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Welcome Friends and Peers ~ ども, ども

Most of the figures in my collection are NSFW and often end up in NSFW randy or hazardous ie sexually lewd and/or bloody photo shoots. Recognizing that isn't for everyone (this is your one and only trigger warning), if such content mixed with offbeat humor offends you then save yourself the indignation and press the back button (or press on if you've an open mind and recognize it all as just plastic and hobby supplies!).
PETPVC* Advisory: No plastic figurine was indelibly traumatized during any Gundamuk photo shoot.

Yes, MFC is a pretty neat site - it's nice that for what is very much a niche hobby, most of us are pretty non-judgmental, follow the Golden Rule, and live and let live. Personally I enjoy the diversity this site brings from the variety of members in the community.

Yes, there are many excellent photographers on MFC that do well in crafting the cute, the inspirational, and the popular in their figure pics. It’s great to see other collectors' creative photo concepts and I give props to those who put time and effort into their set design.

Many of my photos take inspiration from various twisted and prurient sources - my amateur set-ups draw from sensationalistic mayhem in works by Japanese woodblock print artists like Kuniyoshi and Yoshitoshi, 春画, pulp/sleaze magazines from the ‘60s, grindhouse cinema from the ‘70s, hentai guro and modern slasher horror flicks.

Juxtaposed with twisted smut, I enjoy injecting bits of humor in my pics (Robot Chicken is another source of endless inspiration), so don't be surprised to see various American pop culture toy icons interacting with their Japanese PVC counterparts.

If you have common figure collecting interests, like a pic, or just want to chat then drop a comment or send a FR. I’m always happy to connect with fellow collectors.

And for those that want to know more about the roots of my 美少女 figure collection then here you go:

As a kid I always liked action figures and got hooked on the classic manga 北斗の拳 aka Fist of the North Star, when I first saw it. Hara Tetsuo weaves together beauty and violence on the page like nobody’s business except Yoshitoshi. Female fighter Mamiya was a favorite character, but she didn't get the formal figure treatment until years after her first appearance in Shonen Jump.

Although I had 北斗の拳 and キン肉マン trading figures from years ago (all gone now), my 美少女 figure collecting habit didn’t start until the mid-2000s, when ガシャポン figures from anime shows like 夜勤病棟 and 戦乙女 caught my eye. Frankly, I don’t watch much anime now unless it’s the rare occasion to get some basic familiarity with a character a figure is based on.

My 美少女 PVC purchases are based on design and impression, and stay in my collection as long as they pass the KonMari method en.wikipedia.or...


(People for the Ethical Treatment of Polyvinyl Chloride)
(Anime that is) --- 艦これ, Bible Black, 夜勤病棟 , 戦乙女ヴァルキリー, Queen's Blade
Anime related: Oda Non's new stuff and Zombie Tramp - what a great concept!
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