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Happy birthday :-D
2 years ago
dyldill3 years ago#15013043lol sorry my auto correct changed dia's name to did lol so sorry :)

loll understand...O__O cool. so sad that your favopair is not diamari. im the only one who love dia+mari. sad...
3 years ago
dyldill3 years ago#15013039i like mari did too, i ship everyone with everyone in sunshine lol, ya i can kinda see what you are saying about chika, but i still like it, also it is still a prototype so it could be fixed

ah ok :-O
what you mean with this sry..xD. >> i like mari did too
(i cant speak so good english - im german) xD
3 years ago
dyldill3 years ago#15013033Mari Kanan probably, ep 9 killed me. I just ordered my chika nendo, what is your fav LL sunshine paring

dia+mari fit perfect. thats my favo pair.:-) kanan mari dont fit a bit.
chika not bad but the eyes are little to big in some pictures.^^ just take a look.
3 years ago
nice to meet a love live fan. what your favo pair in ll sunshine?
3 years ago
Thank you ^.^ dyldill4 years ago#13985735Thank you so much for accepting my friend request, I love go figure and I can’t wait to continue to watch your collections grow and watch your videos.
4 years ago
Thanks for the FR!
4 years ago
Welcome to the board dyldill! :)

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