Sonico brought me here
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I just love Super Sonico. The figures, the animation, the music...

I like other figures and related art too, but Sonico is by far my favorite.


Fishcaek-Chan Super Waifu Fun time
I am super impressed with your collection! You have some I've been hunting for years; I love the dedication! Those 1/2 scales are so gorgeous, I’ve just always been afraid of them breaking in shipping ;A;

I would love love love to see your Manager-san cosplay whenever you do it!<3
3 days ago
Thank you ^_^
1 month ago
Hi just wanted to share the item I ordered recently can’t wait when she arrives :3 ITEM #155129
5 months ago
Nial5 months ago#75843012Oh I just noticed you had birthday! Happy late Birthday!

It's not late - today is the day - thanks a ton.
5 months ago
Oh I just noticed you had birthday! Happy late Birthday!
5 months ago
Vamppy5 months ago#75822034Happy Birthday ;D

Thank you!
5 months ago
Happy Birthday ;D
5 months ago
Haha, so this is why companies are still releasing new Sonico figures xD

ITEM #740142 looks like a must-have for Sonico collectors to me? ;)
10 months ago
Thank you! :) Which btw new Sonico figure inc in about a week or 2. Got a payment notification for the Sonico white cat version so was a nice bday surprise ^_^
1 year ago
Hi, your inbox is full so couldn’t reply in mfc messenger, (remove some of your previous messages)about boxes I don’t really care about them they’re there only when you want to transport them safely etc so for me they don’t mean much.
1 year ago
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