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Happy Birthday, Have a great day! :)
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Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Happy Birthday! :)
1 year ago
Hi thanks for friend requesting me!
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Thank you for the FR! ^_^
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aisuka avoid sun-dried passion fruit
Hello, sorry to bother you. Just wondering if you could add ITEM #1159320 and a few other similar ones into their product line classification ENTRY #174537 ? Thank you.
1 year ago
Ooh Frankenstein is definitely up there for me. I feel like he helped Cardia out the most science wise and was pretty much the reason she was even born/alive! Plus his mannerisms were so cute especially when he got embarrassed :3 My best boy is probably Lupin which is kind of a safe choice since he's the main love interest but he was just so charming that I couldn't help but fall for him LOL. Second choice would be Saint-Germain. His backstory was just so heart wrenching and made me cry on a few occasions ;^; But I also loved the fan disc where you could romance Herlock Sholmes sooo I can't choose anymore haha. They're all best boys in the end :D

I hope you're doing better mentally now, it can be rough when you're not feeling your best. Luckily for us it looks like Kotobukiya recently did a poll for the 25th Pokemon anniversary asking about what re-releases and future releases we'd like to see! So there's still hope of getting all those cute Pokegirls at a reasonable price ♡
1 year ago
Thanks for the friend request! You have a lovely collection.
1 year ago
Yeah it was so refreshing to play as a heroine that actually had a personality! Cardia was her own character and she's one of my favorites <3 Who was your favorite guy in the game? Ahh thank you, Lillie was one of my grails so I just had to have her. I'm so sad that it doesn't seem like Koto will ever re-release her ;^; I'm actually jealous of your Mei/Rosa, it's so difficult to find her for a decent price. My dream of ever owning the whole line quickly gets shattered by the ridiculous aftermarket prices D:
1 year ago
Thanks for the FR <3 You have so many cute Haikyuu nendo's *^* I see you also like the Code:Realize visual novel, that VN was sooo good.
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