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I just started figure collecting in 2010, but you can say I dove in head first. My hobbies are tae kwon do (I love to exercise), and playing video games. I just recently got married, and bought a house, so I have to be very careful about my budget and purchases. Its very hard not to go overboard when a whole new world has been opened up to you!


Zo te zien een gebruiker met exact dezelfde intresses als mij xD.

One Piece, Street Fighter, MGS... Epic collection!
9 years ago
chinkee540I'm currently not buying any more figures. However, I would be willing to sell you my Mugi nendoroid for 45 dollars. If you are within the US, shipping will be 5 dollars. If that works for you, we can perform the transaction on Paypal. Thanks!Umm sorry. but i live in indonesia :( and i don't have a paypal
10 years ago
hey! do you want my figma Aegis? but i want your nendoroid Mugi
10 years ago
Anima On my Way!

Pasaba a comunicarte que ARC esta empezando a organizar lo que seria la primera reunion entre usuarios.
Necesitamos tu opinion para organizar mejor las cosas, asi que por favor pasa por el siguiente enlace: club/58/&pa...

Desde ya muchas gracias, y nos gustaria contar con tu presencia

10 years ago
Ciao! I saw few items you're going to sell, I'm intereste on 2/3 models. What'd be the shipping cost to Italy?
10 years ago
I wouldn't mind collecting the older POP figures, but they are a lot harder to find and pretty expensive =)

Tae kwon do is a fighting style/sport that takes place in the winter olympics. Its a little like boxing, but you only use feet. =)
10 years ago
Nice collection, it's cute that you collect the PoP child collection too. Don't wanna have the older PoP figures too?

What's tae kwon do exactly? Is that a fighting style or a more spiritual thing?
10 years ago
Hello, just checking in to see if you have received the figures yet
11 years ago
Shipped out the figs. Nice kanu Miko version btw. Where did you pick that up? Looks like it costs a fortune on ebay
11 years ago
Ill be shipping them out Monday, and since you are only one State over, you'll get them fast :p
11 years ago
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