was expecting the switch to Shirou and Saber but I was still bummed out when it happened lol.

The new one just follows the manga more closely and the art looks very different lol, but when I'm watching it I still feel like I'm watching a show from the early 2000s, like all the jokes and tropes feel kind of old now? So it makes me kind of nostalgic haha. Were you rooting for the cat or the rat? XD Such a downer that Aniplex is hoarding all the exclusivity for Twisted Wonderland figures, like wtf even the Nendo is beautiful. T_T I've always loved that Ciel though, he looks so elegant!! *_*

Haha Softball sounds fun but awful to be on other end of, I'm grateful I didn't encounter it. XD Ooh you tried Zombies? :O Is Infinite Warfare the spacey one? In Man of Medan I got the ending where everyone survived but I wasn't satisfied with it because Conrad came back onto the ship by himself and went crazy, Conrad really grew on me too so I was like nooo, why! XD And then the first time I killed Alex because I screwed up a QTE... So I'm still trying to get an ending where everyone is happy lol. Also I think it's hilarious how Julia can die because of View spoilerHide spoilerBEER O' CLOCK XD Oh no, that sucks that Doom Eternal makes you dizzy too! With Doom I was comfortable playing for longer periods of time when I got adjusted to it but I still had to listen to music as an extra precaution. :S
16 days ago
Aww man when they bundle things together it's the worst, you always have trouble selling them separately too because people want the complete set(>﹏<)I still need to get the Tanaka nendo so the boys can be together ^^ I went to get it on cdjapan because they had 9 in stock but the next morning they were sold out! so sad (╥_╥)

Yeah, RSD gets intense ahaha. I've heard that in the big cities people camp overnight just so they can be close to the front of the line, and even then they sometimes aren't quick enough...
I've never been to a concert before because the pit scares me (^ω^;) I have tickets to the MCR reunion tour but it got postponed a year because of covid :( I have seated tickets but I'm probably going to get there super early just for the merch stand and end up wishing I slept longer ahaha

I have two ita bags atm and I love them so much! I use one as my everyday bag, it's a great way to find hidden weebs in public (`ω´) We might get more good male figures from different manufacturers someday, they've been making figures for BL characters recently and that appeals to a mostly female only audience rather than males so hope is not lost!

And yess ITEM #979219 he's just too beautiful I couldn't resist :') When I first watched Naruto I could see myself a lot in him since our childhoods are pretty similar (Well, I don't have a demon fox inside of me...) and seeing Naruto push himself to achieve more and get past adversity inspired me a lot when I was younger to make a better future for myself. It's probably the only series that my favourite character is the main ahaha I also love Gaara and Deidara! ٩(^ᴗ^)۶ I'm super happy Deidara is getting a nendo soon! I didn't get Gaara's because I thought it looked kinda funny but luckily he has other good figures to choose from :))
16 days ago
True, I'll try not to get my hopes up so I'm not too disappointed if they don't lol

As much as I wish I didn't have so many pre-orders, I'm glad that it is common practice in the figure community. It gives me time to see if I want the item, budget for it in advance and know I'll definitely get it for retail price at the end.
When I was still collecting vinyl's, on RSD I used to camp out the shop hours before opening just so I could get the exclusives I wanted. It was never guaranteed shops would even have stock of it, and they were banned from saving items for people, you just had to get there super early and pray for good luck (╥_╥)

Aww! I've only seen pictures of Nagisa and he's such a cutie(>﹏<)
You would think we would get a decent amount of male figures. With the amount of money people spend on merch for itabags and shrines (myself included ahaha) for their favourite characters, I'm surprised figure manufacturers haven't tried to get some of that for themselves LMAO. Unless it's a popular shounen, male character don't get any love :((
17 days ago
I have to stop binging One Piece because I just impulse bought two figures and AHH your orders exploded!! An army of pretty boys and girls is on its way to you! *_* I'm super tempted by this one ITEM #739690 tbh, his colors really pop and omg I just saw your comment about Pennywise. XD Now I hope you display them together lmao.

It's the new Fruits Basket, I like the characters but it just moves so slow. Everybody was saying "season 1 is the setup and season 2 is where all the drama's at" but I was like 5 episodes into the second season, so like okay, where's the juicy drama?! I have a crappy attention span though so I just have to go back to it when I'm in a patient mood. XD Flame of Recca is another one I've heard of but never tried, I'll add it to my list of manga to read. Oh no I didn't bother with online stuff in Ninja Storm so idk if that game is a good fit for me lol... "GIVE US PAIN" looks so strange out of context, but yes GSC, GIVE US PAIN! XD

Maybe I got matched with worse players since I'm such a noob lol, I used the Ion Titan because I forgot to switch my loadout. XD But it grew on me! The little messages it gave when I was about to eject were so cute. T_T I remember you told me about those but it still surprised me lol. Do you have to level a lot for the Grenadier guns? I'd probably definitely kill myself with it but it sounds fun. XD Umm idk if I'd recommend Call of Duty because it was just something I played back in the day when everyone played it lol, I'm super nostalgic for World at War because it introduced Zombies but it's been so long, I wouldn't know if the rest of the game holds up. :S And I have Black Ops III which is on the newer side but I skipped the campaign and just played Zombies. XD I just saw that Respawn was founded by CoD devs though, wow! The stuff they're doing now is so different. Also I really like Man of Medan! I keep screwing up the ending though, these poor kids. XD
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