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Hello there! Thanks a lot for dropping by, but there really isn't much to see here.

Just a typical anime enjoyer but not into (and doesn't watch) shounen anime. Comedy/SOL anime are my go to!

Definitely into fine ladies as I want to collect castoff OCs as well.


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Its not perfect, but managing the stress so far. Since its the end of the quarter, everyone is rushing at work.

A lot of games coming out but I'll wait on them as well (Dead Space Remake, RE4 Remake, FF16, etc), plus a little reduction on figure shopping for my wallet too. :P

I think its for the good, so I'm going out of my scope and do other things like model kits, photography and catching up on anime.

Diversification is the recipe for motivation!
1 month ago
Hello back! :)

I'm doing alright, I've been busy with work and personal stuff so my WIP figure collection tasks has slowed down. :(

Yeah, I decided to cut a bit on my game purchases and finish what I have (especially Ryza 1/2). :P I'll definitely get Ryza 3 but much later.

I like how the latest Ryza figures have caught up and are releasing, they look awesome! I was expecting new ones in the latest WonderFest 2023. lol
1 month ago
Happy belated birthday! :O
1 month ago
Happy birthday
1 month ago
It's funny that they JUST announced that scale for Part 3 of the game while we were having this discussion. They are totally [email protected]

As long as you recover and keep an eye on your budget, you'll be fine. :)
4 months ago
To be honest, I don't mind the other ones!

Since its the first figures, they hit the spot! But if I had more money, I would get at least one of each game.

The...trinity! Or Trilogy? :P
4 months ago
They are really well made, I've been going on and off for a Ryza figure. Now that there's more variety of her, I'm always looking at this one for its form (ITEM #871248) and this one for her expression/mood/pose (ITEM #919630).
4 months ago
Hello there, nice nendo collection!

I see you are building a Ryza shrine, I'm still not decided which one to get at the moment. :P
4 months ago
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The world's finest hobby kits and toys, direct from Japan.


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