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currently in hiatus for this hobby SOBS



Hello there! I have these for sale if you are interested~
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4 years ago
Hello there!~
I wish you a WONDERFUL Birthday and the best!! \(^o^)/
5 years ago
The art on your about is so beautiful. ;;
5 years ago
kimustache5 years ago#3069771waa Smiley! which proxy are you two using? welp I should've let you know earlier Q_Q I can save so much on shipping orz;
(replying here just in case my reply seems OT >_<)

We went through a friend in japan... Lucky he willing to help us becoz we really dunnoe where to order alrdy... This artbook is selling like hotcakes, even after the GO is full there's still so many ppl come and ask if we can add more ppl into the GO...
I guess that explains why all retail online shops sold them out so damn fast... Its a pain to went through all the frustration of cancelled order Orz
5 years ago
Hello and thank you for accepting my FR! ^o^
5 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
kimustache6 years ago#2444521I'm actually irk by those selfie sticks/monopods actually, but hey world's not revolving around me, so I just need to stop being annoyed with little things XD
I sound like Kise tho! AHAAHA adding -cchi to anyone (except with rl friends lololol) lmao I know! Whenever a friend of mine called me that, I can only die in embarrassment LMAO (but still better than another friend of mine who called me Kimochi, which she playfully moans while calling me with that OTL;;;)
Maya =______= haven't heard that 'word' for the longest time ahahah OTL we broke few times yet 'he' still calling me to come back and repair our relationship LOL

LOL. Same thought same thought~
HHA! Well I really seemed like Yuri since I prefer short and easy names. XDD
WHA--- That sounds so wrong. O_____O

Well our Animation Festival starts on Thursday until Saturday next week, that's Nov 20-22. My works got in also in the event but sadly no digital art of mine. ||oTL
The department chair here prefers photo manipulation than digital art to be displayed in the festival. I'm such a loser with photo manipulation actually. I find it hard sometimes. >____>"
For now, Maya and Me are on a hiatus status. HHA! It's due to the preparation of the venue, props and videos for the festival. XDD
6 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
kimustache6 years ago#2401487Wow, congrats on getting the works done before the dateline! I can never do that hahaahaha //slaps self//
What, individual work? =_____= I can never pass this one for sure.... aahahah it's not really for a film subject, more like understanding types of angles etc. for our Storyboard Design class :D though it's really silly bc my friend kept filming my eyes for extreme close up shot OTL YESSS I KNOW RIGHT! I rarely do selfie and if I do I usually do it with webcam with various poses for anatomy studying purpose LMAO maybe it's just me, but for me selfie is a very narcissistic thing, I like to hide behind anonymity when it comes to internet (unless for really close friends). Ahahahah I sound like I hate the selfie culture but not really, when my friends ask me to have a group selfie, I'll be very happy to join, but I just won't do the selfie alone LMAO
Maybe I should add sth to the nickname, like Naocchi? ahahaha! I have a friend calling me Kimchi LOL!
Unfortunately they aren't D: my school admins want everyone to have basic business and entrepreneurship skills bc they want us to become bosses instead of employees to someone. it's good but not all of us really pay attention to those subjects ahahahaaha (but I think I can ask my lil sis to teach me since she's majoring in Business ahahah)
AWWW THANK YOU ;W;! I have quite few final projects to do but fret not I think I can survive these, probably....ahaahaha XD;;
Ohh bc I live in a boarding college, all of my packages have to go through the college's main office which is my mom's workplace, I always receive at least 5~7 packages every one week in a month so that one week is a horrible (bc of mom's bullet-speed scolding OTL;;;;) yet awesome week LMAO! And ohhh don't forget making loot article! ovo)b I loveeeee reading bishounens loot articles especially ahahahha! I hope you'll be able to pick them up safely!! :DD

LOL. I feel the same way about you with selfies. I don't do selfies by myself alone but if it's group selfies, I join in from time to time. XDD

HHA! I don't mind Naocchi since it's like mochi, HHA! XDDD
Well yours is actually already like the korean kimchi food. Joke. XDD
Ahh, sadly now, I'll be making a blog post by December already so I have tons of free time to do it. HHA! Seeing classes already resumed here in my school. Another 6 month relationship with Maya. That's what my prof always tells us. Have a relationship with Maya when your an animation student. LOL. XDD
6 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
kimustache6 years ago#2387802Hai hai hai!! Wow, the difference between you and me. I mean, I'm pretty free most of the time although new semester has just started last month. But hey, it's okay! You should prioritize your work ahahaha I can wait for the reply, no biggie >wo)b
(but dayumm festival for the public? this is like some kind of exhibition hosts by final year students at my place o: )
WOW!! That's awesome! I can never be in charge for tv advertisement (except for some assignments ahhahah I was totally awkward being a cameraman and lead actress <--bc I was the only female PSHHHHH) but wow idk I feel like to fly to the Philippines just to see the festival! I love attending to this kind of event <3 but then again, I don't have a passport nor enough money to just freely fly to your place OTL;;
Ahahahaah #AnimationStudentsFirstWorldProblem lmao! Ganbatte and good luck for finals!! I hope everything goes smoothly and may lady luck be with you all the time! <3 I slacked for my 3 months of semester break, boy I have been missing holidays ever since new semester starts lmao OTL;;;
XD well, can I call you Nao, then? ^^
Like I said before, yeah, new semester has started already (booooo) and things are quite okay although I dislike some of the subjects (looking at you Introduction to Business Organization and Entrepreneurship >__>). I don't have any Animation-related subjects for this semester (uni is prioritizing practical students for those subjects, so I have to extend another semester bc of this system :( ) so that could be the reason why I'm kinda...free? but hahaaha it's too soon to tell!

LOL! Well starting around this week I'll be pretty much free by then and start playing the games I've been holding off. Thanks! XDD

Yeah, the festival will start on November so our head chair professor asked us to finish all our works by this week and pretty much I'm all done already! I just need to pass it to my professor this week. I can finally relax, phew~ http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9rakm787j1qdlkyg.gif

HHA! For the TV advertisement, it was an individual work, LOL. You gotta work your butt for it! Well being the cameraman and lead actress was for the film subject I presume? I've been there so I feel you for it but I'm only a side actress back then, HHA! I don't like being shown in the camera or even being in front of it. Heck, I don't even take selfies that much. LOL. I don't get it why people take selfies though. For me there's no point of it, hmm.. Maybe because I don't mind what I look like anyway, but I'm presentable in the least. XDDD

I really hope everything goes smoothly and thank you! >u<b
LOL! I feel you! That'll be what I'll be experiencing this break seeing I'm gonna slack off most of the time in my room by then~ http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuvmluS1qzckow.gif

Oh sure~ You can call me Nao~ Most of the people I know here in MFC call me that so I don't mind. ^^
WHA- You have a Business Organization and Entrepreneurship subject?! We don't have those here in my course but I presume it's a minor subject one then? D:
Well time will tell if you're already free or not, HHA! XDD
Good luck with your studies and may luck may be with you all the time Kim! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuvmluS1qzckow.gif

Speaking of which, I believe I have tons of packages to pick up these week at the post office. I another horde of items incoming, HHA! But seriously, it's hectic. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckow.gif
6 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
kimustache6 years ago#2309017My juniors went through the same with you except that they have to make a stop-motion, they keep sighing at me and even complain why the seniors had it easy (bc starting their batch till later, they have to make a stop-motion short film lmao pity kouhaitachi.... hahaha good luck though ! *patspatspats*
Ahahaaha the only reason I don't wanna further the course till Degree is bc at my uni, even at Degree level, they still leaning more to 3D animation aishh >___>;; Whoah very awesome ambition you have though ;v;)b I wish the best for you !!
It's because we don't have a lot of animation lecturers to begin with OTL;; we 'borrow' other lecturers from other department sometimes (particularly from Multimedia department), but for 3D subject, no one can replace him while he's away (he's like the busiest guy at my uni hahahahaa even the dean couldn't win over him lmao!)
What kind of aspect that changes? o: Shape changes? (insert any 3D terms here bc apparently, for this long-term holiday, I seal all of my knowledge about 3D...hahahhaaa)
HIKIKOMORI FTW!! XDDD idk how to be an illustrator here at Malaysia OTL I just wanna move to Japan bc illustrators are so needed at there (well it does look like that to me....hahahaa)

Thank you! :D
And long time no talk yet again, LOL! I've been so busy with animation again since we have an upcoming festival wherein all of the animator students present their works to the public. And dang, I had to keep up with the deadline which is today so I'm temporarily free now. YAY! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuoBe0o1qzckow.gif

Well atleast it's good to dream right? XDD
Animation here sometimes has lectures but it's mostly in exercises, practices and practical modeling of characters. Ugh, I had to make a TV Advertisment Commercial and Music Video for the festival and I'm so soooooooooo hungry that I usually just drink coffee to keep up my alertness and focus on the character I'm making. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckow.gif

B-but now I can finally eat.. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcvqToXY1qzckow.gif
The dents and joints especially the bones I aligned changes somehow. ||oTL
It's depressing really that's why whenever that happens I just start the character all over again from scratch using Maya itself. Finals are already next week here so I'll be soon having my semestral break. I can finally relax and play games! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcttgdYF1qzckow.gif

How you've been doing lately as well Kim? http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuvmluS1qzckow.gif
Is it okay if I call you that? I have a short memory for names so I prefer short names to call people, LOL. If not, just let me know what to call you. XDD
6 years ago
Naoto-chan 一リッカ
kimustache6 years ago#2306144Ahahaa it's okay for the late reply! Whoah claymation? Is it for final project or just as an assignment? Good luck though! Hahaaha
I just can't wait to finish this and get over it gaahhhh I'm not even sure to continue to Degree or not but no way in Hell nor Heaven I wanna take Animation for Degree. I don't wanna spend my life doing 3D animations >___> Whoah it's better if they just stay at the other course, they made the most awesome choice to shift to other course, ahhh I should've do that during my first year OTL;; no, I should've not accepted the offer at the first place OTL speaking of 2D or 3D subjects, there's a private school at my country offering 2D animation and 3D animation as separate course..... WHY ARE THEY INTRODUCING THESE SOOOO LATE I WAS AT MY 2ND YEAR ALREADDYYY AT THAT TIME GAAAHHH
Ahahhaaa but yeah, we actually liked the fact he keep pulling the absent card bc his classes start at 8.30 a.m on every Mondays like yooo who the hell wanna learn 3D for every early Mondays, that's like a suicidal...
I've heard a lot of senpais been using ZBrush, though I really wanna try it, but the fact that it's still 3D, I'm just... uhh lol no. Ahahaahaha! I would rather spend my time brushing up my drawing skills...
idk I hate it too much to the point I just ahhh whatever I'm gonna hire a person to do 3D assignments for me instead but then again, I'm poor ;A; </3 I can't really enjoy my University life bc of this, just bc a lot of the alumni are now working as 3D animators doesn't really mean the current students will do the same, sheeeeessshhhhh
I just wanna settle down as an illustrator for children books and working from home... (AHAHAHA FAT CHANCE! KEEP DREAMING, MYSELF)

Yep, we have Claymation subject here and my gosh! It's so hectic! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gclke0QX1qzckow.gif
Since you have to take a shot of the clay figures by each movement so its like taking 100 frame shots just to have it in motion. Though the bad thing is that 100 frames is just for 30 seconds of the clip! I'm almost annoyed preparing for it especially when our leader tells us to start all over again! http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcrloKIt1qzckow.gif
If ever I do fail in this semester's subjects, I'm just gonna take Animation as my Master's Degree since I really want to focus more on 2D and polish as well as practice my drawing skills. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcu8hhEm1qzckow.gif

LOL! I heard the same with others but they didn't get that much students yet due to lack of advertisement of the course. Woah, seriously?! Gosh, our professor only gets absent if they need to be on a gathering and events for animators here in the Philippines. XDD
Z-Brush is pretty easy actually but transferring it to Maya is such a pain in the head, LOL. It takes a bit effort since sometimes the one you made in Z-Brush gets changed in Maya so I always tend to be careful since I don't like doing things all over again. http://media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m9gcuhiQl11qzckow.gif

HHA! I also wanna settle down as an illustrator since I really much enjoy drawing than modelling 3D characters, so yeah I'm pretty much a home person type of girl, HHA!! XDDD
6 years ago
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