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pukin's wife♥
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hello, i'm isa!
welcome to my collection page.

i love magical girls and yuri with a side of eroecchi. ♡
my favorite series is mahou shoujo ikusei keikaku!
other interests of mine include pretty and handsome girls.

♡ check out my cute girlfriend's collection! ♡

i've recently resold a majority of my collection, and am
building it back up again with a more focused approach.

view spoilerhide spoileri'm unironically in love with pukin. she's my wife,
prince, and the most important character in the world to me.
our anniversary is january 9th 2017. we've been together for 4 years!



Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
Happy birthday!
14 days ago
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.
14 days ago
Interested in one of your sales. But can't message you because you're inbox is full.
5 months ago
Your inbox is full but I just wanted to let you know the figure arrived a day early in great condition! Thank you again and I hope you're feeling better!!
5 months ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
If/when you do take those pics, don't forget to share them over here, too! :3
6 months ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
All that love really shows, too! <3 Do you have any pictures of how it's all set up or anything? :)

ahhh, thank you so much for the link! ;~;
6 months ago
Broserpina The magi-cooliest✧
Your MahoIku collection has grown up so strong and healthy. :')
(Where on Earth did you find that Mao Pam badge, btw? My luck has been terrible with the MahoIku merch lately.)
7 months ago
Your name sucks. Let's be friends. <3
4 years ago
puke5 years ago#5753641thank you for accepting my FR! ^3^ hope you don't mind i added you, i saw you love idols and hanayo so i thought i'd send one! oh, and happy new year~

I don't mind adding new people that likes the same things than me :D
Happy new year to you too ~
5 years ago
puke6 years ago#3257350an even later reply, but thank you so much!! <3

No problem I hope your birthday was awesome!
6 years ago
Bringing the hobby to your door.


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