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I'm a 28 year old female with a love for figures. My favorites of my collection is my Kamina statue and my Natsume Takashi statue. Plus, I really love anything that represents some of my favorite series like Touch and Major. I love my little bobbleheady things. ^_^


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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
5 years ago
Happy Birthday !
5 years ago
cb27ded6 years ago#2045759Happy Birthday, Tim!
Look, even Crunchyroll is celebrating your birthday by putting Hitagi as the deal of the day. :-D
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Thanks CB!
And I did see that and am awfully tempted. Were you still considering getting her? If you are I can just grab two and get free shipping.

And I really do need to mess with my Haruhi pics from last year. You know using my own figure could be considered cheating... not that I mind any.
6 years ago
Dear fellow December 11th baby, Happy Birthday!
6 years ago
I had to come here and say I fav'd a lot of your pictures, they are beautiful! Please keep up your lovely figure shots! ^^
8 years ago
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cb27ded8 years ago#1103737Awesome! You'll have to show me when you do it. :-)

I will :D
8 years ago
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cb27ded8 years ago#1103470I seem to like taking pics of Ika-chan. ;)

The ones I'm proud of are these two. It took several tries to get it to float, but it worked!
PICTURE #509473
PICTURE #509472

:D I also have some other pictures of different Ika-chan's if you want to go through my album. ^_^ I'm too lazy to put links to all of them. :-P

Waaaah]! She's so adorable ;v; I just recently recieved my Ika nendo, so I might just go out to take some pictures this weekend!
8 years ago
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cb27ded8 years ago#1095104Congrats to your comic making POTD! :D

Haha, thanks! :D
8 years ago
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cb27ded8 years ago#1079165Thank you for saying my little comic was cute. It was fun taking all the little Ika's around the house.

The Nendoroid is cute. I love her and her accessories. Even though two of her faces are too similar, I'll just switch around with other Nendos. ^_^

I only said the truth :D

That's the cool thing about nendoroids, if one is lacking accesories, you can always switch with the rest. And if none match, then you get more!
8 years ago
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cb27ded8 years ago#1077833I made this little comic. I hope you like it. :)

I was feeling inspired.

I know, I saw it yesterday while browsing Ika nendo pics :D It's very cute UvU

I'm still waiting for my nendo > <
8 years ago
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