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Nope, my Robin has a rectangular black base but it says YT/SE (for Yana Toboso/Square Enix) and some Japanese text along with the ubiquitous "Made in China" (even legit figures are mostly made in China, after all). I'm fairly confident that the eBay seller I bought from ("isabellaibebe") only sells authentic stuff-- between her(?) prompt direct responses to my "Is this a bootleg?" queries and the reasonable-seeming prices of the figures she lists, I feel comfortable that she's on the up-and-up.

I've also heard that the clear bases often seen on the official pics are just special stands used for trade shows and the like so I no longer take the lack of such a stand as absolute proof of a bootleg. An absence of "YT/SE" and Japanese text on the bottom would be much more telltale, however.

Kuroshitsuji is probably the most frustrating series I'm collecting, due to the proliferation of bootlegs-- a lot of the other figures I'm vying for (Lamento, Togainu no Chi, etc.) are nowhere near as popular and so generally not bootlegged but I'm definitely regretting that I didn't get into figure-collecting until after Kuroshitsuji got popular. This has taught me to try to restrict Kuroshitsuji purchases to trusted, legit stores (for example, I got my Ciel & Sebby Nendoroids through Robert's Anime Corner Store) and to get things as early as possible, before bootleggers have a chance to catch up.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful in some small way, and that your figure is indeed legit. Cheers!

clytieHi! I see you got the Ciel Phantomhive "Princess Robin" trading arts, and I was wondering if it indeed had a clear base? Mine has a black base, but I still think it's authentic (maybe 70/30 percent sure).

Anyway, greetings from an even newer newbie than yourself. =D
7 years ago
All mine says is "Made in China".clytieBlah, I should have known. I was hoping that maybe it was just a difference in where it was manufactured, but... Well, one last shot. Do you have any writing on the bottom of yours? Letters or something?

Anyway, thank you for your time. ><
7 years ago
Yep, if it has a plain, black base it is most likely a bootleg. I'm fairly certain the legitimate ones only come with clear bases. :[ I'm sorry. Also this may not be the case with yours, but mine has a definite lean and guess what-- it's because the left leg is dramatically shorter than the right!
clytieHey, uh, this is going to sound totally random, but I just bought the Kuroshitsuji secret Trading Arts figure that you have, and I was wondering if you would be so kind as to help me out. I -think- mine might be a bootleg, but I'm not sure. Could you tell me what kind of base yours has? Mine's rectangular and black, which is why I first began to suspect. I'm certainly no expert, though, because I think it's awfully cute anyway.

Anyway, sorry for such an out-of-the-blue request... any help you can offer would be most appreciated. =)
7 years ago
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