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If you are selling the straps/keychains/other goods on my wishlist, please PM me.

Figmas and nendoroids are life. I need to be able to change the poses of my figures since I get bored of how they look rather easily- which is also why I'm not too much into collecting scales. Also they are hella expensive lol

Moe Points
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    ∞ Taisho fashion
    ∞ Shinsengumi uniform (especially when blended with modern elements)
    ∞ Yukata/Kimono
    ∞ Military/Police uniforms
    ∞ School uniform
    ∞ Thigh highs/garters
    ∞ Pigtails / braids
    ∞ Suit
    ∞ Glasses
    ∞ Blond(e)/red/odd-colored hair
    ∞ Odd-colored/heterochromatic eyes

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- Muse: Maki, Nico / Nozo, Eli
- Aqours: You, Maru, Mari / Riko

* scales only if they're super pretty
* nendo and figma for best girls only
* will never dabble in: Umi, Rin, Honoka, Kotori / Yoshiko, Chika
* okay if the figure is pretty: Hanayo, Kanan, Dia, Ruby

- Yuri
- Victor
- JJ
- Seung Gil
- Christophe

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05 hours agoJess-chanJess-chan
gwendal738-2 (3 days ago) #24909013OMG! You should post some photos of him! :'D
01 day agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (3 days ago) #24908879I don't mind if it's a GSC exclusive so long as we get the rings I NEED DEM RINGS DAMMIT But yes I think we should politely and not so subtly email GSC about these money making ideas. Milk us dry, GSC! Milk us dry! AND OMG YES THE CHURCH BACKGROUND SJGHSKJGHSDG. I will forever display them like that. FOREVER.
Yes. I want prototypes of casual Yuuri and coach Victor omg. I need them. And then they need to be up for pre-order so I can PO them the minute they're available. I am just a tad obsessed. Just a tad.

The amount of extra money I'd be willing to spend for GSC exclusive rings is terrifying. The temptation is real, I mean why would they not want some feedback on how to make even more money than they already do X'D Same tbh, I need a Nendoroid set like that in my life. N O W.

Obsessed? Nah, pfft- of course not > 3 >b My mother likes to continually point how obsessed I am with Victor and Yuuri every time she sees I get more merchandise of them :'D I get it mum. plz stop. I'll be going all 'FS Yuuri release' on them, putting sticky notes everywhere with release time reminders xP I can't wait to see what kind of faceplates they'll come with. Yuuri's little shocked/embarrassed expression looks adorable but I can't help but wonder what kind of faceplates GSC is going to give Victor. A shocked one to go with FS Yuuri doing a quad flip would be nice though :D Bashful Victor would also be much appreciated~ So many possibilities for him and Yuuri too!
02 days agoJess-chanJess-chan
gwendal738-2 (3 days ago) #24909013OMG! You should post some photos of him! :'D

Hmm, I shall do that! :D
04 days agoJess-chanJess-chan
gwendal738-2 (5 days ago) #24845000OMG I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!! Enjoy him to the fullest :'D <3
I will! I think I spent an hour taking pics of him!
04 days agoMajikaru-RinMajikaru-Rin
gwendal738-2 (4 days ago) #24849306Oh my god yes! Or maybe coach Victor should have them. Or that twin pack. I'll pay good money for that twin pack with the missing nuts. GSC ARE YOU READING THIS YOU BETTER BE READING THIS COME ON THIS CONVERSATION IS LIKE A MONEY BAG FOR YOU GIVE US WHAT WE WANT
I honestly would play with the figma Yuuri and Victor so much if they ever make them. I'd have to buy a second set to actually display. SEE THIS GSC LOOK AT THIS YOU ARE PRETTY MUCH TAKING MY SALARY FOR YOURSELF DO IT ALREADY.

I'd be so happy if coach Victor comes with them. Knowing GSC they'd probably be a GSC shop exclusive or something though. I wonder how I could politely email GSC and not so subtly suggest all of these things, haha~ The twin pack would of course need to have the church background on the inner part of the box.

Honestly, same here XD TAKE ALL OF MY MONEY GSC. JUST DO IT.

I cannot wait to read that review XD Humorous reviews are the best kind! After Victor arrives then we've just got to wait until November for Yuuri's FS Nendoroid :'D Hopefully we might see prototypes for Casual Yuuri and Coach Victor in between time.

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