jesmagicchildjesmagicchild Pretty much 98% of my collection irritates my baby bro! XD

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It started all started with Little witch Parfait and now, some hundred plus some figures later, I'm completely hooked on the drug known as figure collecting.
I mostly enjoy nendoroids, but also order anything else that catches my eye.
I hope to save up enough funds to buy a nicer camera than the one I currently have so I can take nicer pics of my figures.
I'm honestly more of lurker than an active participant on most boards but, I'm always happy to answer any questions about a figure I have, and if I can I'll take some picture of it if you like. (be warned though they won't be of the highest quality... :P )

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04 months agoFerrari458Ferrari458
jesmagicchild (4 months ago) #19617354Another year has gone buy,
And you're still here!
Have a happy Birthday today!

Thank you I'm so excited to become 18
01 year agoFerrari458Ferrari458
Happy Birthday I hope you have a great day
01 year agojesmagicchildjesmagicchild
Ferrari458 (1 year ago) #8390502Thank you I'm exited to be turning 18

Nah, boy... You is 20.
It says so in yo profile... >:)
01 year agoFerrari458Ferrari458
jesmagicchild (1 year ago) #8385540Happy B-Day!
I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you I'm exited to be turning 18
01 year agoRightStufAnimeRightStufAnime
jesmagicchild (1 year ago) #6039368Hi there Right Stuf!
I have a question for you;
Will you have Stronger's Birthday Honoka up for sale?
I ask because you have the rest of the girls.
Thanks for taking the time to read this and have a nice day. :)

Sorry for the late reply!!

Yes we do!

[ext link ]


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