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"You and the end of summer and the dreams of the future..."
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~ Welcome to Alexi and River's Secret Garden ~ In the forest of dreams, time forever stands still

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"Secret Garden" by AX

A place where I belong;
A place where I am always by your side;
for such a place my heart has searched for so long.

The yellow light of morning seeps between
the branches of the forest;
we walk together down the path we created
hand in hand.

A soft touch of the cheek;
A faint whisper and the lush grass beneath our feet;
I pull you through the woods
into the mystical land of Faeries;
into a place we will never be seen again.



Thanks for accepting my FR! & yes after banana fish I'm just in p a i n

8 days ago
Thank you fantasy_trance, also sorry for the very late reply, was going through a very tough time then and did not check socials at all, except the odd post here or there. Thank you so much for the birthday wish even checking it now it still means a lot to me thank you and again my apologies for the lateness!
22 days ago
Hey! I am kind of late, but I want to stop by and thank you for your kind message. My day wasn't good today, but at least I got to finish some chores and got to work on my first page of my sketchbook. Hope your day went well and Happy Holidays!
1 month ago
I have yet to listen to all of the their songs, but so far I really like “Little L, Virtual Insanity and Cosmic Girl”.

I only got into their music a few months ago, so it could possibly change by then.

Also thank you so much for accepting my FR!
1 month ago
No problem and nice to meet you too! :)
1 month ago
Oh my gosh, not at all <3 You deserve only the best in the world because you are an awesome human being - nobody can convince me otherwise :D Hopefully your situation is/will be better and you can go back to collecting nendoroids again! <3
4 months ago
Hey, thanks for the friend request! :D Hopefully you're doing better now, or at least your situation has gotten better even if it's just a bit <3 I wish you all the best!
4 months ago
You’re welcome <3
6 months ago
Happy Birthday!
6 months ago
Happy Birthday! I hope you're having an amazing day.
6 months ago
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