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Not a grand figure or good collector, I am interested only in certain pieces featuring characters and series I like.



It was the Netherlands, but early 2020 I have moved to Finland (and plan on staying here). :)

The Netherlands is doing pretty bad, Finland looks to be doing OK, but there is a  very low number of inhabitants, so it's actually not as OK as it seems when it comes to % infected... ^^'' Luckily my husband and I seem to be able to work from home for at least the rest of 2020 and we minimize going outside. I wish for things to go back to normal though, I moved to a new country but am not able to explore it around here at all. :( How's it at your place?

Well, every convention from 2020 got cancelled and because of my emigration all my items have been stuck in storage for very long. I am slowly working on my next costume, but I am not really sure if I can/want to go to any event in 2021 even if they take place. Not until things are more safe again.
6 months ago
Sorry for being a bit late!


I hope you had a nice day, even with the weird current situation of the world!
6 months ago
Happy Birthday!! ~ <3
6 months ago
Thank you so much for the bday wishes <3
1 year ago
No problem! And thanks for asking, but my life is a bit of a wild ride right now. xD It's a bit unpersonal, but the easiest way to catch up is reading these blogs: BLOG #43410 + BLOG #44339

I'm currently halfway with my cosplay of ITEM #18544 , but probably won't be able to work on it for a long time... :( Real life comes first, but I hope I'm able to pick up this hobby again later!

Everything going well with your studies? :) And how's collecting?
1 year ago
Sorry for being so late!

1 year ago
Thanks! Yeah Walkure Romanze died a long time ago. Still no Celia figure I like, not even the prototype 1/4 FREEing bunny Celia.
1 year ago
Yes on both! :D I think in the USA there are also multiple similar cons, like a Yaoicon. Still, they are always smaller events because it's like a niche of a niche.

That sounds really good for society, wow! :D And good luck on going back to college!
2 years ago
Hehe, I'm going to be lazy there and copy something from my bio: "To support this hobby, I of course need a job, so I'm a Content/Division Manager at a mobile game company, which is exactly as awesome (and busy!) as it sounds! I also do a lot of other parttime work, including being a for-hire bootleg-identifier and being the vendor area manager of our national Yaoi and Yuri convention called YaYcon.". :D I see you are looking for a job right now, looking for something in a certain field?

Oh! Sorry, couldn't remember if I shared that one. My progress on new cosplay is slow, but I will write a new blog when I have everything together from my Calne cosplay! :D

That cake sounds good! :D Every birthday, even if small/simple, needs a cake! ^^

Mecha Musume? :) Hehe, yeah, still actively collect from it! Recently it was mostly newer items I found on sale, such as things from Kantai Collection, but right now I am also looking into buying trading cards from the Humikane Shimada Collection, which features a lot of his older designs:



I saw the Nendoroid and he's so cute and cool! :D I am a huge fan of NBC, although I have been selling most of my collectibles from the series, as it does not fit very well with my anime collection. >.< Currently trying to find a new home for ITEM #452400 .

Emily from Corpse Bride would be amazing too! :D Although I think they went for NBC, because it's Disney's property now and those were Disney Nendoroids...so hrrmm, I don't know how high the chance of any other Tim Burton licensed character would be! I'm already super glad we have ITEM #381685 !!!
2 years ago
No problem! And 31 is not that old (yet) LOL! Was Arale your birthday gift to yourself? ^^

I've been doing well, just a bit busy because I had to switch jobs unexpectedly last year! I still do cosplay! Don't think I will quit anytime soon LOL! Maybe you have not seen this blog from me yet: BLOG #40372 and I'm currently working on this big one: www.cosplay.com...
2 years ago
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