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i love maki ♡♡♡
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hello, i'm june!! i'm from texas, i'm currently in my junior year of college, and i really love nishikino maki!!! ❤️❤️

my first figure was ITEM #144335, which my mom bought for me as a gift sometime before january 2015, but i didn't start collecting until june of that year. i started my maki collection in july 2016 with ITEM #316790 and ITEM #356870, and i took a break from collecting figures starting in 2017 (and a break from anime in 2018) to focus on collecting maki. on september 2022, 2018 i recieved ITEM #328061 in the mail and achieved my goal of owning every maki figure (excluding new releases and garage kits/doujin figures)!! ❤️

after getting back into pokemon in 2020 thanks to quarantine, i started collecting pokemon figures and goods, and i sold a lot of my old collection to fund my new one (my only regret is parting with ITEM #166616 🥲). i started watching anime again in 2020 as well, and after buying ITEM #872651 in june 2021 i officially started collecting figures again :) since then i've fallen in love with so many series and characters, both old and new, and it's been a lot of fun getting back into the hobby ❤️

my second favorite character of all time is N, and my third is hoshimi junna from revue starlight!! ❤️ unfortunately junna doesn't have any figures yet, but i'm keeping my fingers crossed that one day she will 🥺

i post photos of my figures on my instagram account, @junecollects! i also host love live (and pokemon) box splits with one of my best friends on @koshikisplits! ❤️❤️

maki collectionpokemon collectionkaguya-sama collectionjunna collection

maki collection part 1! ♡450





Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Happy Birthday! :) Have a great day
4 months ago
4 months ago
mintbunny The Geeky Bunny
Happy Birthday!!https://tirofinale.kirara.ca/i/-XXJU/hactIvzFCgFfSQ.jpg
4 months ago
Rimurushion Slime Demon Lord
Happy Birthday! :)
1 year ago
Oh ok that's fine! But if you ever sell Maki or Pokemon stuff let me know~
1 year ago
I may track Ghost Maki down, but I do want Birthday Maki more because I love the pose, art and costume.

Homura best girl! I like your taste already lol are you looking for the Figmas/Nendoroids from the series?
1 year ago
I actually had the one from the same Alter set as the Kotori but sold her...to fund Kotori lol I miss her admittedly but I do want that birthday one since the outfit is really pretty, and it's actually on my cosplay list too! I also need Umi and Nozomi scales...

You should watch the rest of Madoka Magica! There's actually a new anime out for it now. I saw you have the Homura scale variant that I also have~ Homura best girl too?
1 year ago
I knooooow! I mainly need a scale of her to go with my Kotori (who you can tell I adore lol)

PS are you into Madoka Magica too?
1 year ago
Oh my tomato, another Maki fangirl?? Yes! I've been wondering about getting some Maki merch~
1 year ago
Oobs キュン ~ ☆
ah thank you!! you have such a lovely collection *A* love all maki <3
1 year ago