i think i might be a weeb please help
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I bought the Snow Miku 2019 from this seller. The seller is very friendly and the communication was excellent as well. The price was fair and the payment happenend via PayPal. The shipment was extremly fast and Miku arrived within a few days in super condition. I'm extremly happy with the contact and I can only recommend buying from you. Totally trustworthy!

Thank you so much for selling your Miku to me. It was a wonderful experience buying from you.
1 month ago
Oh, I guess I skipped over it! Thank you for letting me know :)
1 month ago
emmouto1 month ago#95697270Selling all my Snow Miku figures!!
List here: LIST #151391

Hi!! How much are you selling your twinkle snow figma?
1 month ago
I'm interested in the snow miku nendoroids. I am definitely interested in multiples.How does the bundle and shipping works?
1 month ago
Selling all my Snow Miku figures!!

List here: LIST #151391
1 month ago
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Great Figures, Amazing Service, Fantastic Price!



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