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hi, my name's sachi :) be nice.
my art blog is @s4cchan on tumblr.

if i had a nickel for every time my favourite character was a murderous long haired man who wields a katana i'd have two nickels which isn't a lot but it's weird it happened twice
all books i own (save for hypmic guidebook/mononoke) are english releases
other rambly stuff other rambly stuff i absolutely ADORE jewelry as merchandise and it's torture that squeenix releases so much of it. it's a stupid expensive but beautiful and subtle (imho) way to display your love for something. if only...

related to squeenix - why are they so picky with licenses? the figures they manufacture have pretty consistently just been straight up bad. i'm especially disappointed with that exarch they're making, i love him a lot but ... anyways, i'm mainly surprised something like ff7 never got nendoroids. nendoroids!! i'd kill for a sephiroth nendo!!!

i try to keep to only ordering figures of characters i know i love. i've been pretty good about it so far but broke for this beauty (actually picked up onmyoji to justify him! ... i haven't gotten very far). also besides that guy all my non mfc shit is genshin LMAO. i don't even keep up much with the story anymore i just like these characters :)

i keep series lists if i notice i'm wishing a lot from something in particular (i wanna keep it to like, 20+). it doesn't mean i necessarily want the items as much as, like, my big wants list. it's just something that would be nice to have, someday. there's some overlap in em for sure, so 100% message me if you're selling anything in any of my lists that i do not own! please be reasonable.

disclaimer that my non-mfc lists are just written how i imagine they'd be formatted if the items listed were allowed lol. if you think anything should be changed lmk!
◦˖ •✧◇✧• ˖◦read me read meplease, do not send me a fr or talk to me if you consider yourself a "loli/shotacon" or excuse them. quite frankly you disgust me. just because these children are fictional doesn't mean it's okay to be a pedophile. this applies to characters that "just look like children" too.


Non-MFC Collection (Figures)

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/832270319653486592/885624966639407174/unknown.png https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/832270319653486592/885625049351061504/unknown.png
• Onmyoji - Ootengu - 1/8 - Royal Gold Ver. (NetEase, Myethos) release: Feb 2022
• Genshin Impact - Ningguang - 1/7 - Gold Leaf and Pearly Jade Ver. (MiHoYo) release: Jun 2022


Non-MFC Collection (Goods)

• Genshin Impact - Majin Ninmu Semaru Kakusei - Rubber Mat (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Battle of the Golden House - Tapestry (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - "Vago Mundo" The Corpse of Morax - Plush (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Zhongli - Fabric Pin (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Wolf's Gravestone - Keychain (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Traveler (Lumine), Klee, Fischl, Venti, Diluc - Sticky Note Book (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Zhongli - Default Stamp Series Pearl Tin Badge (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - "Wish Upon A Lantern" - Artket (MiHoYo)

• Genshin Impact - Banban Bakudan - Pillow (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Dodoko - Plush Keychain (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Zhongli - "Chirika o Matoishi Tobira" - Shikishi (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Diluc - “Dark Side of Dawn” - T-shirt (MiHoYo)
• Genshin Impact - Klee - “Hide-n-seek is also a big adventure!” - T-shirt (MiHoYo)


Happy Birthday, I hope you have a great day!

Also, I really love your artwork! You are very talented and have a lovely art style.
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HAPPY BITHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love ur profile, u seem so cool wtf
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Bringing the hobby to your door.


awful character defense lawyer
black jack, cowboy bebop, durarara, fate, jojo, jujutsu kaisen, kuroshitsuji, lupin iii, mononoke (2007)
ace attorney, code vein, dark souls, dmc, ff(7 +14), fe(13+16), genshin, hades, obm!, nier: automata, pkmn (b/w, sw/sh), tourabu
MOE Point(s)
edgy design ♡ super bright or super dark colours, rude/scary/smug bastards, tsun/cold guys, long hair, elegant/ethereal aesthetic, pretty guys/girls, karna
hypmic :] kidding; vocaloid+utaite, anything even adjacent to metal, loud music with nice drums really, jrock and jpop


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colourings of goemon/izaya panels done by me