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When will ch139 drop
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TYSM for adding The Promised Neverland merch. :) Everything is so adorable, I'm already planning my orders!
4 hours ago
Ah, yeah, I'm kind of already finishing uploading everything already, I didn't think about how much work it would be adding the manus and undrafting later on.. View spoilerHide spoiler(I kind of wish the 'apply to the whole set' option was available for more than just release dates right now..)
Thanks for informing me on the Manufacturer for ENTRY #222635 !
I'll definitely check though the hq exhibition goods later. I'll finish uploading most of everything (holding back on the framed pins set for now) and pictures, once I do that I'll probably take a nap ( ; ; )
7 days ago
thank you for doing all might's work and uploading some of the bnha exhibit stuff on here
8 days ago
Also...I'm kind of conflicted on how to put up the Framed Pins set..

ENTRY #162724 (that isn't complete apparently) is telling me to put them up individually and then I'll mark all the pins as bundled but the items under that entry have individual pricing which I'm kind of confused that they got because all the Framed Pin sets that I've seen have only had the whole set pricing to it. jumpcs.shueisha... jumpcs.shueisha... So I would assume that the pricing for the whole set would be what I input on MFC.

And on how its categorized, if putting the pins up separately it would be Misc. but if I had to add it as one item it would be On Wall so I don't want to make more of a mess by adding 30 items that could've possibly just been one. I'm just thinking to ask a Mod which is right in the Database club but I wanted to know your opinion on it.
8 days ago
Yeah, there are lot of goods here that don't have the manufacturer listed (*weeps*) so I was planning on drafting most of them and just putting Shueisha as Publisher for now until I could confirm the Manu once the goods released. I thought the BIG can badges might be S.I.S since they're usually the manufacturer for the collection can badges, I'll see once I get the item in my hands though (or try to find pictures taken of the back of the packaging).
8 days ago
Hello! I just saw that you started putting up with Drawing Smash Exhibition goods (actually its a good thing I decided to check because that would've been a lot of duplicates on my end). I just wanted to give a heads up and I'm curious if you're putting up the rest of the goods now so we're not like adding the same thing at the same time by accident and giving the Mods extra work.
8 days ago
Yeah, the more I think about it, it's probably not an item. Though maybe someone might sell it later. >.> I decided to edit the listing into another item instead so it doesn't have to be deleted.

Do you know about the Tobu Zoo collab candy tins with magnets on top? I have a few I will add, but will leave them as drafts since I couldn't find any information on them.
15 days ago
My understanding was that the tapestry was sold or given out as a special event item though I could be wrong. I got it from this tweet: twitter.com/gok...

The way it's worded it sounded like they say you can get a limited postcard, a birthday tapestry, and Eren's special bath. The more I look at the tweets now, maybe it is just a promotional item for photos? If it's wrong you can go ahead and report it to take it down.
16 days ago
Your inbox is full, but thanks for adding those items. I have some of the postcards so I might see if I can add those. I edited the Eren entry, but ITEM #977123 and ITEM #977124 were added by you so you'll need to edit them yourself.
17 days ago
LOL I feel you! We should purchase less and save up for a bigger place OTL...
20 days ago
Premium Figure Imports

Are we getting any Pieck merch today



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