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<Collecting since 2019/12>
Tomioka Giyuu : pretty much everything except for some ugly af standard release bs duping mainly on ufotable SD & JS genga goods
Levi: toushin badges & clearfiles, SD acrylics & rubbers
Annie Leonhart: no luxury to choose...
Kougami Shinya: kanshikan, Asano Kyouji illustration goods, toushin badges, SD (mainly chimi) acrylics & rubbers
Noragami: SD and manga-genga goods mainly Ebisu/Yato
Suzuya Juuzou: most manga goods, selective SD

Stay away from me if you (in order):
- 空気を読めない
- do not know how to use Google
- wanna chat about your rl problems
- stan Rengoku/Tanjirou/Wani
- think Kimetsu no Yaiba has great story and characters
- think ufotable makes the best anime
- think Shingeki no Kyojin's manga sucks/is mediocre

Thank you for scrolling down.


Yeah, HLJ has the best DHL prices I've found so far. I usually just toss my extras up on eBay & normally have no problems finding someone who wants Ginoza. (I don't know why they keep adding Sugou to these sets. >_>)
6 days ago
Sounds good! Yeah, HLJ "updated" their site twice recently and it's gotten slower & slower each time (same with Amiami's update). The 2 month warehouse time (now indefinite due to COVID-19) & cheaper shipping have me fighting the lag to load it. Now Hobby Search is the fastest site since they never "upgraded".
6 days ago
Lmao. “What was going on?” Lol. I need emojis. No, but seriously. Do I blame Shin Tanabe? I don’t know who to blame... for the utter failure of coordination in executing Tokyo Ghoul merchandise. Haise is one of my cutest Nendos, but I honestly had to think for a second which character had the Nendo. I kept bouncing between Touka and Hide. The only good thing to come from it was unmasked Kaneki by Kotobukiya. He’s my favorite of my entire collection, even though the series as a whole is lacking. So, I would sacrifice some mistakes for him to still exist. But there are so many endless figure ideas for Juuzou. They have already made several for Giyuu, and he has less facial expressions than Levi. Juuzou could have 10 figures and they would all be completely different. Ugh. So frustrating. He was my favorite anime character before I even got into collecting figures. And I have been watching anime since 2008. It was a big deal for him to surpass my others favorites. So, when I did get into collecting, I dove in head first like, “JUUUUZZZOOOUUU FIGUUUURES!!” And then quickly broke my neck on the concrete, because he has zero figures worth mentioning. I would love a figure in his CCG uniform during the scene where he fights the first Owl. I am obsessed with team CCG. An unpopular opinion. Kureo Mado was probably my second favorite character. I thought he had the most profound speeches. It’s tied between him and Takizawa.
6 days ago
Thanks! Just drop me a note when you need payment. HLJ is usually my main store, but they've been getting these keychain & badge sets less and less recently. I've actually got Amiami pre-orders for September & November. Too bad they're phasing out their recent 2 month payment dates.
6 days ago
Hmm, the Psycho Pass Monogatori set still isn't showing up at HLJ yet and I don't have any other pre-orders at Amiami for October. Would you mind getting the set this time? I'm definitely still interested in Arata, Kei, and Hinakawa.
6 days ago
I’m loving all this Juuzou merch you are adding. My baby doesn’t get enough love. He deserves all the listings in the world. And a proper figure. It’s a disgrace. So, thank you. Your keychain should arrive tomorrow. :)

6 days ago
I will, when they release Obanai Iguro birthday collaboration goods XD.
13 days ago
Susanoo1415 days ago#82977377Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you!!! XD
15 days ago
Susanoo14 μ'sic forever ♪♪
Happy Birthday! :)
15 days ago
Eyyyy Happy birthday!
15 days ago
Europe's friend for everything manga, anime and related merchandise!


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