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Slowly selling off my figures...but buying more >o<
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"Things are still coming ashore...".
After reducing the number of items in my collection a bit, I've revisited this site and found more items listed which I do indeed own. On the other hand, there are items whose presence in my collection are doubtful. So the accuracy of my list here is seriously in doubt...


Most of my collection is in storage on the opposite side of the Pacific Ocean.

Photobucket page of a few photos of my figures and other miscellaneous items: - * Deleted my Photobucket account in October 2017. *

I do upload photos of figures to Flickr but virtually all are not on public display. Less than a handful can be viewed in an album I keep here: Figure File Flickr Album. Flickr album of model kits is here: Pla-mo


My not quite complete list of figures I've unloaded: Former Members of My Collection

Personally I find my list of garage kits a bit frightening given that it's incomplete. I have some kits in my stash which I can't find any trace of on the Internet...and they're in storage thousands of kilometres away from me. So I'm unable to come up with reliable data on them to add to the MFC database. All said, there's no way in heck I'll ever finish building all the GKs I own: GK List

The same can probably be said of my stash of model kits (of which some are listed on MFC). Some of my yet to be built kits are here in Japan with me so I stand a chance of making a dent in this list some day.



Free Shipping World Wide. A place for collectors.