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Hey-lo! If you're here, then you know that I'm called Insaner2play. You can call me Insaner for short.

I'm mostly a gamer, so my collections has always been games. Collecting figures is still new to me as I have recently became a figure collector as of late 2017. However my first figure was back in Spring/Summer of 2016, which is my Beatrice Nendoroid from Freedom Wars.

Majority of my wishlist are Figmas or poseable figures. I like them because I always wanted to make short videos (stop-motion) or mini comics with them. The funny thing is, most of my wishlist feature characters which I know little to nothing about; I just really like their designs. Haha!

I still wish I got into figure collecting years ago, because the prices of most of the figures I'm a fan of (e.g. Etna, Mitsuru, Mizore, FE characters), are a bit too expensive for me. Let me end this by saying... Umm, thank you for visiting my page?


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