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WEGO/DIY Nylon Square Rucksack
WEGO (ウィゴー) | Summer 2016 | Black | Insulated drink pocket | Two detachable sheets included (black & white)
Last Seen: Rakuten (¥1,069)・ Mercari (¥3,000)
I don't own a lot of hanged up goods, but I'd still consider decorating this bag in other ways. I love this backpack because of its square shape, its neutral color, the distinguishing white of the zipper teeth, the maximized transparent front window, and the fact that it can fit A4 size papers. The insulated drink pocket is a nice bonus too.

「トエト」特大缶バッジ 新星堂限定オリジナル特典
"Toeto" Oversized Can Badge Shinseido Limited Original Benefit
Bundled with Torabotic Symphony (トラボティック・シンフォニー) | June 5, 2013 | Store-exclusive bonus
Last Seen: Never
Toeto comes from a song of the same name by Toraboruta-P (トラボルタP), featuring Megurine Luka. I relate deeply to her shyness, which is why I love her so much as a character, personally. So far, I have yet to find this "oversized" (it looks normal-sized in the picture, to be honest) can badge anywhere.

If anyone sees these items (whether sold out or not) in their search of various flea markets and auction sites, please do let me know by sending a link via PM! Any sort of help is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

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