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Like many people, I began watching anime as a kid before I ever knew it was called anime (Pokemon anyone?!)

My entrance into the anime world began in 2004 when I watched Last Exile on TechTV's Anime Unleashed. To this day, it's still one of my favorites.

My interest in figures sparked after I watched Claymore for the first time on Netflix (circa 2011-2012) and looked online to see if any figures of Clare existed. I was excited to learn that a figure did indeed exist (Item #267), however I could not afford it at the time.

While Clare would eventually become a part of my collection, the first anime figure I ever purchased was Saber's Triumphant Excalibur (Item #13777) in August of 2015. Since then... well you can see here what I've collected since then.

My favorite anime include Last Exile, Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Claymore, Fate/Zero, Gurren Lagann, Psycho-Pass, Sword Art Online, Magi, Gungrave, Phantom: Requiem for the Phantom, Durarara!!, and Black Lagoon.


Hi, your inbox is full but I'm interested in buying you Flare Tamamo figure if it's still available, thanks!
1 month ago
Hi there! I'm interested in the Belldandy you're selling, but your inbox is full. Is she still available?
1 month ago
Hey! I’m interested in a nendoroid! Please pm me when you can :)
3 months ago
Hi! Your inbox is full, but I was wondering if your Tokugawa Sen - Sadistic Succubus figure was still available?
3 months ago
Hello, are your Shizuo figure and your Archer nendoroid still available? If so, I am interested in both. Please let me know if they are available. I would PM, but it says your inbox is full.

Thank you so much!
6 months ago
Hi, I just sent a PM about your Flandre Scarlet figure. I'm highly interrsted.
8 months ago
Hi, sent a PM and wanted to know if the Clear Nendroid figure is still available. Thanks!
1 year ago
Hello. I wasn’t sure if you got my message about Saber Bride, if you could get back to me that would be great!
1 year ago
Lastexile is a terrific seller. I recently purchased his NIB Mash Kyrielight (Aniplex) for her original price + shipping. Before purchasing her, I asked if he had a receipt to prove she was authentic. To one's amazement, he had and showed me the original receipt from TOM. Knowing she was the real deal, I proceeded to conduct a transaction with him. Protected by bubble wrap and air bags, Mash, NIB, arrived at my doorstep yesterday. In my book, Lastexile is an A1 seller.
2 years ago
Have you gotten My message?
2 years ago
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