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Welcome to my page!
the user formerly known as SegaGirl5000 (i changed my username lol)
I've been unhealthily obsessed with One Piece since I was like 11 and Sanji is my ULTIMATE HUSBAND
Currently in the US but looking to move back to Hong Kong if possible, I studied there for a year and fell in love with the place. If you need advice on where to go for buying figurines (and especially art toys), I can definitely help out!
Thanks for reading, hope you like my page!
- Jelly
Please don't send me FRs out of the blue without ever chatting with me, I am most likely going to deny it because I don't know you :(


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Collection of my ULTIMATE WIFE (Sanji)51





4Arnd 4ア一ンド
Glad it worked out and thank you for supporting our site. (^.^)
23 days ago
Thank you so much for the warm welcome! Gotta love some curly hair.
26 days ago
kusuriurisan army of uwu
Sent you a PM about Popuko/Pipimi!
1 year ago
SegaGirl50004 years ago#16587960Aha, I don't really have any specific favorites... I really listen to a lot of compliation albums and playlists. However the trance songs on the JSRF (Jet Set Radio Future) Soundtrack and the Elektronika: Better Music thru Chemistry album are some of my favorites! I really like this one: www.youtube.com... (warning: video is trippy and very y2k)

I can't say that I've heard that, and I've listened to a lot of Trance songs from many different years. Given the weather in NY right now, and the fact I absolutely love this song ever since I first heard it when it was aired, here's a good one: www.youtube.com...

Oh and seeing the Northern Lights is on my bucket list.
4 years ago
You know, we've never talked, but seeing as you're a fan of Trance, I'd think we get along just fine!

What are some of your favorites?
4 years ago
SegaGirl50005 years ago#6395977Yeah, usually when i'm buying figures online it can take me a year before I get an impulse (unless it's one of those "once-in-a-very-very-very long time" kinda sales, or in one case the preorder for the Tomoko Kuroki nendoroid (good purchase!)) Yeah, figmas can be on the cheaper side, I just usually don't spend more that 40 per figure (especially at conventions)... and as I've never bought a pre-owned figure before most figmas can go up to 70 at conventions x_x they're nice new, but not to my wallet!!! It's been nice to chat with you too, you've been super nice! :D I really appreciate all the advice you've given me as well. :D

It's been a pleasure helping you out here and there. As I said anything you need let me know I am here to help. I wonder if I should do like a Rear Abby column LOL I have this figurine but I thinks its cheating on me with the Ken Doll. LMAO
Sorry me being funny.

= )

5 years ago
SegaGirl50005 years ago#6372310Yeah, unopened figures can be so expensive x3x Personally I've never spent over... I think at most 70? But as I search more and more the more expensive they become ;A; I used to be kind of cold towards pre-owned figures (nothing is as nice as opening a sealed box... especially if it's from the early 2000s -w- ), but I now feel the same way about it I do used video games. "Sure, it's used! Who cares?!? It's not like you're hoarding it!!!" I'll probably get an account on one of those sites eventually *_* gotta look out for some figmas... I've always wanted to start but they've always been pretty expensive for me :P

I learned really quickly that t a discount but it's not like I bought them right away. Most of what I was hunting for were older figurines so they were only available on the used market. But like you I said Who cares if its not new LOL As for Figmas I always thought they ere usually on the cheaper side of things but I guess that is relevant as I collect Scale figurines and some of those are monsters when it comes to price. Lovely chatting with you btw.

= )

5 years ago
SegaGirl50005 years ago#6348898Thank you!! Your collection is amazing too *_* maybe in the future... when I have money.... *dreams*

It's all about the hunt when you start to collect. People want to get everything right away very often but they end up paying for it. As in you pay more then what you could find an item for if you hunted for it a little. I am guilty of this myself. I bought Primula from Someone on E-bay and I thought I was getting a good deal because she was sealed. Yet I knew that when I got her I would open it up and display it. Paid about $ 110.00 for her.

Did I feel stupid when she kept popping up on Ami AMi for 2450 Yen.. yeah that's $ 24 buck.. Outch. After I learned my lesson.. took a few trials and error. I found Ami Ami used site + Mandrake Used section. Both are filled with wonderful surprises that you can get at a decent price. That is if you do not mind waiting a little and hunting for the figurines that you wish to get.

= )

5 years ago
You have done a nice job of populating your profile; very nice. I have seen profiles with nothing on them which are more then 4 years old. Just wrote a welcome in your blog and I mentioned I would come and see you profile Very well done.

= )

5 years ago
Hey, welcome to the site. Let me know if you have any questions. ^_^
5 years ago


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