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Thank you!!<3
14 days ago
Hi! You didn't need to take it down actually, I just thought editing the title would get attention from USPS users and that could help you out more.:)) I honestly don't think there was anything about your entry that'd make any mods upset.
If you have the article saved somewhere else, I think you should still post it, but edit the title asking help from both Buyee users and USPS users.
Also, definitely call USPS with that tracking number to find out what's going on with the package being sent back, because you're being charged extra money from the shop for their mistake...
Wishing good luck to you~
15 days ago
Glad that the info can offer some help to you. Hope u can settle nicely with the seller.
1 month ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
kiizato1 month ago#84869541Such a sweet, unexpected message! Thank you! ♡
Your profile is wonderful, and don't get me started on your Tales collection! *o*

Thank you!! My Tales collection is the one thing I could never let go of. I've thought about selling (and have sold) so many other items but couldn't imagine getting rid of those. It's funny you mention that btw, cause when I saw your ordered figs I thought "might as well get Yuri now" and I ended up finding him on ebay for a good price literally an hour ago lol. I want that Sonic figure too aaahhh. I can't believe we finally get a decent scale of him and it's in that outfit though smh.
1 month ago
WindsorSeven SHSL Vegone
I love your profile and your love of Yuri.

That is all.
1 month ago
Yahallo Defrosting Ice King
kiizato1 month ago#84592543I'm not familiar with the anime, but your collection for Yui is so impressive! I'm always amazed and fascinated by collections that are dedicated to one character, they're so fun to look at and admire. ^^
Thank You!
I don't really have a "Grail" figure that I'm chasing but rather a "Collection" to complete!
Once I get them all, I plan on doing a huge review article so keep a look out ^_^
1 month ago
Aw that's so kind of you! You have a great collection too, really like all the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts figures! :)
1 month ago
Thank you for stopping by! I really like your avatar and your profile as well! :D
2 months ago
Misu Karamatsu Girl
Your profile page is very beautiful !! (Your collection too ♥)
3 months ago
Welcome to the board kiizato! :)

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6 months ago
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