karolannafellowskarolannafellows "Do you know of love? And true tears...?"

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021 days agoagcpicturesagcpictures
karolannafellows (23 days ago) #26298100Great and local seller!!
Thank you :D

Thank you so much! Hope you enjoy King Mickey!
01 month agodragonfire365dragonfire365
karolannafellows (1 month ago) #25947487Hey about item #163739 I tried to remove her carefully right after seeing your response and she came off but the single peg is now in her left foot ... and I just got her today too paid alot! :'(
Not saying it's your fault but pretty devastated after and it was really stuck in there I guess...
If only I knew someone local who can fix these type of things but I don't...

Really sorry to hear that! Did you purchase her brand new or used? I bought her new a while back and she wasn't attached to her base when I opened her. I've had parts break too and it really is devastating. I recommend using some super glue to repair the peg. Luckily you won't notice the damage, and thank goodness it wasn't her entire leg :)
01 month agoryun84ryun84
karolannafellows (1 month ago) #25737103Hi! Looks like we are close in the same state I rarely meet anyone on here that close all I wanted to say ! :3

Hey there! You're in the OC too? Come to my pizza shop sometime. I'll treat you to some awesome pizza!
01 month agoEnderspoinkEnderspoink
karolannafellows (1 month ago) #25347804Do you sometimes get rid of your figures' boxes just wondering if so I don't mind taking them it's better than throwing them out if so? :3

I usually keep the boxes for my figures. This is just in case I get into a financial situation and need to sell them, so I haven't actually thrown away any boxes for that my figures came with.

In the case of some of the figures I sell that have no boxes, I had actually bought them that way, so there were no boxes to sell them with in the first place.
02 months agozby_orzzby_orz
karolannafellows (2 months ago) #24380954I see there are people who do that maybe you can find someone :< ?

Yep but I didn't have the time to find someone, and now I moved to another place and the Aichi GK are in my hometown, I guess they will be unpainted forever ;;e;;

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