Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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Hi, I'm Tia! :D I love kpop, gaming and aneems, please refer to my list in my description for specifics <3

Feel free to talk to me about any of these things if you also love them!! I love talking to new people ^^

tfw my wishlist is a much more accurate representation of me and my thirsty broke ass
but you should check it out if you like hot ero figures like i do <3
Kuroshitsuji, Steinsgate, Yowapedal, Osomatsu-san, Panty & Stocking
ASOUE, Artemis Fowl
Ace Attorney, Zero Escape, Dangan Ronpa, Professor Layton, Undertale, Zelda, Super Mario Galaxy (1&2), Dramatical Murder ;), Okami, TWEWY, Hotel Dusk, Animal Crossing, Love Live, Bioshock, Portal (and many more >v<)
MOE Point(s)
TENTACLES c8 yaoi + yuri smut, stockings, (zettai ryouiki!!) megane, bunny girls <3
Kpop + Vocaloid!!! みきとP, kemu, れるりり, Super Junior, BTS, Nine Muses, IU, SNSD, f(x), Stellar, AOA (basically all the sexy girl groups <3)


Oh goodie! A new friend! And happy belated birthday! :D
10 months ago
Happy Birthday \o/
11 months ago
kuroshiz (1 year ago) #24375657oh hey!!! nice to see you here on mfc too :D I'm not sure how to send you a friend request though xD;;
I actually sent you one already xD (though you cant accept it in mobile mode)
Its on the bottom right of "my friends" xD
Was pre suprised when i saw your name xD
Nice to see you on here too =D
1 year ago
Hello o/
1 year ago
hey :) I like your collection :)
1 year ago
kuroshiz (1 year ago) #14458194AHHH I love ace attorney and dang romps to bits!! *-* is edgey your fave chara too!!! Don't tell me I've just met another Oldbag in the making ;DDD I'm getting really into the love live game atm, I still gotta watch the anime to pick a fave gril, but atm it's looking to be nozomi or hanayo <333 kotori has a very identifiable voice xD
what's an itabag? :o
it's a really nice figure!! if aoba was my fave, I would have bought him so fast, but my fave is noiz *-* not that aoba isn't an absolute bae either :3

HAHA unfortunately im pretty much an oldbag... Oh yeah! Love live game and the anime is great, I'm glad you love it :) I like Hanayo and Nozomi too! Theyre super super cute.

An itabag is like a bag covered in a lot of keyrings/rubberstraps, merch of a single character! If you google the word youll get a lot of results haha.

Yeah I my favourite boys are Clear and Noiz but I think I bought aoba more for its aesthetics, because its just so beautiful.
1 year ago
Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good one! :D
1 year ago
1 year ago
kuroshiz (2 years ago) #14189707your collection is so cool *___* dang romps, ace attorney, osomatsu san and love live?!? and I think your fave sword boi is the same as mine too!!! except I never played touken ranbu though, i just think hes the hottest rip hahha
do I spy a stray aoba from dmmd too o_o

Hello! Thank you so much!! Yes, I really love DR and AA (recently started collecting edgeworth merch) and Kotori is my favourite love live girl!And ive been plkaying tourabu since it started and Kashuu has always been my fave haha, so Im trying to buy merch to make an itabag!

And yes! I bought it a few years back since I LOVE the sculpt, its super gorgeous.
2 years ago
kuroshiz (2 years ago) #14187688AHAHAH there's no other way I could describe it, baes dying left right and centre, at this rate we'll be left with all the douches of the series (lookin at you juzo, luluka, munakata gdi like half the remaining cast rIP)
komaeda might still appear in future arc!! we got a beautiful hint of FUKAWA my bby and komaru last ep, who knows, the best servant might still make his appearance too xD
(if he has been relieved of his servant duties please let me know because I only watched a bit of drae gameplay);;;;

Actually I haven't played DR:AE either because I don't own a PS Vita. So I've only seen a bit of gameplay as well. XD I'm hoping to get a PS Vita soon though so I can play it, haha.
2 years ago
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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