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Hello I'm ink!
i'm a 22 y/o that likes anime girls and figures.
Figures I'm most wanting:
Satsuki in Senketsu 1/8 from GSC ITEM #236248
Nia Teppelin Magical ver. from Phat ITEM #142642
Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Nichijou, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, Fate/Zero
Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Yume Nikki, Monster Hunter, Splatoon, Fate/Grand Order
MOE Point(s)
school girl uniforms, glasses, nekomimi

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ink (2 years ago) #5706741thanks for the friend request! 8)
love your collection, and the fact that you like punpun is A++

You're welcome! Your collection is just way too cute!
And YES god bless punpun honestly
2 years ago
yoo its sandy (and riley)
3 years ago
tachola loves you!!
ink (3 years ago) #2225667 YESSS (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Eeeehehe thank you! I'm cosplaying her so I wanted to use an icon to match~

omg i just stumbled across your cosplay of her and wow you're a mega cutie *^*
( haha sorry if that sounded creepy, but holy mother of godoka, we have a cutie patootie in the house!! <333 )
3 years ago
tachola loves you!!
mako's boobs are best boobs

haha, all jokes aside, cute new icon! (Ɔ ˘⌣˘)♥
3 years ago
ink (3 years ago) #2192842Hi! Thanks for accepting my friend request :D Sorry I didn't say hello sooner, I got distracted by school.
Your art skills are seriously lovely- I was going through your Deviantart earlier today. I didn't even know you made those Defense Squad designs! (I bought one of your Shinji Defense Squad t-shirts a while ago :P) aaand now I'm following your Tumblr, aww yes~

Hello hello! Nice to meet you uwu NO WORRIES I'm a lazy butt so I respect your effort in even saying hello! I think most people will just send an FR and not say anything |Dc I know I do OTL

AAAAA Thank you very much! (/")//w//("\) Oh you bought one? THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH!! It makes me happy to know people are enjoying the design!! (⌒▽⌒)❤
3 years ago
Hi my love <3
3 years ago
ink (3 years ago) #2095733Hi there! Thanks for accepting my friend request ^u^ I'm just adding a bunch of people from San Diego haha, It's neat meeting figure collectors from the same area~

You are welcome, and I'm looking forward to get to know you better ^_^
3 years ago
Hello nice to meet you! ;-)
3 years ago
neL on ice
ink (3 years ago) #2084334Your Madoka collection makes me jealous *A* I wish I was as dedicated to the show to buy so much merch!
Ah thank you very much ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ! For me it was easy to decide "I wanna collect a lot of Madoka!" since I love it so much and focus on it a lot, but for others they just love many things and want to collect all of those instead of one!
3 years ago
Hi, i saw that you wished for the Rei Ayanami maid Version, i'm currently selling a brand new, undamaged and authentic limited edition light blue one for 220 USD with free shipping, other stores like plamoya and amazon are selling her for about 240-300 USD with shipping, pm me if interested! Thanks!
SALE #47141
3 years ago
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