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Just a weeb who collects way too much.
Lover of nendoroid and nendoroid accessories.


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It's so nice to finally have the new Kud figure coming out for pre-order! Thank you for the nice reply :D also I hope I'm not being nosy but it seems you like Nazuna from EnsembleStars as well?? you have excellent taste!
1 month ago
It's so nice to see people agree! Yes I love Kud she's my top of all the Visual Key characters!! Thank you and right back at ya :3
10 months ago
Oh, Queen of Hearts isn't all that difficult to find. You can probably find one in the Myethos section where I found your comment for under 200 if you're patience. Otherwise, can find one on Mercari jp or yahoo auctions japan at some point. I've seen her pop up quite often.

Here are links to keep tabs on them



OR You can use taobao but I highly recommend that you use a proxy like Superbuy to ship to their warehouse to ship to you because taobao direct shipping is terrible. And because it's a Chinese website, there may be a possibility that the box may not in pristine condition like you would expect from most Japanese sellers.


Use google chrome and right click translate page and filter results however you like such as highest price to lowest. Let me know if you need help with taobao preferably via pm if you clear your pms since I may go into detail
10 months ago
Since your inbox is full, this is the msg I wanted to send regarding Blue Alice:

She's been on mercari jp for a bit for 28.8k yen. That's the lowest I've been able to find for quite awhile aside from without a box on yahoo auctions jp a few months ago which sold for like 130 dollars. I personally got mine checking as many sites as I could and eventually found a seller on ebay.


Be wary though, the box's packaging is one of the worst of Myethos's as it's styrofoam and not the traditional blister packaging you see with most figures today. Mine came in with the arm fallen off but I managed to fix it. It wasn't the sellers fault because he packaged the box extremely well and the outer box was in pristine condition.

Good luck if you're still looking

*Also, there's another link of the figure on mercari jp for like 21k but it's a scam. It's been there forever and people have attempted to buy from that seller before and always were refunded by proxies*
10 months ago
Np!and yes kud is such a cutie :33
2 years ago
Gotta clean out your inbox friend, I think it's full! I can't reply to you until it gets cleaned. ^^ Better do the outbox too.
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Do you update your bare feet club?

I got some new ones that should be added
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aaaa your collection is so good
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Hello Friend! Just wanted to say...
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