Best Goods from Japan
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we have the same taste..good *___* do you like love live ?
what is your favoritepair in LL?
the same figures in wishlist...xD
4 years ago
kagehito5 years ago#2549477Happy Birthday!thank u
5 years ago
kagehito5 years ago#2531135I do not regret purchasing her and I think she is quite beautiful. That said, she feels like one of the most fragile figures in my collection. She's very light, but her head/hair piece feels brittle and I am always afraid of breaking her. In one of the pictures you can see that the side strap of her top broke. I am not sure when, but it was definitely from me handling it. She was packed well when she arrived. I would just be extra careful when putting her together or moving her.

Wow thank you very much for your comment and the pictures. She is truly a nice figure and you convinced me that I should probably get her.
My worst concern is that she might arrive broken due to the shipping as she is made of Poly Stone. But if she was well packed that should not happen.

Thanks again for your big help!
And by the way, stunning and huge collection! :)
5 years ago

I am currently thinking about buying this figure ITEM #165518 and just wanted to ask for your opinion as you already own her. Is she worth the buy? Or do you maybe have some pics from her?

Thank you very much !
5 years ago
Happy new year !
6 years ago
kagehito7 years ago#1704093Happy Birthday!
Hope you are having a great day!

Thank you very much :) definitely enjoying the day.
7 years ago
Hey buddy, I just wanted to let you know about these Sonico Prize figures that went up for sale on Big in Japan about 1-2 days ago and are selling out quick because of the high quality and low price:

Space Police: ITEM #157717
Teeth Brushing version: ITEM #154964
Sweets Time version: ITEM #154965

All of them are less than ¥1,600 each for 1/7 scale figures.
7 years ago
Hey there, thanks for approving my friend request. I thought we had pretty similar interest in figures so I wanted to add you to my friends list.
7 years ago
merry christmas hope you nice day :3
7 years ago
iTheShirt Seasonally Otaku'd
kagehito8 years ago#1198165No bother, but sorry, I do not wish to sell her. Good luck in your hunt.Thank you so much. ^^d
8 years ago
Best Goods from Japan


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