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Hello there glad you stopped by ^^
Selling some things from my collections slowly putting sales.If interested pm me
for now those(list/79230)

I`m John(as if you havent figured that out > _ <)
From young i had the collectors "virus" if you can call it that.I also loved anime
even thought i didnt knew what it was then.Well those two inevitably collided and here I am :)
Started collecting in the 2008 slow and steady.
Getting slowly in the Model and Garage Kit world.
I love cars,bikes,tanks and airplanes.
Interested in collectible card games and a doll enthusiast.
Also i like Radio/Control planes ,cars and generally rc related things

Ι like to meet new people so if you have a question,want to ask something or just looking for some conversation dont hesitate to say hi or hit that PM button :)

Cya around
TopGear,GrandTour,Vikings,GoT,Movies,One Piece, Fate/ ,GUNDAM,Initial D and a whole bunch more
Classical Literature(fiction),Fantasy,Manga and couple more
Smite,GW2,WarThunder,One Piece ,Pokemon,and others
Classical,Symthonic Metal,Epic Metal,Metal,Eurobeat,Jpop,bit of POP,Listening to various stuff also
nikon d3200


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Η συλλογή σου είναι φοβερή *o*!!!
1 month ago
johntheo95 (2 months ago) #24591199Hello i think i might have missed it since i was not very active this year but is it possible to still enter the secret santa??

Oh, I'm so sorry. It is too late ;____;
2 months ago
johntheo95 (8 months ago) #18218535Hello. Just wondering if you plan on making a blog about the santa gifts?
Also dont remember if i sent you a pic or not :/

tbh I wanted everyone to receive the gifts first, but I think it will take too long. ;_;
I didn't get any pics from you though
7 months ago
I tried to add all the prices but i didn't have the time to finish. I will continue this afternoon but i added almost all POP i think profile/Garentz...
9 months ago
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day! ^^
9 months ago
GetterDragon (9 months ago) #17644258Πολύχρωμος και του χρόνου με υγεία!!!

Ευχαριστω αλλα αλλα ηρθες 12,23 ωρες νωριτερα :P Τα περιμενω ξανα σε 11:48 ή σε 3:48 με ωρα Ιαπωνιας
9 months ago
Πολύχρωμος και του χρόνου με υγεία!!!
9 months ago
johntheo95 (1 year ago) #14757406Goodmorning.
Just wanted to let you know there is a Sale in HLJ hlj.com/summer-...
and there are some stuff you might want.

Thanks about the sales, i have taken a look and only seen hlj.com/product... and hlj.com/product... Luffy looks good but i don't really like small figures like these ones. The price for Hera was great but i know that the shipping was around the same price than the figure or a little more. Besides this figure take too much place to display and i have already enough orders.
1 year ago
johntheo95 (1 year ago) #14698437She has them thats why i`m limited to the ones i linked.Also it sad but somewhat no unexpected that i couldnt find Maki`s performance outfit in the shops i usually buy from....
Maybe i should go with ITEM #318685 as you suggested instead of ITEM #218658
Its a tough one :S
This aside are you planning to upload the pics and videos from the event?

Ok well i think that you should go for ITEM #318685
I'm currently working to upload videos and pictures.
1 year ago
johntheo95 (1 year ago) #14696169Np im sure it must have been awesome being there even if it was tiring.I think you would be a big help
I`m now between
ITEM #218658
ITEM #318685
ITEM #318684 (seems the least likely)
ITEM #318692
ITEM #318689 (also not so likely)
i think one of her fav might be Hanayo and Honoka since there more things from them but she got a mini nendo Eli also as i said.I`m kinda leaning for the Eli with the performance outfit since the training seems kinda plain.Also i kinda feel that the others in their training outfit isnt as spectacular as her :/ (Really trying to hold myself back to not get another for me >_< )
The thing is not what i prefer but what would she.Since you know the chars what do you think?Would she like Eli?
Thanks for the help :)

If her favorite is Honoka, in my opinion the best one is ITEM #218633 and if it's Hanayo i think that the best one is ITEM #218652 but as you told me that she should like ITEM #318685
1 year ago
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