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Hello, thanks for stopping by. Please feel free to add me.

I started collecting around 2003. My first figure was Arcueid Brunestud by Spring. When i first started collecting i would pretty much buy whatever I was watching at the moment. As time passed on I started focusing on collecting quality figures with characters that i enjoyed. However, i still do have impulse buying though ^^;;

At the moment I am encountering a problem with space. I might end up putting up some of my collection on sale or quit collecting till i can find better living quarters.

I am proud to say that I have ONLY encountered 1 counterfeit figure in my collection. SAY NO to counterfeits!!!!

Sue Grafton Series
Fuji A303, Canon SD 780IS
HP Elite 9280t Core I7 920, Acer Aspire One


Fast shipper, and good communicator. Will buy from you again if I see something I like. Such a beautiful figure you sold to me. Thank you. :) Happy NEW YEAR!!!
3 years ago
i'm so jealous that you have the Yagyu Jubei Vers. with her two swords :( i want her, too!
6 years ago
Kzuki Stalker
Merry Christmas and a happy 2011! :D
7 years ago
jinx626meerakuHi! I just saw that you had a problem with the Lacus Clyne RAH DX figure's pony tail coming off. I just got one and it's snapped in the mail and I was wondering if you'd found a way to get in back on effectively.

Thanks :)

I used a hot glue gun but eventually it came off again. I have also tried superglue. Haven't found a way to reattach. Any luck on your end?

Actually, I have! I applied superglue for PVC on the hair and attached it but I kept up the hair with a big cylindrical chunk of plastacine between the hair and her back. I then left her in a cupboard, face down, but still semi-propped up with a book. She was in there for nearly 24 hours with regular checks ^^ It's still quite delicate but she managed a half-hour car trip back to my Mum's and she's been upstanding without any trouble for a week now :)
7 years ago
Hi! I just saw that you had a problem with the Lacus Clyne RAH DX figure's pony tail coming off. I just got one and it's snapped in the mail and I was wondering if you'd found a way to get in back on effectively.

Thanks :)
7 years ago
jinx626You check out the new figures announced at wonder festival? Got a few there that perked my interest.

Tons. Wonder Festival wants my money. All of it.
7 years ago
Kzuki Stalker
Ah that's pretty cool. Wish we had Japanese guests and what not at cons here, but we don't lol.

What do you think of HOTD? I am watching it too but the unnecessary panty flashes and bouncy boobs are making it very annoying to watch <_<
Amagami SS first 2 eps annoyed me too haha, but after the Morishima arc ended I felt better overall.
Don't stay behind! Follow stuff haha, but I know what you mean :)

Definitely! Not too much stuff out there for me this year, but that's actually a good thing :)
Dizzy figure/42026_di... looking great there, can't wait for colored version.
Yoko figure/42182_yo... can't have too many Yoko's !
Yuri figure/42033_yu... Want to see colored version of her :)

Aw just Hitagi? Nothing else caught your eyes? xd
Well she does look promising, but I prefer the GSC over the Alter one so far :)
7 years ago
Hey, check your inbox as I've send a message answering your question.
7 years ago
jinx626Rightstuf.com has Tordora premium edition ep 1-12 on sale for $43.99 if your interested.
Yeah, I saw. Thanks. Don't like Toradora that much, so I think I'll wait for a re-release, if any. Was just confused since there was so little information on its NA licensing.

BTW, if you were at AX I assume you might be local. What's your area?
7 years ago
Kzuki Stalker
jinx626Congrats to Holland to making it to the Finals. However, my opinion is that Germany will win it if they beat Spain. But who knows soccer is quite an unpredictable sport.

Here is a recording of the Macross F concert thanks to Moyism. So many awesome songs m0e.me/me They pretty much played all the main songs in Macross F and some songs off their personal albums.

Any big Anime conventions in your area? And if there is what is usually your aim at these conventions for example cosplay, meeting guests of honor, shopping, etc.?

Well Long Beach 2007 was a disaster due to the location of the Venue which was too small and very disorganized. Lots of things were spread out among the hotel ballrooms around the convention center. Also the mistreatment of the Japanese guests of honor there and also the rude security personnel there. Also the autographs signing were disasters. I waited in line for the Haruhi autograph signing the first day and it was cancelled. They announced the cancellation 5 hours after i waited in line. Then day 2 for the autograph signing i didn't make the cut due bad line management even though waited in line since 5am.

The autographs i'll plan to frame them. The rolled up thing is actually a poster for toradora. I'll also plan to frame the artist drawings of Yui and Mio.

Well off i go to finish off Angel Beats! Also high school of the dead anime so far is faithful to the manga. What are you currently watching?

Unpredictable hell yeah! Germany lost so now it's Holland vs Spain! I think Spain will win, but I am rooting for my tiny country :3

Thanks for the link! Loved it, love the Macross F music ^^ Awesome that you had the opportunity to see them perform.

Apparently one of the smaller cons I went to a few years ago, Abunai, got a whole lot bigger. And well I attended only once and it was small, not really well organized and boring choice of anime at the video rooms etc. Last year I went to Animecon, the biggest anime con in The Netherlands. Pretty much bad cosplays everywhere I looked, didn't like the game room, dealerroom sucked and didn't even bother with the videoroom nor any of the events/panels. If I do go to a con then it's definitely for the dealeroom to score some goodies to break the circle of only internet shopping. Sometimes you just feel the need to see/touch goods irl xd. What do you look for at a con, anything in particular?

Oh gosh that sounds pretty bad. Waiting in line for that long too, jeez. Was that also the case this year? I can see many people wanting to have an autograph and there being a huge line.. so you always go to all days of the con or just a few days?

Cool! Do you have more autographs from other artists etc?
Ah I see, must have been so fun going there :)

I tried first ep for Highschool of the Dead and I thought it sucked lol. Unnecessary fanservice bugs the hell out of me but I am guessing that's the same thing in the manga?
Hm tried Amagami SS, sucked too.. annoying characters/voices <_<
Kuroshitsuji II had a good first ep, was surprised :)
And Seitokai Yakuindomo also didn't leave a good impression on me, sexual jokes.. I don't mind but they were rather lame.
Anything else you are going to try?
7 years ago
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