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friendship ended with figures now dolls are my new best friend
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hiya u can call me bully
i'm 23, i started really collecting in 2018, and it's been a huge part of my life since!!
if ur really passionate about collecting as well i'm sure we will get along
especially if we have the same taste in figs !! feel free to message/comment me anytime, (i prefer comments cuz my inbox is nearly full tho lol, or we can exchange discords!)
i luv 2 make friends and discuss figure-related stuff :D i really enjoy talking to other adults who collect, esp if they've been at it for a while !! i'm also happy to help out or give tips anytime to those that are new to the hobby ^-^
i love early 2000s stuff a lot, usually just cause i like the style, but that's when i grew up so it's also very nostalgic for me :") so most of my figures are from around then. my favorite things to collect are old/obscure/rare figures and garage kits!
i also really enjoy getting different colored variants, and mascot and original characters tend to be some of my faves!
my absolute all-time favorites are anything by junko mizuno (she is my fave artist !!!) anything by chibisuke machine, neo-fukuoka dolls (namely tomo) novi stars dolls, and marmo moon angels!!!
if you're interested in trading feel free to message me on discord, or insta!! i'm open to trade offers if you have anything off my WL!
thank u and byebye
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would give an arm and leg for18



ah okok :D ty for the reply!!
1 day ago
hiya bully, where did u find ITEM #104772? she's such a cutie ;;
1 day ago
A kiss so i never forget about this account because its adorbs
16 days ago
satokochan houjou satoko <3
hi hello i just wanted to say that i love your account :D have a nice day!!!!
2 months ago
Your collection is so cute~ Happy Belated B-Day!
2 months ago
* starts beat boxing in your comment section *
2 months ago
happy birthday bully!! thank u for being so so cool and a big inspiration in the figure collecting community <3333! have a wonderful day!
3 months ago
happy birthday:D
3 months ago
takiuto Gk addict
omg didnt get a notication somehow but happy late birfday~`
3 months ago
Happy birthday!! ^^
3 months ago
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