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Hello stranger, welcome here and thanks for your interest!

I've been an anime fan since 2001 and started collecting figures around 2008 when I got my first student jobs.

As much as possible I like to get at least one representative figure from most of the shows or books I liked. As a result I tend to avoid getting too many figures of a single character, I usually only select figures that have the best quality and are the most faithful to the original illustration or design. This way I can save some budget for more franchises... but on the other hand I'm also a maniac and I like to complete a set when I start it so boom, goes the money... ^^;

I'm also a very active DIYer. I love to repair, craft and improve stuff!
I do painting, sculpting, carving, gluing, sewing, molding, resin casting and many more things.
I regularly share my techniques here on MFC and try as best as I can to provide help and advice to users who need to build or fix things. Feel free to contact me if you think I can be of help. You can also check out my blog articles and others from the DIY Club if you'd like some inspiration to get crafty.
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Also this guy! ^
I just NEED his gear!

(well I already have it all but not in such a cool, handy box!) ^^


If I was 30 years younger and knew what I knew now I would definitely learn Japanese so I could enjoy such extras like drama CDs.

Seeing the final Eva movie on the big screen would be fantastic but I’m glad I’ve finally got to see it. The definite highlight for me this year. They really got it right.

You have a bit to watch. I’ve just finished reading Domestic Girlfriend online manga. That was a fun (and pervy) read.

I agree about your comments on das finale movies. They really are dragging them out. If they kept being released every two years and there are 6 movies that works out to be a too long a time.

Cheers, momo
1 month ago
I get your point about Maho to help create tension but I found that the manga storyline was still not as sympathetic to Maho but it was better presented.
Unfortunately I don't have that capacity to understand spoken Japanese so the Drama CDs will remain a mystery to me.
What are you watching at the moment?
I just watched the 4th Evangelion Rebuild movie and that was really worth the wait.
I'm quite partial to older anime and am currently watching Canaan and Azumanga Daioh.
Cheers, momo
1 month ago
Sorry for delayed response.

The Finnish girls are great. I love Miko's philosophical one-liners and Mikko is a rev head.

What I like about GuP is how well written and presented it is. It is just so damn entertaining.

Though I don't like how Maho is presented in the anime as the cold hearted older sister and heir of the Nishizumi style. The manga presents her as what she is - Miho's loving and caring older sister who takes on the burden of the Nishizumi inheritance to free Miho so she can find her own path in life.

However the follow up movie does show Maho in a much better light with her relationship with Miho. And Assam from St. Gloriana gets a few lines too!

Just finished doing some repair work on Figma Black Rock Shooter ITEM #27603
I usually don't have much to do with Figma figures. I find they are just too fiddly to set up correctly/work with and are generally overpriced. But this was a challenge to fix and bought at the right price.

Cheers, momo
1 month ago
Rajke Ca Fanatic
Thank you :D
1 month ago
I understand perfectly where you are coming from.
Doing work for someone else is always going to be pressure on oneself.
As long as you realize there is always room for improvement there will be that improvement.
My day job involves repair work on vehicles that not only have to function correctly but look neat too.
Notice you also like Girls und Panzer. Favourite characters? Mine are Momo and Maho.
1 month ago
Hello kyoshinhei

Having read and commented on your bunny repair article I hope you don't mind me adding a few extra comments here.

I, like you, enjoy the challenge of repairing figures. I'm always on the lookout for damaged figures to repair to the best of my ability.

For me the main area I focus on is providing a solid base for the figure and ensuring the figure's ankles/legs are reinforced to minimise any leaning they may develop in time.
Here are two I've done:

Most the figures I work on are older and due to that perhaps have more paint and moulding flaws. My aim to to present the figure as it might have come from the factory and not spend the extra time to eliminate its built in flaws (in that makes sense).

If it helps your painting confidence as a scale modeller I've seen a lot of well finished models that when they are photographed very close up their finish doesn't look that pristine. You only have to look at various modelling magazines to see this. So even if you are ambivalent about your recent bunny ears paint job results the completed work does looks good.

Sorry for dragging this message out but I'd also like to compliment you on your inventiveness to display your figures and other anime merchandise. I really like to see that level of personal input/thought someone does with their collection. Keep up the good work.

2 months ago
Hello, i have a question, i have the cw arrow dc collectiable season 1 statue that the base got some scratched a bit and some of the coding rubbed off, my question is what kind of coding texture was used to get that rough feeling? also it is signed by the Arrow Actor Stephen Amell himself so it has very great value to me. Any help to try and repair it is much appreciated. Thank you!
2 years ago
No problem :3
2 years ago
hello fellow crafter :D

you got a nice colletion and your room is beautiful!!!
2 years ago
At first I was just going to comment on one [url=]picture/2180218...[/url], because I was so amazed by it. It's such a lovely collection and you have great taste. Not to mention the red display case is so unique, it reminds me of a red Torii gate in a way..I noticed you like to do a lot of DIY, did you make it yourself?? If so, that's awesome.

But then I realized the other amazing pictures belong to you too! WOW. I'm mind blown. Your house is literally a dream!~ You should be very proud. It's clearly a sign of your dedication and passion.

I really admire your collection and your eye for art. Your collection as a whole just blows me away and I bet you, as the person behind it all, is equally amazing.

Thank you for sharing! Your tour was wonderful to see! :) ~☆
2 years ago


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