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********This section is now way outdated (as one can tell). Am I going to update it? Maybe. But just ignore/skim over and don't take seriously, for now.********

I've just started collecting figures, so I only have a few prize figures and I'm not yet willing to spend a lot on them, but I might as well start keeping track. :-)

I do want a Dollfie Dream, though... (I know, it seems weird that I'm (yet!) unwilling to spend $50 on a figure, while I'm completely willing to devote $500 to a doll then at least $50 on each outfit).

I hope to be able to sculpt my own figures someday (and sew my own doll clothing). I've been practicing, and any tips would be welcome.

**Edit 5/4/15: I've only been a member for two and a half weeks, but recently I've been buying figures like crazy... so uh, now that I have a quantity of prize figures (and to think that I could've used my money to buy several dolls instead!), I'll also admit that I am willing to spend a lot on this hobby. It's sort of addicting, once I joined this site.
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Your inbox is full so I'm messaging you on here.

Do you by any chance live near or in Los Angeles? I'd like to make an Azone doll trade.
2 years ago
nice collection!
2 years ago
It has been nearly a month since I asked for payment..

Please make payment within the next 9 days or I might void your slots. Thanks.
2 years ago
Please be reminded that the payment is due tomorrow (in 15 hours time). If you have any reason why you are unable to pay in time for your parts this time round, please let me know. Your slot for Nendoroid Yagen is: his hand holding part (inclusive of held scissors).
2 years ago
As your inbox is full, I'll be posting my invoice here for your Nendoroid Yagen's parts. Please reply me via PM if you have any queries!

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This is regarding payment for your slots in my split of Nendoroid Yagen (Touken Ranbu). You have paid me for UNREGISTERED AIRMAIL for Nendoroid Hacka Doll and/or Nishinoya Yuu, so this is the additional payment I require before shipping all your Nendoroid parts out.

I have tabulated and the following are the price of your item + shipping to me + shipping to you.
(1) Unregistered airmail: SGD$6.00 (SGD$6.77)

i.e. If you wish to pay via paypal gift for unreg airmail, it will be SGD$6.00; and if you wish to pay for unreg airmail with paypal fees, it would be SGD$6.77.

Please make payment within 72hours (BY 9am 14 July GMT+8) to tachibanareina07@gmail.com and inform me after making payment. I have your name and address for mailing already.

Do note that I am not liable for lost mail as an unregistered mailing method is chosen.

Thank you very much for joining my split!
2 years ago
I'm SO sorry for bothering you ; ; I saw that you own this item and i'm searching but cannot find the meassurements in cm > <
ITEM #167943
Do you own it, right? Would you be able to give me the meassurements of the size you got? T_T

Thanks in advance > <
2 years ago
double post ^^;
2 years ago
einonymous (2 years ago) #8990990Hey! I use your website regularly for reference, only now do I realize you're on here! Keep up the awesome work :-) Oh, and I live in New England, too. It's cool seeing other people on this site who live in my area.
Sorry I missed this, thank you so much I'm glad my website is of use :) . I live in CT but sometimes I'll travel a bit further for doll meets. If you ever want to talk dolls please message me!
2 years ago
einonymous (2 years ago) #9379626I heard you were selling your nendos. Do you happen to have any with gsc bonus?Lot of my stuff are GSC-direct purchased.

Which specific ones are you looking for?
2 years ago
i am friend requesting u because i saw ur comment on ITEM #22304 yay someone who understands the adorableness of her!!!

>u<!!! i wanna make doll clothing and try sculpting too some day?
also LOL it's nice seeing someone who has more items on their wishlist than me (i have like 500 ^^;)
2 years ago
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