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Hello! My name is Lauralone, I reside in the United States and am a huge fan of Hetalia. I'll collect most anything from this series no matter the character... or country lol. I love them all. By far, I do have to say, my own country is my favorite! ENTRY #4664
I am also a huge fan of Military Moe; basically, girls loaded with artillery. I love Humikane Shimada's designs: and, am a big fan of Strike/World Witches. My obsession with Military Moe led me to spiral into a love of Mecha Musume as well.





bought ITEM #675857 from this user and i couldn’t be happier! thank you so much!
2 months ago
I hate when that happens! Paying more for shipping than the actual items themselves sucks! Glad it was worth it though. Sorry to hear about what happened to your laptop. At least you now can get a nice new laptop and not have to worry about it dying on you!

The new Hetalia content is great. I agree. I'm glad the series doesn't get too deep or dark. I'm alright with the occasional sprinkle of angst (like Jeanne of arc or Davie).

Thanks for the recommendations and where to read them! Never heard if MRM but I'll give it a try.

Also yeah I had a feeling you probably didn't enjoy financial crisis seeing as America is your favourite lol. I understand enjoying something just cause it's well written even if it's dark and you don't want to see the characters in pain (cough cough Danish slaughterhouse). The fandom and series as a whole is old. So a lot of its fan made content is not the highest quality.

Will be watching Strike Witches season 2 after my exams. Military moe and military stuff in general is one of my favourite genres! Mostly when it's more lighthearted and satirical ^_^

Enjoy the holidays!

5 months ago
Bought the 1/7 Kaito from them and it’s just arrived today! A lot of sellers on here refuse to ship to me due to being in NZ but this seller was super helpful and it arrived exactly how described! They are very trustworthy and I highly recommend if you’re considering buying something from them!! Thank you so so much <333
6 months ago
No worries! I'm also busy at the moment with exams coming up!

Congrats on the loot! Also, 26 Hetalia Doujins?! That sounds expensive! Hopefully the shipping wasn't too much, but from what I've heard Mandarake can be pricy at times.

Marukaite Chikyuu and Hetalian Jet are my favourites! But I agree, they are all really good!

France with no body hair sounds cursed lol. But I'm really happy that Hima finally finalised the designs of Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland! Especially Ireland, I've been waiting 10 years for an official design! They all look so cute >.<

The magic trio, bad touch trio and hanatamago family trio are my top faves! The bad boss trio and the forever alone trio are pretty funny though and are close favourites ^.^

I don't think I've ever read Der Erste Stern but the art does look familiar. I'll look into it! Gerita is one of my favourite ships! I'll give the other doujins a try as well!

I looked up Financial Crisis....It's something alright lol. I went through the five stages of grief reading it. I don't know how people get these ideas ;-; I'm surprised I never came across it, but damn I hate seeing America hurt and I felt so bad for him! (no shame to those who like it lol)

I started watching Strike Witches! I'm almost finished the first season and I plan to watch the next one too! It's pretty good, but I will admit it was hard to get used to premise for like the first 5 episodes. Afterwards, I started getting attached to some of the characters lol. My favourites are Erica, Lynette and Sanya! I looked up some of their figures and I really like the Erica and Lynette Bunny figures by Aquamarine! I think I'll get them! The story itself is interesting so far and I like the fact that they showed some of the characters' backstory. Still waiting for Lucchini's character development XD Poor Minna. Did not expect her story to be so sad. And then you have Perrine thirsting over Mio. Her moments are pretty funny. I also found Eila and Sanya's relationship cute! Lynette's eyebrows remind me so much of England's (but less bushy) and she's British too! The irony! I love the slice of life mixed with action. I feel like they balanced it really well! What are your favourite characters?

Thank you! I enjoyed Halloween and I can't wait for the Christmas Holidays! Hope you're doing well :)

6 months ago
I love the Azone Hetalia dolls!! I want to collect them all xd

I also want the Movic plushies! Their faces are cute. I feel like companies sometimes mess up on the face of anime plushies and it can look kind of uncanny ;-;

Those figures your ordering look cool! Alter is a good company, so they will definitely look great in your collection!

I would love to add the Gilbird plush to the database but I don't know how. So I'll probably just ask that club that adds things to the database to do it for me.

I have another Hetalia thing that isn't in the database and it's a Hetalia music box that plays Marukaite Chikyuu \*_*/ I also got that one from surugaya. For cheap too!

Just looked up the akuyuu tapestry you mentioned and my God they look good. The art is on point! Himaruya never disappoints. Wish he'd draw more fanservice for the series ^_^/
Do you have a favourite Hetalia trio?

I have not ordered any new Hetalia merch and it's because I took a break from ordering goods in general and have been focusing more on figures.

But also yeah, figure prices are rising and it has deterred me from preordering any more new figures.

Also, if you have any good Hetalia doujin reccomendations, I would like to know! I'm open to anything.

Lately I've been rewatching a lot of older series, so I'll be getting to strike witches some time at the start of November. I'll keep you posted on what I think of it ^_^

Enjoy yourself on Halloween!!

7 months ago
I looked up Lynette and she's super cute! I also saw she has a few figures. Are you considering getting more Strike Witches figures? I'll definitely put the anime on my to-watch list ^_^

Buying now is a smart move. I'm not looking forward to the price increases next year. I've bought from surugaya before. They have some rare or just hard to find merch on there. I even have a giant Gilbird plush I got from there that isn't in the MFC database. Apparently it's from a lottery!

What kind of Hetalia merch are you thinking of buying? You have some cool doujins in your collection lol. Personally,I reeeaally want the Japan scale figure *_* Hard to find and if you do it's more expensive now ;_;

Wishing you well this spooky month!

7 months ago
You and me both! It sucks that its sooo unlikely that they will ever do anything with the anime ever again, I don't even think they have the licensing anymore. But I've been thinking of commissioning some custom figures because I need more of Yuno Lol. And so what if there's a theme?! Your collection is so awesome! Themed collections look nice but I love when shelves are filled with a ton of random figures it looks so awesome!! Also thank you! I have around 20 figures coming in the mail right now I'm so excited to get them, I'd like to have hundreds of figures one day Lol
7 months ago
Yeah of course! I totally agree, Yuno will always be my favorite I wish they made more merchandise for her! And thank you! I can’t wait to see what you order I love your collection! Prices for figures is so crazy lately, theres so many I want but o just can’t justify buying them for the price they are, I'm going to try that! I think if I upload pictures slower and not all at once too it will be fine! I look forward to messaging you too! You can totally contact me whenever! :D
7 months ago
Hey! I hope you’re doing well too! I’m sorry for the wayyy too late of a reply! And thats soo sweet, Yuno doujins are super cute omg :o Collecting has been pretty slow for me but I just got a job so I’m super excited to order more! How has it been for you? Narrowing is really nice when you have a certain theme of figures!
Yeah my pictures were removed and it was a pretty weird reason why. But I’m definitely going to need to redo it soon now that I’m back at collecting!
8 months ago
Thank you! Can't wait for the recommendations!

I agree that Romano's glasses are quite chunky, especially when you compare them to Germany's.

Definitely getting him, but I have to wait until after his release cause May and June are already packed with preorders.

Excited for Prussia's nendo. I'm glad Orange Rouge seems to be maintaining their good quality and lower prices compared to GSC. I can't imagine having to fork over 7,000 yen for a nendo ×-×

P.S. Love your profile pic, who is it of?

8 months ago


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