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I've been admiring beauty from my early childhood, and nothing had changed ever since ^_^
Photography, animation, sculpture, art, fashion and other sort of creative stuff is still on my mind today.
Evangelion, Henneko, Monogatari Series, Guilty Crown, Muv-Luv Alternative Total Eclipse, Elfen Lied, Sei Jushi Bismarck, Goshogun (aka Macron-1), Accel World, Rosario+Vampire
Lermontov's poetry and "A Hero of Our Time" novel, Bulgakov's "The Master and Margarita", " The White Guard" and "Heart of a Dog" novels, novels by Vladimir Nabokov
Rainbow Six Siege addict!, FarCry series, Battlefield-3, Mortal Kombat, Transport Tycoon, Colonization, SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog-2, Mickey Mania
MOE Point(s)
nekomimi, bright colors (esp. violet, emerald green, sunny yellow, cyan, etc.), skinny flat-chested cuties, firm asses, and, of course, PLUGSUITS!!!
trance with tender female vocals, anime ost's, plus a lot of other styles/genres
Canon DSLR, iPhone cam
Lenovo & iPhone






Got to love these reminders.. I got one saying that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!

4 months ago
Ah so a little birdie told me that it was your birthday so I wanted to drop in and celebrate with you. I hope that you have had a wonderful day and that this evening will be one to remember.

= )


Happy Birthday !!!!

1 year ago
creo_cat (1 year ago) #17607784Happy Birthday, Taylor!
I wish you all the best on that special day and let all of your dreams come true ^_^

Thank you!
1 year ago
Здравствуйте! Вы как-то связаны с проектом rukits.wordpress.com ? Интересует как-то попасть в коллективку, но когда пытаюсь прочесть условия, требует пароль, а где его брать хз.
1 year ago
creo_cat Garage Kit Santa
cevenslight (2 years ago) #9235465Just tried to email you and your inbox is full! I hope you're doing well!
Hello, my friend!
I fixed this issue (I'm the supporter of MFC again ^_^), so be sure to strike me a message when you'll have time ;)
2 years ago
Just tried to email you and your inbox is full! I hope you're doing well!
2 years ago
Happy Birthday my dear friend! I hope all is well and that I'll hear from you soon! Take care!!
2 years ago
your inbox is full, but I wanted to let you know I have your customs number. I'll send it to you when your inbox has space again.
2 years ago
creo_cat (3 years ago) #3016031HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
I'm wishing you all the bests things in the world along with tons of creativity to fuel your artistic achievements ^_^

Hi, ThankYou very much for your message and the best wishes!! >.<
Really appreciate it and need all the creative fuel I can get hehe
3 years ago
creo_cat (3 years ago) #2853434Yes, you're right that I like different styles, genres, and even mediums of art, and not everything can be exposed here on MFC: for example, I ordered cel from old anime 'Goshogun' a couple of weeks ago! As for Ariel - "The Little Mermaid" is my all-time favorite animation, so it's really sad that there aren't a lot of decent figures of her, Sebastian, Flounder and the others... "Girl's Bravo" gashapon is one of my two 2004 figures that were actually my first ones and were gifted to me long before I consciously started collecting anime figures, so I had no idea about where those characters came from: they were just nice figures to display on the shelf... By the way, is "Girl's Bravo" a good title worth checking out?
I agree, and I love Muv-Luv for the reason it has broad cast of characters, so everyone can find a couple of their favorites. As for me, my definite choices are Cryska and poor Yamashira Kazusa :'( I'm happy to own Yamashira's garage kit ITEM #144639 and 2 great PVC's of Cryska, yet her best rendition ITEM #36197 made by the mentioned sculptor JyoJyo is yet to be hunted... And I can clearly understand your feeling towards my Marika, cause I guess I experience the same amount of jealousy to the owner of that Cryska garage kit :)
By the way, not long ago I was thinking of selling this Marika garage kit for the sole purpose of buying another kit from JyoJyo - ITEM #197538. Well, it's really not easy to choose between Marika and Yuzuka... Well, considering all the facts, Marika came out as a winner, but I'm still looking for Yuzuka for a decent price, so I guess I won't start assembling and painting her unless I'm confident in my skills and also will be able to compare 2 kits "head-to-head". Still, chances are that I'll keep and assemble both of them since OOXOO's kits are perfectly produced and it would be a great pleasure to work on them. Besides, I have a weak point to girls in plugsuits :)
It's sad, but as far as I know JyoJyo mentioned in his blog that he's not going to participate in the events in near future... :( That means that there will be no new work for some time at least, so the only way to obtain his kits is to stalk after-market... I was very dissapointed with this news since I was going to grab Sendou Yuzuka on the past Treasure Festa... Still there's hope that JyoJyo will return later with the new amount of lovely Muv-Luv girls ;)

I see. Well I think it's rare to see figures from old non-Japanese animation (aside from Toy Story), even if there are it probably doesn't have really good sculpt/quality. As for Girls Bravo, sorry I don't watch it. I only know the title. :D Anyway if you like romance story, you should check out Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (story of Muv-Luv Alternative's Suzumiya and Hayase) and White Album 1 & 2 (the first one has unique kind of presentation which makes it differs from other romance series while the second one has a very good and realistic story which makes it one of the best romance anime/visual novel to date). :)

Your choice of characters is kinda rare, dude. If I talk about Muv-Luv girls, most people usually idolized Yui and/or Meiya. :D I really like Yamashiro too, that's why her death pains me so much. :( It'd be awesome if she survived then join Yui on the Prominence Project. Still, good luck on hunting that Cyrska kit. :P
Well, hopefully more Muv-Luv titles gets animated so more figure maker will be interested in making the other girls. :)
Anyway, I just realized you also have ITEM #154771 (actually I don't even know her before seeing your collection). How is your story on getting this one? Is it made by JyoJyo too?

Haha, same with you I am weak to girls in plugsuits. >.<

As for that JyoJyo news, it's sad to hear that after seeing they made awesome kits. Not to mention that it's kinda rare to find Muv-Luv GK makers.. Well, hopefully they will be back in the future.

So any plans for more Muv-Luv stuff soon? :D
3 years ago
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