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Hi everyone! I'm a 24 year old girl, and I've started quite recently (February 2011) into "serious" figure collecting. I still don't graduate from university but I hope to do soon to get money for buying more figures! About my other hobbies, I like watching anime, playing videogames (RPGs mostly) and doing stuff like going to the cinema or hanging out with my friends. Oh, and I speak Spanish (native language) and a little bit of French so if there are some Spanish/French speakers feel free to write me on both languages. In fact, it has been years since I studied English so it's a little bit rusty right now.

My first figure would be Romano from the Hetalia One Coin set because he was the first one I've opened (but my favorite is Austria ^^). I still like Hetalia but I'm nowhere the levels of fangirl that I was when I bought both One Coin Sets. I used to spend lots of money in doujinshi but when the proxy service I used closed, I decided to move into figure collecting. I don't know if that was the best decision for my wallet but whatever xD.

My first figma and the one who got me into more serious collecting was figma Aegis from Persona 3. My first PVC scale figure was Akihiko Sanada, again from Persona 3 :P. Persona is one of my favorite games, but my favorite will always be Chrono Cross! I really hope a remake is released but for now, the upcoming P4 anime shall provide my fix of RPG-related figures. (Note to Alter: please make Souji with Izanagi, he's too badass!)

A few months ago, I got my first Nendoroid, Dead Master, as a gift from my mom even when her creeped the hell out of her the first time with those skulls and that deadly stare. She knows find her a bit cute xD. Now I'm addicted to Madoka Magica and I plan to collect everything I can. I haven't been this addicted for a show since... Code Geass S1.

Well, that's all! Nice to meet you all!



You have an adorable collection of Hetalia cuties. I love Italy and Germany :3
8 years ago
Pass on your apirl orders to others rather than cancelling.
8 years ago
I love your Avatar!

Hanako <333
8 years ago
Hi Hetalia fan!



If you like Hetalia I'm sure you will like to participate of this forum.
There you can speak in Portuguese or English. It is really new and we are trying to recrut many Hetalia fans and I hope you can join in our forum! :3

Please, we created this forum in Feb 4th, so don't expect so many people there. That's why we are doing our
best to recrute more people! Please, consider us and make an account and join us :D
8 years ago
blw_taoMiku troll se quedo atorada en Serpost D:
*trollface* U MAD?
9 years ago
Miku troll se quedo atorada en Serpost D:
9 years ago
Kotoko (ง•̀ᴗ•́)ง
haitechanThanks for the FR and welcome!

Thanks for the welcome and accepting my FR!
9 years ago
Un placer ^^
9 years ago
haitechanJoyeux anniversaire ^^. Hope you have a nice day!
Thank you very much, haitechan >v<
9 years ago
haitechanMerci pour le FR! :D
De rien :D
J'adore ton avatar! Charlotte~ >v<~♥
9 years ago
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