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Your inbox it's full =3
6 years ago
Hi, I wrote you a PM some weeks ago about the Saber Alter figure you are selling, but I received you answer :C I don't know if my PM never reached you... are you still selling her?
7 years ago
daisukei7 years ago#1318943HEYYY FIX YOUR INBOX >: O and how you doing =)?

Arggh, sorry about the full inbox. I haven't been on here in quite a while and I need to get caught up with everything. I'm doing okay. I got the 10 figures I wanted and that's it for now. I honestly don't see me buying anything until this summer (namely Momohime!) because I really don't have the money, and plus I want time to really enjoy what I got so far, because I got them all in 1.5 months, so I need to just sit back and relax with collecting for a bit. I see you got all the awesome BRS figma/figures...I am totally gonna get that WRS figma this year. And I finally got my BRS Animation figure and she is really impressive.
And why don't I see any KOS-MOS in your collection?...When I get the money, I *might* get the Alter version. Not sure, but I'm heavily considering it.
7 years ago
Are you still looking for the Kos-Mos figma? I might be selling mine.
7 years ago
Happy new year :)
7 years ago
Hi :)
Did you get your ALMecha KOS-MOS?
I didn't notice your question about the box color, I think it is due to the light and the camera so don't worry.

Why not to buy this Dolfie ITEM #122999 :P
7 years ago
daisukei7 years ago#1244098 if your still looking for the nittengo SAO but your best bet would be to go through a japan proxy (I know someone who bought the whole set for about.... 7000 yen) but asuna k.o.b vers. = 2000 - 2500 (after fees etc) wedding = 1000 - 1500 and kirito = 4000 - 5000 individually @.@
For this ITEM #39066 best bet = manda 5000 + 1280 yen shipping =)

I went to AFAcon that had the official SAO merch booth + the doujin circle CD sold SAO goods too... gawd I could not get a single SAO item even tho I went there in person >_> you had to also preorder and then collect in person! The lineup queues were INSANE! They stretched for miles, and some had to 'waste' to wait in line for over 2 hrs! The only thing that budged were people leaving the queue XD This was the merchandise 'for display only' haha: joichii.tumblr....
7 years ago
daisukei7 years ago#1231603(This is just a response you your pm as your inbox is full Lol) Alright ^_^ also just quick question what's your opinion of the angel beats tenshii you have ITEM #42032. I am planning on buying her for 2200 yen without the box any opinion? (Also if your not using your box... any chance I could buy yours off you xP?)
Ps: I received your asuna figure <3 Thanks ^_^

Yeah I had a feeling it'll be full real soon, cuz I only had enough space for 10 more messages? Sorry, I didn't expect the internet at my Aunt's to be so poor, I could not see my mfc profile or any page with large amounts of images- only now ^^'

Oh the Tenshi pvc - without a box? That's really risky, her wings are made of clear (thin) acrylic pvc and has a high risk of breaking; the box's blister pack, holds her wings in place, well they come unattached, and you have to manually attach them.
7 years ago
Damn, son...your collection quadrupled overnight! Wow. Looks great. :)
7 years ago
Thanks for the FR :)
you should get more Kos-mos figures soon ;)
8 years ago
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