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Hello, I think your inbox is full. Sorry for the late reply...

If you are still interestd in Kotobukiya's Touko, I'm still giving my preorder, for November 8th release.
8 months ago
Saw you messaged me about the one coin yugioh set, but your inbox is full! I'll check for the figures this weekend to see if I still have them, and send you a message!
9 months ago
Lmk when you get the nendo - I shipped her last week.
1 year ago
Hello again!

Sorry for the late reply. I sadly fell ill over the weekend and couldn't respond.
So for shipping to the US with DHL costs 16.00€. Would you still want to have her?

1 year ago
Yeah the Iruha-Nendoroid is new (I can provide pictures if you want ♥!) and I also have no problems with sending her to the US as long as you pay the shipping costs, which will be pretty high. I would need to check that. How long do you want me to reserve her for you?

1 year ago

yunyun pics
1 year ago
Bro, your inbox is full so I can't message you.
1 year ago
No, I don't know...You can search in some trust shops. She with GSC bonus is pretty rare. You too. c:
1 year ago
Hello!! Your inbox is full, but shipments from Canada to the US usually take about 1-2 weeks :)
1 year ago
(Mailbox still full on my side when i try to answer, so here is my answer ^^)

Hi !

I will lower Madoka to 30€ for the pack, reducing from 72 to 65 ;)

I checked for shipping rates from France to USA, according to our French post (www.tarifs-de-l..., 4th board, Zone C) it will costs 36,70€ for USA.... It is horribly expensive for less than 2kgs of package... I'm so sorry, I think it will not be possible in this configuration :s
1 year ago
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