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Hi there. You can call me daphne よろしくお願いします(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧

I began collecting figures and goods in 2013 but I'm already addicted! I am mainly interested in scale figures and nendos of characters I love, games, CDs, Blu-rays, art books and goods.
Gurren Lagann, Fate/stay night, Kara no Kyoukai, CLANNAD, Bakemonogatari, Idolm@ster, Tora Dora, Higurashi, Fullmetal Alchemist, Kill la Kill, Darker than Black, Baccano, Code Geass
Kara no Kyoukai, Mushi-Uta, Muv-luv Schwarzes Marken
JRPG and VNs (Gal-game and Otome games). Dangan Ronpa, Fate, Tales, Persona, Kiseki series, Utawarerumono, Vanillaware games,Atelier series, Kiniro no Corda
Kalafina, FictionJunction, supercell, Elements Garden


Fate_of_a_Saber (1 year ago) #21121238Yea! about that one when you get the Saber Haregi ver. by Aniplex can you see if her sword can be used with this one ITEM #414719?so have you gotten to try this yet?
1 year ago
daphne-tree (1 year ago) #21111268Haha I often do that too. Ah that's a nice one. Can't wait for the Haregi ver. from Aniplex+ this month!
Sure go ahead :D
Yea! about that one when you get the Saber Haregi ver. by Aniplex can you see if her sword can be used with this one ITEM #414719?
1 year ago
daphne-tree (1 year ago) #20977935Thank you! There's never an end to collecting Sabers right :PYea right! I'm just missed ITEM #566301 in the mail today, as I overslept Lol Let the collecting of Sabers continue!

And also do you mind if I ask you something?
1 year ago
Thanks for the add! very nice collection.
1 year ago
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2449210Yeah really excited about the HF movie, probably have to get blurays of it and UBW *cries with wallet in hand* I think the ufotable staff will do a great job! Speaking of which, I'm desperately hoping for a re-release of GSC's Saber Alter, the market price is just crazy.......
Oh I didn't know you can order stuff through them! Thought it was just that cafe near Auckland Uni, but taking a look at their website, everything is like double the price lol. Ah I'm gonna pass out on the calendar, but if there's any new illustrations then I might change my mind haha.

I'm waiting GSC to do a re-release of rin ITEM #26700 and if they could also make a scale figure for archer to match with rin it would be absolutely perfect, kind of day dreaming though lol.

The calender is just 7 pages of A2 size nagi no asukara illustrations, don't think there will be anything new in it. However I do know there's another artbook from dengekiya - nagi no asukara earth color ITEM #213459, this one does have some illustrations that P.A. works one doesn't include. I bought the calender only because I like to display those artworks in my room, this year 2014 is ano hana and next year 2015 will be nagi no asukara.
4 years ago
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2448502Same here! FC was the first RPG I've ever played so the best for me as well. Really loved Zero and Ao too, for the SSS and the people fighting to protect Crossbell TvT Sen 1→I've grown fond of the characters, 3D model and advanced battle system, story-wise was quite good, but Sen 2 was definitely a big let-down..... Easily the worst scenario in the series OTL
But it's really worth getting a vita cos of the games (including portals of classics) and graphics, a huge improvement from the PSP, and I don't mind swapping games to play :)))
As for Type-moon, yeah love the three main heroines especially Saber!!! Right now trying to tick-off those on my wish-list :P Are you keeping up with the new anime? I'm loving it so far, a pity though that it's not an adaption of Fate route, which I would love to see a remake of, ending with Last Episode...
Yup yup those artbooks were a pain, actually ordered with a friend and I was lucky enough that he wanted to cover the shipping fees, it was crazy apparently 0 0 How did you get them?

I'm definitely following the new fate s/n UBW, it's one of must seen anime this season, the quality of it is amazing almost like I'm watching gekijouban anime. For story route I'm just glad they've decided to make HF route into fate gekijouban, can't wait to see it! dark sakura and saber!

Those nagi no asukara artbook was indeed a pain in the --- to get them...bloody P.A. work shop exclusive, and for me it's even worse since I order it through GNC Auk (those commission fee...sigh) cause I got no other option during that time. I'm also getting a nagi no asukara 2015 calender from amiami, just to let you know maybe it'll catch your interest.
4 years ago
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2447752Haha there aren't that many eh.... It's the worst when you only want like one or two things in a box and can't find anyone to split the rest with.... Btw liking your collection and I see we like a lot of the same shows, music and games(๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧ I'm a huge fan of the Kiseki series and Type-moon works!
lol I've been a Falcom fan since sora no kiseki FC, best JRPG ever! I only played up to ao no kisaki since I don't own a ps vita to play sen no kiseki...too bad. Type-moon is also one of my favorite, their artwork and series story (fate s/n, zero, kara no kyo kai etc...) just suck me into it...0% resistance for anything they make. Also I'm guessing you're a fan of nagi no asukara as well? you got so many collectibles for it even the same artbooks the one I got lol
4 years ago
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2447556Hey thanks for the FR! Are you also staying in Auckland :D?
yup, you're right, glad to know i'm not the only collector around Auk lol, anyway thank you for accepting my FR request, feel free to discuss anything about collectibles
4 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2053690Thank you half of them arrived safely :))) Shiki is beautiful!! Now awaiting Ano Hana gekijouban, Attack on Titan bluray and TnK drama > <
Btw have you preordered Amnesia World yet? I ordered it the day it went up on AmiAmi, then realised the bonus at CDJapan is wayyy better. Lucky AA let me cancel my order XDD
Ohh I've seen Photograph Journey on B's log I think, but right now not wanting to get into too many new series in case my wallet dies on me இдஇ
I just finished watching Kakumeiki Valvrave and fell in love with L-Elf so right now hunting for goods.....
Thanks for thinking of meTvT but yeah it is hard and costly for me to join a split. Sometimes I really don't like living in NZ_(:3」∠)_
No I meant Tachibana Shinnosuke's CDs hehe :P He is in a vocal unit with Hino Satoshi.
But I'm planning to buy some Kamisama Hajimemashita drama cds, looooooove Tomoe!
Haha I'm glad you like the art :D In the game the characters are in 3D though XD
Btw there's a couple of new Otome games being announced. I'm interested in Reine des fleurs and Code:Realize (ノ>ω<)ノ

That's so nice to hear! >u<
I hope the other items to you safely. ^^
Oh yesh! I definitely ordered AMNESIA World and at CDJapan as well. XDD
I know right?! HNGGG. My wallet is already at the edge risk of dying on me. </3
Ooh~ Valvrave! I gotta admit L-Elf is really attractive~ >u<
Sorry, my bad about my mistake. XDD
I'm interested with Reine and Code:Realize as well! XDDDD
Also Marginal #4 and the Waltz of the Battlefield that I just happened to checked out in Otomate's site! I also can't wait for my copy of Chronostacia~ *u*
The game looks promising so I ordered a copy.

After I played Itsuki, I tried out his route next, LOL! XDDDD
And I can't believe the half-naked chest revealing I mean the CGs where they.. they.. HNGGG!
It's too much for my heart! XDDD
4 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
daphne-tree (4 years ago) #2039591I'm so busy throughout the week with university schedule and in the weekends I usually have work TAT
I'm planning to check out both those animes but just haven't had the time to sit down and watch.
Haha looking forward to that :) Btw you should check out the SSL official site I think countdown voice messages are up, and the first one is Hajime kun.
It's so hard to resist buying goodies especially when you just finish a game eh? It takes me a few weeks to cool down the urge to buy every merchandise there is if I really enjoyed the game lol.
Some of my Feb only got shipped this month so I'm still waiting_(:3」∠)_ They should be here within next week.
Did you know Satoi is working on a Honeybee project now? Definitely will be looking out for it in the magazines.
I wish I can do big group orders in NZ here, not many people I know are into anime and such, and few buy merchandise இдஇ
Surugaya's customer service was soooo slow and they didn't ship my Subaru photo card, but after like a month of writing an email to them, they shipped it to me for free XD
Yessss I looooove Tomoe!!! His voice is so nice >////< I'm planning to buy most of his CDs and other things lol, long way to go but I think I just found my favourite seiyuu.
Would definitely recommend Sen no Kiseki :DD Can't wait for the next entry in the series so I've put the banners on my profile✧*。٩(ˊᗜˋ*)و✧*。

OMIGOSH. I actually waited for that, LOL. XDDD
It's really so irresistable especially with that voice of Saitou's. My gosh. My heart can't take it. இдஇ
Ooh~ I hope your items arrive safe and soon to you! >u<

MY GOSH. YES. I heard about that! ;A;
My wallet is gonna get crushed again with Satoi's new project. ;u;
Also the Photograph Journey caught my attention. The art is even beautiful and amazing!~ <3
I was gonna ask you to join sometime but it may cost you a bit I guess. ;~;
Really? Dang. I actually joined a GO for Suruga-ya and ordered some stuffs their especially those that are with Saitous. LOL. XDDD
Ooh~ Tomoe has a CD? I never knew that. OoO
OH GOSH. Saw your banners and I'm definitely gonna research about it more! The art is even beautiful~ >u<
4 years ago
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!