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Jess from Go Figure!!
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My Name is Jessica and I have a youtube channelwww.youtube.com... where I unbox and review anime figures and do other fun stuff!

SUPPORT MY VIDEOS: www.patreon.com/gofigure
Go Figure Tumblr: gofigurego.tumb... where we post photos of our
figures and news on the latest figures.
Go Figure Instagram: www.instagram.c... for everyday crazy bits.
My Instagram: www.instagram.c...
My vlog channel: www.youtube.com...
My clothing store:thatanimestore....


I like to have a collection that makes me happy hence why I collect Sonico figures since she is always smiling and I LOVE her colours! I also like Miku figures because companies always make really nice artistic twists of her and because she is also a bubbly character like Sonico. I also collect other random figures form anime I like. My aesthetic is mostly sexy and cute.

What I like:
Anime figures,
designing shirts for That Anime Store,
cheese popcorn,
Animal Crossing (dream address: 5000-5134-1070),
Sephora (Fave brand: Urban Decay and Too Face),
pokemon games (Fave Pokemon: Sylveon + Turtwig + Darkrai),
K-pop jams,
Tumblr jessicrotte.tum...,
Glittery nail polish,
collecting Pusheen everything,
The Go Figure Community,
and I occasionally paint.

Thanks for stopping by (✿╹◡╹)
k. Bye!



I miss you guys ♡♡♡♡
1 month ago
Happy Birthday! I miss seeing your videos and I hope all is going well. Best wishes.
4 months ago
Jessica, I miss you so much! Go figure was my favourite channel and it inspired me to collect anime figues! I was really sad when Mia left, but now that channel is dead for 2 years, it's really a waste... You are such a funny and heart warming person! I was really enjoying your videos... Even now, at least oance per month, I rewatch few of your videos! I don't know what happend, but if you heve eny personal problems, its totaly okay! Take your time, but it would really be awesome if you can come back to us someday... Skayler loves you so much! Best regards! ♡♡♡♡♡♡
9 months ago
neonbrown1 year ago#44483881We miss you. ❤ X 2 We miss you. ❤
1 year ago
Happy Birthday Jessica:)
1 year ago
We miss you. ❤
1 year ago
Your videos made me start collecting :) i hope mia comes back sometimes
1 year ago
JESS HAVE YOU SEEN THIS LEVI FIGURE YET????!! www.amiami.com/...

i thought it'd only be right to share this with you :-0

Leviii..... ♡(ŐωŐ人)
2 years ago
You have an amazing collection! Really enjoy your Youtube Channel ^_^ Keep up the great work :D
2 years ago
Happy Belated Birthday Jess
2 years ago
Import from Japan


Some fave:One Punch Man, AOT, Parasyte, Ouran High School Host Club, Kamisama Kiss and Hellsing
I am a big Nintendo 3DS fan. Favourite game on it is Animal Crossing. My fave game of all time is Pokemon Snap.
D 7000 Nikon
I edit my Videos on a 7 year old computer. I use Adobe Premiere Pro CS6. I also use Photomatix Pro 5.0.4 to edit my pictures.


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