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Virtual fires? You've had to go through a lot of fire drills? I also hate it when I can't contact people at crucial times. Ironically, those very same people, such as my relatives, get angry at me when I "return the favor"! XD

My Halloween was a bit short and sweet. I met up with a club that I joined mid-semester to hand out candy to children who passed by this rental house the head club members live in. For a while, nobody really came. When the children did come....THEY.CAME.IN.PACKS!

I swear these guys were like running walkers from "The Walking Dead"!These kids ranged from mostly toddlers (or barely above one) to kids who seemed like they were about in the sixth grade (but, they were bigger than me). Curse their height! XD

Most of the costumes that the kids wore were not scary. (Ex: Princesses, Bob the Builder, etc.) When I was in second and third grade, I saw kids dressing up like Jason Vorhees and zombies with their guts out!

One kid made he really happy when I saw him dressed up as a zombie doctor with an exposed bloody ribcage! I gave him a ton of candy for that!

There was also two weird kids that stuck with me. The first one was a little girl who gave one of us the small box of DOTS candy that she brought with after we gave her some candy. I thought it was a sweet gesture. But there was no candy at all in there! XD I guess she saw us as a disposal site. Can't say I didn't do the same when I was her age.

As for the other kid, he was a bit older than the girl and said "Merry Christmas." with a straight face. When I told him "Happy Halloween", he repeated his phrase with the same expression. I was chuckling a bit, but I didn't really know how to take his actions. :/

I originally was going to dress up as a medieval princess, but I forgot to wash off some stains that I saw on it earlier. I promised myself that I would wash the costume when I went to do laundry. I forgot to add the costume to one of my loads! XD

I ended up going as me for Halloween.

Your advice on how to handle an interview sounds almost like my student interview when I was trying to get into my first private high school. But I'm sure a job interview isn't anywhere near that.

I am extremely awkward when I'm put on the spot suddenly. I would love to hear your example! ^-^
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If you caught a really bad cold I can understand why you weren't online for a while. It's ok.

So a sister con is sort of like a...partnership?

When I go to a convention, I mainly look at the panels and main events to see if a convention will be worthwhile to me. Famous people don't really draw me in, lol.

I do usually hang up the phone when my SSN or the lather is asked for. I only give my SSN to my bank when I call them.

As for Halloween, I'm not really sure if I will be able to do anything. It's a test week for me. I have a French quiz on Tuesday and the test for the same class will be on Thursday. There will be a fall festival on my college's campus, I might go for a bit. I may or may not do something else (Ex: watch a horror movie) along with that. I am a slave to my college homework! XD
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darkmewsic3 years ago#27058698

Haha, yes, I am...ALIVE!

I live WAY down south of the U.S, the most that I have suffered from so far is a day or two of very heavy rain from the passing hurricane.

It's a shame that you can't really go outside in your state atm. I hope you get some rain soon to help reduce the number of those wildfires.

I am happy to hear that your time at CRX was better than you initially thought it was going to be, despite the minor flaws. I'm surprised that there was no food on site though! The cons I have attended so far always had food vendor. Next time, you should bring some snacks with you when you go to CRX again so that you will not have to go out of your way for food. I do that whenever I attend a convention. Sometimes the food vendors have expensive prices and I want to use my money on merch! XD

Some of the conventions that I go to provide very vague advertising to certain features of the con. I totally hate that, especially if it is my first time attending the said convention. -.-

What exactly is "sister con"?

If stress wouldn't exist, we would all live a lot longer. Whenever I have to speak to the representative of a company via phone or live chat. I dislike when they try to ask me for certain, super personal stuff such as my social security number. At the same time, I can understand why it's important (annoying).

Delays for the representative's said help and/or response back. Do not make me any less peeved.

Maybe your agent was playing coy with you?
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darkmewsic3 years ago#25071808

Hi darkmewsic!

Unless you hope to only use it once or twice, you can't rely on anything cheap! (Unless it's candy.) My mother is a heat-seeking missile for stuff that goes on sale and/or you can get a discount on. Even if she doesn't need it, she will buy it BECAUSE IT WAS ON SALE! XD

I'm also sorry to hear that you have to attend a lot of meetings. I have a few meetings that I have to attend to once or twice a month. They're for my college's honor society. Sometimes I can't attend them because the times for the meetings sometimes conflict with the times for my classes. Recently, I couldn't go to the last meeting because it conflicted with the time for my math class.

The Crunchyroll Expo sounded like was a hot mess! I feel like the bigger a convention gets, the more disorganized it becomes. For example, I recently went to (a bigger) Mechacon over the summer at the Hyatt Regency and things were a bit disorganized. The video rooms, panel rooms, were at a good distance away from each other and a bit difficult to find. In the past, Mechacon used booklets that detailed everything about the convention. This year, however, leaflets were used. Flipping. Leaflets! The map and convention schedule couldn't have been more cryptic on those things! I also had trouble using the "futuristic elevators" and finding the exit to that place!

I hope to start looking for a job around the time you suggested. I hope to get an artsy vocation; such as videogame design.

The reason why this reply is so late is because I was struggling to manage my classes for this semester. I "bit off more than I could chew", so to speak. I had an art lab class that I recently had to just drop because it was causing me to fall behind in my other classes. After when I dropped the class, I had to spend a few weeks to catch up in my other classes. This was the first time I ever dropped a class but, my mother was a bit upset when I told her. Strangely enough, she wasn't as mad I thought she was going to be. I wish I had a better advisor, she wasn't too helpful when she "helped" me select the classes I was going to take this semester.
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darkmewsic3 years ago#24548494No worries! My internet connection isn't amazing either, so I understand if there's a lag.
I just had a meeting today where some of my teammates started arguing with one another & I'm sitting there all like, "Why can't we all just be friends?" LOL. I'm so passive during meetings while some of my other teammates really want to get their points across.
The company has a stock pantry filled with snacks & drinks, so that's also a really nice perk. Our department works in the branch office, so we don't get as many nice things as the main headquarters. They have baristas making you coffee on the house + kombucha on tap. At least we will be moving over there by the end of Oct! The offices are roughly 12 minutes apart by walking, but it's such a pain when it rains or when you have to run back & forth between buildings for meetings.
Creative advertising is under another section in the marketing department, but I don't really collaborate with them ^^;.
I've never physically attended WonFes, but I read all the blog posts pertaining it on MFC. The coverage on this site is excellent (:. I was incredibly disappointed in most of the figures showcased this year, but I guess that means more money in my wallet. I will be attending Crunchy Roll Expo later this month, so that's something to look forward to!
Tip #3:
Don't follow under the pitfall of settling for a low, minimum wage job for experience as a college graduate. Unless you're an undergrad or you need it to pay the bills, don't do it. I can't even stress this enough. I have so many friends who tell me that they take a job just for the "experience" to built their resume when it wasn't anywhere relevant to their career, only to be stuck in that same job 3 years later. People are scared of change & if anything gets too hard, they just fall back to the comfort zone.
If internships are out of reach, I recommend volunteering at a place that is relevant to your field of interest to earn that experience. Not only do you get a shot at getting hired by that company, you also get a chance to network within that specific line of field. Recruiters would much rather hire someone who have the right experience even if it's volunteer, over someone who has a lot of experience that won't be applicable to the job.
I also feel annoyed and a bit helpless when there is senseless arguing going on around me. I usually voice my opinion passively. However, if I've had enough, I'm usually a bit more direct about it.

It's really nice that you can have easy access to snacks and drinks in your department. Maybe someday you'll move up to where the really great stuff is in the main department? Moving into a new building is a good sign! :)

In college, I find myself more often than not, caught in the rain. I had a pair of some of my favorite shoes fall apart on my because they took on too much water! (RIP: my shoes 2016-2017) Also, my hair can get rather "wild" if I get it wet and the only way I can manage my hair is if it is flat ironed. One time, before I went to college, the rain got so bad where I lived, I got drenched to my underwear! DX

I also love the coverage of Cons on MFC, but I wish they would cover the small cons too. Do let me know how the Crunchy Roll Expo went! ^-^

I'll try to not to settle for the minimum when I am looking for a job or internship. I hope to move up in the world (somehow,lol. XD) I do have a small history of doing volunteer work in the past, but none of it was truly related to major or minor degrees. I'm still searching for something good though (and the time to do it!) Being an art major isn't easy! XD
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darkmewsic3 years ago#24128320The only thing I'm super worried about is whether the business trip will be in conflict with my plans to attend a concert next month. I've planned this months ahead of time so I would be really disappointed if I couldn't go because of the business trip.
I'm still fighting the urge to fall asleep in some of the meetings I attend in. It's an information overload, but it's not relevant to the work I actually need to do. Mandatory meetings are awful.
LOL I'm so sorry for droning on about how work isn't ideal sometimes, but there are some really great perks at work too. We had a private, company wide event where we rented out a section of a public park for an entire day! Games, food trucks, frozen treats, drinks, you name it! Not only was all of this on the company, I get paid to have fun!
Btw, what were your thoughts on this year's Wonfes?
Tip #2: If a job is too good to be true, it most likely is the case. I've applied to so many jobs off of Indeed.com & Monster, just to find out they were pyramid schemes or really sketchy places. Even if you make plans for an interview, you always have the power to cancel it if you think the work itself doesn't line up with what the company claims it is.
You could also apply for these scam jobs just for the interview experience. It gives you an idea what kinda questions companies ask & provides real life practice to prep for real jobs.

I also hate when things I want to do conflict with things I have to do (time-wise). Sometimes you can help it and sometimes it's inevitable! DX

Those sound like some pretty dull mandatory meetings you have to go to. I hope you bring coffee with you or at least drink some beforehand. When I was in high school we had the never changing prep rallies. There was also what I guess what I would call "school gatherings"? You know, where everyone in the entire school has to gather in one place.

My high school's principle had annoying mouth on him! He made my high school graduation a bit miserable by giving a lengthy speech after openly acknowledging that everyone wanted to leave! He earned a high tiresome sigh from everyone else. XD

That's cool that you workplace is lively from time to time. I bet your boss was able to work in some creative advertising too.

As for this year's Wonfest, are you referring to the one that just past? Sadly, I wasn't able to attend it. Were you able to go?
( There entries on MFC that popped up around WonFest were slightly disappointing, but I did see a few figures catch my eye. Btw, I did go to MechaCon recently though and bought some decent stuff. :D )

There are so many scammer out there. Somehow, I end up with fake job offers once in a while in my inbox (both my personal and my college). I pay them no mind and I just delete them. When it come something as serious as a job, I rather apply in person. I do appreciate you advice on fake jobs though.

I'm sorry for replying so late, my internet has been a bit spotty. :/
3 years ago
darkmewsic3 years ago#23498861Lol 3-4 more hours? That means you are officially a sophomore by today! I never qualified for grants because we were stuck in that bracket where my family income was just high enough to go over the minimum and I wasn't ever smart enough to get a scholarship.
Our team has plans to head to North Carolina, but honestly I'm not sure how it's going to work out. One of my team member can't leave because his kid is due next month and our manager still hasn't reveal any details of the trip.
Let's start the college tip series~
Tip #1: Stay connected to professors. If you don't have work experience, but need references or recommendations from someone, professors are a great start! ...just be sure to hang in there for your summer classes & don't doze off mid-lecture.

By hours, I was referring to credit hours. XD I still need one hour credit to become a sophomore now. I also know the struggle of not being qualified for grants. My family is the same way. (Sometimes I wonder if you have to be as poor as only having $2.00 to your name to be able to get a grant.)

As for scholarships, there are many that only require essay as a form of entry. The only downside that they're contests.

I'm sorry to hear that so far you are going into your business trip blind. I hope you can get some more information about it soon. As for you team member, it sounds like he might take a vacation day.

I also try to stay as connected as I can with my professors, but some take several days to answer my e-mails! XD(I try to visit some of them when I can though.) I haven't really slept through a lecture yet, but there has been many times of where I had to fight back my urge to sleep.
3 years ago
darkmewsic3 years ago#23397034Finding the first job is always the hardest ):. No one wants to hire a newbie w/o any experience, but you will never gain experience if you don't get hired! What year of college are you currently in right now? I'm not sure if I can provide any tips you haven't already heard of, but I'll try my best as your senpai +-+
My job is willing to pay $5k in education & training per year. How we allocate that money onto education is up to us as long as it "benefits the company". We do need our managers approval to deduct these expenses though, so I can't be taking cooking classes & pass it off as it's education for the company. What's cool about this is we can also fly to other states to attend conferences & events w/ our plane ticket & hotel covered! I haven't gone on a business trip yet, but I heard our team will some time this month~
I am on the verge of becoming a sophomore, but I need about 3-4 more hours to become one. I have learned a few things during my time at college so far, but I'm sure there's plenty I need to know. Learning how to deal with summer classes is my current struggle! Please teach my your ways dearest senpai! DX

Even if there are some limits for what you job is willing to fund to further your education, the limitations seem reasonable enough. :) Still qualify for grants and scholarships?

My mom had to travel once in a while for job purposes and her job covered the big expenses for here too. Where is your team going?
3 years ago
darkmewsic3 years ago#23296301Yeah, I was referring to Bungou Stray Dogs unfortunately ):. The minor was an add-on because there were too many people enrolled in my major to the point where there wasn't enough classes to fulfill the demand. I ended up taking filler classes & a professor told me I had enough credits for the minor if I took 3 more classes.
In terms of meta-anime, I recommend watching Re:Creators. Characters from light novels, anime, & video games come to the real world to interact with their author/developer. They also make fun of tropes such as the censorship of blood in kid friendly magical girl anime.

If Bungo Stray Dogs is as lackluster as you say, I think I will check out Re: Creators. :)

So that is why you picked up a minor? I'm sorry to hear that you were not able to get the major that you originally wanted. What major did you end up choosing instead?
The major I originally wanted to pursue was videogame design, but that degree doesn't exist in the state that I live in. It's too expensive for me to move at this time, and I will loose TOPS if I were to go out- of-state. The closest degree I found to videogame design was New Media and Animation at my college. I chose Marketing to "complement" my major.

I later discovered that the was an institution within my state that does have videogame design, but it only last for two years. You only get a certificate and you don't take the core class that you need (Ex: English and Math).
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darkmewsic3 years ago#23099409I watched the first season of it but I wasn't too impressed by it. I heard that the 2nd season makes up for everything the 1st season lacked but I haven't picked it back up. I minored in World Literature so I actually read a few Japanese classics~Which series are you referring too?Bungo Stray Dogs? :/

I find it cool that you minored in World Literature. I'm minoring in Marketing as of now. :D
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PVC anime figure store.


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