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Hi, thanks for the kind words. I stumbled on your profile browsing the pictures and it seemed natural to send you a friend request.
11 days ago
wow, that song is really beautiful and depressing. i honestly cried a tiny bit while listening and reading the lyrics, the melody is upbeat while luo tianyi's voice and the lyrics/story are so sorrowful. her voice really is wonderful, i love her softness. maybe her vb is hard to obtain, or maybe she just isn't really appreciated, which is a shame because she also sounds incredible in japanese.

thank you showing me that song!
13 days ago
A bit a nostalgia doesn't hurt, no? (>vo )

Sounds like you, still haven't broken that compulsive habit huh?

Our turmoils seem to coincide, which works out perfectly. You want more and I want less lol

hehe sorry, how does 6 sound? I just have one packing box too many to fit in the truck. A bit more than a few but we could meet up. I'm aware of your situation so I wouldn't mess with you like that lolol. I could actually let you hold on to a few of your grails, get that preview yaknow. We can talk about that more through PM so we don't fill up each others pages!
1 month ago
Hey!! It's been a while but I'm back now XD hopefully Sasook rings a bell

I see you've been slacking with getting to collecting scales lol

This may be out of the blue but would you be chill with me sending you a few B-styles who are going to need a new home while I move. It should only be temporary but might end up being a while before I can take them back.

I don't need to know immediately but sooner would be better than later. ;)
1 month ago
discontinued, like their vbs stopped receiving updates? ;w; despite how many years i've been listening, i'm still unknowledgeable ;_: and don't know any voicebanks that have been discontinued, which ones are your favorites?

the mind brand cover is amazing! it really stays true to the sound of miku's voice in the original song while increasing the quality and he doesn't sound too soft at all. i'm going to be completely honest, i've never been a fan of ghost's songs because i could never understand what was being said, but i guess that only applies to her older songs because the chattering lack of common sense is wonderful! gumi and yohioloid are both shockingly clear and their voices are just perfect, ghost really sounds like one of the best users of yohioloid. and that poltergeist cover omg ;_; definitely one of those songs where softer vocals like his shine.

omg that song haha, i guess it's only fair i show you the rin covers i've been listening on repeat lately! this gorgeous cantarella cover by andyfined-p and this rolling girl cover by the same person. andyfined-p's tuning is *chef's kiss*

i want to also share with you my most favorite vocaloid song ever, d-mech by shr. i don't know why, but literally everything about this song just captures me--the melancholy in the instrumental and rin's voice (especially in the chorus and last bit, oh my god), the troubled and cynical speaker in the lyrics that's unable to understand someone who is much happier and kinder than her but ultimately realizes that that's who they are while unable to make a change in herself (of course it's more than that but for the sake of simplicity haha), even the simplistic artwork is gorgeous and meaningful to me (it's one of the reasons why brown is my favorite color). i don't know, i can't even remember how i discovered the song when i was younger but i've fell in love with it ever since, i just really relate to the speaker's struggles. do you have a vocaloid song that's your absolute most favorite?

also not vocaloid related, but do you listen to citypop or anything similar? there are so many amazing songs i've been discovering lately, and i'd love to share if you're interested in the same thing!

View spoilerHide spoileromg please, you don't need to apologize, i completely understand, i have been going through something similar, with my senior year and work and all. in fact, i should be the one to apologize because i've been taking longer to reply lol. thank you for always replying, good luck on your exams!
1 month ago
oh, those are some nice figures! i had no idea they existed.

lol, it's perfectly okay! i might do my own searching too if i get the time, and thank you! i'll make sure to do the same (^人^)

you know what, you're probably right, it's because of copyright! that sounds like the most logical lol

yes, i love that dancing samurai cover!!! he sounds so real and so clear, it's insane. i love when people cover old songs with newer voicebanks, it really makes me emotional and appreciate how far vocaloid come<3 yohioloid sounds really nice. i'm not going to lie, i thought his voice was too soft at first but the chorus in call your name and (especially) the entirety of AaAaAaAAaAaAAa changed my mind! he's so insanely clear and vibrant (if that makes sense? lol), he really seems like he can pull off rock songs like AaAaAaAAaAaAAa

so true, len's hair follows anime physics while rin's hair is very easy to have in real life. in fact, i think out of the really popular vocaloids, his hair is probably the most unrealistic, so i can understand the struggle.

thank you so much! i've definitely seen her pop up around manadrake quite often, but i never have the money saved up for it, and a 1,000 is a lot to me rn. i sure hope she gets a re-run! i've never been interested in dolls but rin's doll is one i 100% hope to have in my life. i've seen a user here post many cute pictures with rin posed and wearing different outfits, and she's even had custom heart-pupiled eyes commissioned for her. it's probably the cutest thing i've ever seen in my life, i really hope to do something like that too!
1 month ago
omg lmao, drowning?? that's pretty extreme (゚ω゚;) all i really know is that they treat the mc like crap and call her mean names. but... i kinda like stuff like that anyways (ik) so i'm definitely going to give the anime a watch then or watch a playthrough on youtube LOL

yes! i feel like everyone knows that song (due to the nature of it lol) and that's the only one of hers i actually know. i have no idea who stardust is either, never heard of her or her voice until you told me about her figure. fun fact, i literally just looked her up, and we have the same birthday! what a weird coincidence lol. out of the all of the asian vocaloids, i'm kinda surprised that seeu doesn't even have one figure. she has a gorgeous design and is pretty popular here, maybe not everywhere else?

i don't listen to male vocaloids often, but i make an exception for kaito and gakupo, although i prefer the latter. people have really gotten good at using those two lol. i actually don't think i've ever listened to yohioloid(* ̄□ ̄*;) do you have any cover recs?

i don't know much about past male dolfies other than len, but i think he turned out pretty nice! but not as nice as rin's imo, i feel like her hair and face translated better. it feels obligatory to get kaito and meiko as a pair lol, i can't wait to see the pictures of people posing them together. same, i feel like the only doll i would 100% spend my money on is rin's, but even then the price of her doll has probably skyrocketed and i wouldn't be able to buy anything for months, so it's definitely one of those "buy it last" things lol.
1 month ago
you do cosplays? that's so cool! too bad you couldn't find the socks, but i'm sure you'll have fun regardless.

haha it's okay, i've never played diabolik lovers but i've always been interested due to the, uh, questionable, actions done by the love interests. maybe i should just watch the anime since the game isn't on pc ;w;

thank you! hitoshizuku-p really is the god of story songs and characterization of vocaloids, so many of her songs are classics!

oh yeah, i remember the luo chinese dress figure, i didn't realize she was popular enough for one, i guess she has a really big crowd that i'm not aware of! and i'm not going to lie, despite seeing the announcements before, i was still shocked when i saw the kaito scale! i guess it was just really surprising to actually see it fully painted, especially since he has a couple of abandoned announcements and rarely gets figures, let alone scales. recently, kaito also had a dolfie announced, it must be a nice time for fans haha
1 month ago
ohoho i can see the similarities, and i'll make sure to play laurier's route too then so we can both talk about it(๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)و: you're going to a con? i'm so jealous, and on halloween too? there's going to be so many cosplays, i bet it'll be so much fun!!! hopefully you manage to find some otome games, i'm not sure how popular physical copies of those games are. if you find something good, you should let me know! i've been really obsessed lately, and i'd love recommendations hehe
i had no idea project sekai: colorful stage was going to get localized! i've only watched some english translations and songs on youtube, it's so great that we'll able to play it for ourselves. i'm just so happy for more vocaloid interactions, i know they aren't technically supposed to have personalities, but i love seeing them talk to each other ;w; and the designs in that game are so adorable, too bad none of them really get turned into figures other than miku's
1 month ago
oh, i'm so happy you've played it! ahh sage is my favorite too!!! it's just something about strong and doting big brother types that i really like haha. truthfully, i've only played through his route as well because he was the only one i was really interested in, other than maybe laurier, i like his selfishness haha~
i wish there were dialogue options too, but not really because of the mc, but because the way they talk to her can be very repetitive, like they always question her response if that makes sense? (ex: "oh, you want to go over there?" or "you think we should do something else?") but i get why it would be written that way because there would really be no other way to know what you said without dialogue options. ah, maybe if it was a full game then there wouldn't be these problems, i would love to play it (*´ω`*)
1 month ago
Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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