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I'm just a college student who collects figures when I have some spare $ and sells them when I need funds for tuition and textbooks orzlll

If you're interested in buying a figure from my collection, feel free to pm me about it! ^^

I generally don't open about 90% of my figures, so if I do sell them, I tend to sell judging from the prices on MFC + 1/2 of shipping from Japan + shipping within U.S. or to another country + PP fees.

Sorry if you were looking for a cheap deal from a desperate college student, but I tend to keep my figures and artbooks new unless they were damaged via transit, and thus, I won't sell them for 1/2 price or anything like that.

If you do see lower advertised prices from other sellers or stores, you're free to link them to me and I will match the selling price (excluding shipping prices from Japan and within U.S./to another country).

I am generally friendly unless you're arrogant, dishonest, or rude towards me.
NCIS, tons of anime whose titles I can't remember
old 15-inch Toshiba laptop


kage-ouji (1 year ago) #19366686Just wanted to say that I love your Miqo'te avatar <33333
Thanks. I also like my catgirl.
1 year ago
I don't mean to be nosy but I hope that you won't deal with another buyer like the one from Hong Kong. Why'd s/he even avoid you when you said you'd pay for the remaining fees? O_o
1 year ago
Hi, your inbox is full and I'd like to buy your Yoko art book. Please PM me :)
1 year ago
kage-ouji (1 year ago) #14392744I hope you don't mind me adding you as a friend! You have awesome taste in art and it's nice that you were able to buy Sevnilock's artbook--I had no idea it was on Amazon China O//A//O
yes sure! ^_^ sevnilovk is like Lin Lang?!? So you know something about the artist? I only liked the art in the artbook but couldn't find much else.
Thanks for your FR request!
1 year ago
Infos in ur inbox =)
3 years ago
Heyo, your inbox was full so I'll just comment here or shoot me a pm owo)"
Could I request a Ieyasu and Mitsunari sketch along with my order? If you have time ofcourse oAo)"
(I'm the weirdo who bought them some moments ago)
4 years ago
Your inbox is full but I was wondering if you still had Lily for sale? Thank you!
4 years ago
Reading your user sales post:

kage-ouji (5 years ago) #1539775

They all ignored my invoices and messages after winning the items and I had to pick up the tab for selling things I couldn't sell.

Make sure you file a UID so you're not hit with fees for items that were never paid.
5 years ago
I have Totori and she's in great condition! Thanks so much for getting her to me!
6 years ago
Sannouk Kit Cat
Hello cage-ouji, welcome and have a great time here on MFC Tsukiboard ^_^
8 years ago
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